UN urges full US torture investigation 18 Nov 2010


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18 Nov 2010


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UN urges full US torture investigation 17 Nov 2010 The United Nations has called on the United States to conduct a full investigation into torture under the administration of former US President [sic] George W. Bush. The UN special rapporteur on torture, Juan Ernesto Mendez, urged Washington on Tuesday to prosecute offenders as well as senior officials who ordered the abuse of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. “The United States has a duty to investigate every act of torture. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much in the way of accountability,” Mendez told Reuters.

Hundreds of masked protesters call for George Bush to be arrested for war crimes as he opens Presidential Centre in Dallas 17 Nov 2010 Protesters called for George W. Bush to be arrested for his role in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as he opened his presidential library in Dallas. Demonstrators staked hundreds of white crosses into the ground to represent troops killed in both wars and carried banners saying ‘torture is illegal’ and ‘arrest Bush’. It comes after controversial remarks made by Mr Bush in his memoirs Decision Points that water-boarding saved lives in Britain by preventing attacks on Heathrow and Canary Wharf.

No MI5 prosecution over Binyam Mohamed ‘torture’ 17 Nov 2010 An MI5 officer will not be prosecuted over claims he was complicit in the torture of former Guantánamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed. Scotland Yard launched an inquiry after Mr Mohamed said an employee of the Security Service was aware of his ill-treatment while he was being held in Pakistan in 2002. But director of public prosecutions Keir Starmer said there was “insufficient evidence” to prosecute the man, known as witness B, for any offence.

MI5 officer will not face prosecution over claims he aided torture of Guantanamo Bay detainee 17 Nov 2010 An MI5 officer will not be prosecuted over claims he was complicit in the torture of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed. The announcement by the Crown Prosecution Service came only a day after millions of pounds of ‘hush money’ was earmarked for 16 terror suspects, including Mohamed. Scotland Yard launched an inquiry after Mohamed said an employee of the Security Service was aware of his ill-treatment while he was being held in Pakistan in 2002.

Because they’re innocent, let’s just stop trying ’em: Embassy Bombing Verdict May Discourage More Civilian Trials 18 Nov 2010 The Obama administration may want to seek other ways to prosecute Guantanamo Bay inmates following a New York jury conviction of an alleged ‘al-Qaeda’ bomber [Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani] on only one of 285 counts in the 1998 attacks on U.S. embassies in Africa… The Ghailani case was a test of whether such a defendant could be prosecuted in a civilian court and, while resulting in a guilty verdict, may give pause to any Justice Department effort to seek more trials, legal experts said. Rebecca Lonergan, an ex-federal prosecutor who teaches national security law at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, said the federal government should create a special “national security court” to handle such cases. [‘National security courts.’ Gee, that could be a lot more ominous than the TSA pat-downs. But if Republicans embrace the idea, we won’t be hearing any negative chatter about it in the media. –LRP]

Guantanamo Detainee Acquitted of Most Terror Charges –Ghailani could still spend life in prison, despite acquittal 17 Nov 2010 The first Guantanamo detainee prisoner to face a civilian trial was acquitted Wednesday of most charges he helped unleash death and destruction on two U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998 – an opening salvo in ‘al Qaeda’s’ campaign to kill US citizens. A federal jury convicted Ahmed Ghailani of one count of conspiracy and acquitted him of all other counts, including murder and murder conspiracy, in the embassy bombings. Ghailani faces a statutory minimum of 20 years in prison but could also receive a life sentence, CBS News reports.

US ‘to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014’ 17 Nov 2010 The US-led NATO military alliance says handing over security matters to Afghan forces could take place well beyond a 2014 target date in some areas in Afghanistan. Mark Sedwill, the top civilian NATO representative in Afghanistan, said the transition could run “to 2015 and beyond” in some areas that could still face security problems, Reuters reported. The remarks come as Afghanistan is scheduled to be among top priorities to be discussed when NATO leaders gather for an annual summit in Lisbon this week.

Nato chief says there is no alternative to staying in Afghanistan 15 Nov 2010 Nato’s secretary general warned on Monday that there was “no alternative” to a prolonged frontline role in Afghanistan as the organisation prepared a phased withdrawal plan based on the US strategy in Iraq. Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the Lisbon summit of Nato members that begins on Friday would commit the alliance to train and support Afghan troops battling the Taliban in substantial numbers through to the 2014 deadline for local forces to take over security.

‘It’s not our fault’: George Bush blames allied forces for prolonged war in Afghanistan 16 Nov 2010 George Bush has laid the blame for the prolonged war in Afghanistan on NATO allies who didn’t pull their weight on the battlefield. The ex-president [sic] blasted critics who claim his administration took its ‘eye off the ball’ and allowed the conflict to escalate during the invasion of Iraq. In an interview with CNN, Mr Bush said he assumed allied forces would take up the slack while US troops were busy toppling Saddam Hussein and coping with the ensuing insurgency. ‘What happened in Afghanistan was that our NATO allies, some of them,  turned out not to be willing to fight,’ he said. [He should know. Chickenhawk unsub Bush — and his little dog, Cheney, too — avoided Vietnam.]

20 killed in US drone attack in Pakistan 16 Nov 2010 At least 20 ‘suspected militants’ were killed Tuesday in the Ghulam Khan area of Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region when a US drone targeted a training camp of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban militant outfit. ‘The missiles fired from the US done hit the compound located near the border of Afghanistan, some 15 km from Miranshah, the main town of North Waziristan tribal agency,’ Geo TV reported. ‘The death toll is expected to rise,’ security officials were quoted as saying.

