The real story behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism (INTRODUCTION)



Pt 12 The real story behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism

The real story behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism — series by xendrius @ youtube

When Stephen Dollins and John Todd left the occult, they warned us about specific events that the Illuminati was planning to create


The Illuminati was set out

1) Setup and Neutralize all major evangelists (people talking about the Illuminati and or exposing their activities);

2) Create events that would enable the Illuminati to control and regulate oil prices, and later also create a fuel shortage;

3) Be ready to destroy America’s and thus the world’s economy by buying up and bankrupting major banks and organisations;

4) Create events that would enable the Illuminati to easily declare martial law in the moment of need.

Why would they do all this you say? It has clearly everything to do with the coming UFO hoax, they will pretend to come as our saviours. But no one needs a saviour if there is nothing to save, that is why they are set out to destroy everything they can to disrupt people’s lives using biological weapons such as new flus, destroying the world’s economy and scaring people about the coming 2012 event.

The Illuminati could have made it look like an insignificant strive for power, but they insist on marking their property with satanic symbols as well as giving demonic names to Skull & Bones members such as Long Devil to John Kerry and Magog the Demon to G.H.W. Bush.

But the worst part is that the majority is totally ignorant of that fact, most of them do not even accept the existence of a conspiracy, how are they going to accept that non-human demonic entities are running their country?

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists ~ J. Edgar Hoover

These sworn occultists control the most powerful government of the world, and they have successfully sold off every lie on America and the people of the World.

Bush armed the Taliban with 132 million dollars month prior to 911.

The only president that went against the Illuminati was JFK. He not only refused to go along with staging false flag attacks in America in operation Northwoods, he also began the process to abolish the Illuminati’s private bank, the Federal Reserve.

Hear the words of the AMERICA’S LAST TRUE PRESIDENT…

The American and British warmachines are commanded by men who have all sworn allegiance to the murderous demon gods of the Illuminati. They are sacrificing the lives of your sons and daughters ON THE ALTAR OF THE ALL-SEEING EYE. Chris Everard

UFOs, Holograms & the Blue Beam Project (RIP Serge Monast who was murdered)

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2 thoughts on “The real story behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism (INTRODUCTION)

  1. Every president of the United States who has taken office since Harry Truman, has been made aware of, or has personally met and has been in contact with aliens/advanced beings (AB’s)! All presidents since Harry Truman, have without exception, when asked by the uninformed about involvement with these beings… have denied any involvement, as they should! Why do I say that?

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