Message to my Dear Americans


U.S. Economic Collapse? 79% Say It’s Possible

Message to my Dear Americans:

Hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

I am in this “machine” through DHS since Nov. 3rd, 2004 so I know what is coming. Canada is also sold out to the NWO also but the Beast system starts in the US. Barack Hussein Obama will kill more people than George W. Bush did…a lot of people will starve in America further to an economic collapse like you never saw before. I know this might sound far stretched but I am connecting the dots since December 2001.

You need to get out the big cities

You need to stack on food

and if you want to barter, you will need a gun otherwise, the hungry and desperate people will steal you

This is what is coming.

Your neighbours will want to steal and kill you because they will go hungry and be out of their mind.

You will have to protect your family.

I am speaking to you from my wounded heart and also from my head.

If you want to underestimate me, (you sure can, in fact most people do) you will unfortunately live the sad consequences of your choice to despise my testimony and research.  I am used to not be heard or misunderstood at the best and being despised at the worst so don’t worry about me.  Worry about your family and loved ones.

Here’s a false gospel that you want to avoid like plague:





Here’s the last hope for America :

(I know, I am such a bad person for loving you that much to warn you about what is ahead of you dear ….all they can do is kill my body, they can not destroy my soul)




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