Israel demands written US guarantees before freeze –Official says Netanyahu will not present Cabinet with US proposal for renewal of settlement construction moratorium until he receives written security guarantees. 16 Nov 2010 Israel has demanded the United States provide written security guarantees before it votes on whether to agree to freeze Jewish settlement building in the West Bank, an Israeli political source said Tuesday. The official said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will present the offer to his Cabinet only upon receiving written guarantees which “reflect the understandings reached during his talks with Hillary Clinton in New York.”

Iran launches ‘biggest’ aerial drills 16 Nov 2010 The Iranian Army has launched its biggest nationwide air defense drill to prepare against any possible attacks “on public or nuclear sites.” Arial defense units from the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) are taking part in the three-stage five-day defense maneuvers dubbed “Modafean Aseman Velayat 3,” (the Guardians of Islamic Skies), Fars news agency reported on Tuesday. The nationwide air maneuvers, which kicked off early Tuesday, are being held near Iran’s “nuclear and vital landmarks” and include tests of long-range anti-air missiles.

‘BuildingWhat?’ Appears on ‘Geraldo At Large’ on FOX News By BuildingWhat.org 16 Nov 2010 On November 13, Bob McIlvaine and Tony Szamboti appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s show “Geraldo At Large” on Fox News to talk about the “BuildingWhat?”  TV ad campaign and World Trade Center Building 7 for a short segment. Bob McIlvaine lost his son Bobby McIlvaine on September 11, 2001. He is an active member of NYC CAN, a group which cosponsors the “BuildingWhat?” TV ad campaign. Tony Szamboti is a mechanical engineer and member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group of more than 1,350 professionals calling for a new independent investigation into the destruction of Building 7 and the twin towers. [LRP is a member of AE911Truth.]

Dr Kelly was murdered: British experts 16 Nov 2010 Drugs experts leading an inquiry into the death of Britain’s former weapons inspector in Iraq, David Kelly, say his death was “murder” and not suicide. Experts also called on the police to launch a murder inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death, casting serious doubt on the official claim the scientist overdosed on painkillers. According to Dr Andrew Watt who is a top clinical pharmacologist, Kelly could have only take a “safe” dose of coproxamol painkiller tablets as there was so little of the substance in his blood after he died.

German government warns of possible November terrorist attack 17 Nov 2010 Berlin Germany increased security at airports and train stations Wednesday, after the government received indications a terrorist attack may be planned for the end of November. There were “concrete investigative leads,” that militant Islamist groups were planning attacks on Germany, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told a news conference, but gave no details. Intelligence agents feared attacks on Christmas markets or similar popular events, media reported.

Airport fear after terror alert tip-off –Extra security will remain in place until further notice 18 Nov 2010 Security at airports and railways in Germany has been increased after a tip-off that they may be targeted by terrorists later this month. Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said secret data showed “sustained efforts” by ‘Islamic extremists.’

Major spy scandal as five Scandinavian governments catch the U.S. watching their citizens 15 Nov 2010 America has been accused of illegally spying on hundreds of people in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. Officials in the five countries expressed their unhappiness at surveillance tactics that were conducted without the knowledge of the individual nations’ governments. America claims officials informed the Norwegian government about the operation which was aimed at terror suspects.

Stop and search plans are ‘discriminatory’, watchdog warns –New Home Office guidance will allow race to be taken into account when a police officer stops someone 15 Nov 2010 Government plans allowing police to stop people on the grounds of skin colour are discriminatory and amount to racial profiling, the official equalities body has warned ministers. The Equality and Human Rights Commission wants the plans dropped and has warned there is a high risk that British and European laws will be broken, in a letter seen by the Guardian.

NYPD Commences Use of Iris Scans of Suspects –Department Spending $24,000 Per Unit; Will Have 21 Around City 15 Nov 2010 Along with fingerprints and mug shots, the New York City Police Department is now taking photographs of the irises of crime suspects. Every suspect will be scanned again using a handheld device shortly before they are arraigned to make sure the irises match. Police say the software, handheld device and cameras cost about $23,800 each, and 21 systems will be used around the city.

Feds expand anti-terror campaign to Los Angeles 16 Nov 2010 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is expanding the nationwide “If you see something, say something” anti-terror campaign to Los Angeles. The federal agency launched the campaign Tuesday ahead of the holiday travel season to increase public vigilance at airports and train stations. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa likened the concept to a “21st century neighborhood watch” [police state] that encourages passengers to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior or activity.

TSA to investigate body scan resister 15 Nov 2010 The Transportation Security Administration has opened an investigation targeting John Tyner, the Oceanside man who left Lindbergh Field under duress on Saturday morning after refusing to undertake a full body scan. Tyner recorded the half-hour long encounter on his cell phone and later posted it to his personal blog… Michael J. Aguilar, chief of the TSA office in San Diego, called a news conference at the airport Monday afternoon to announce the probe. He said the investigation could lead to prosecution and civil penalties of up to $11,000.

Fort Bragg: No bomb threats, just campaign calls from Haiti 17 Nov 2010 Fort Bragg officials security has been tightened on post after a series of bomb threats and other calls were made today around 12:30 p.m. Buildings were evacuated and Fort Bragg first-responders conducted searches. Nothing was found that indicated any threat, spokesmen said. Telephone calls were made to different buildings around Fort Bragg and an unknown male caller speaks in an unknown foreign language. He said “bomb” in broken English in the message, post officials said.

Ohio State reopens 2 labs after bomb threat –Threat was in message received Tuesday at FBI headquarters in Washington 16 Nov 2010 Ohio State University reopened two labs Tuesday night that were targeted in a bomb threat that prompted the school to close four buildings, including the main library, and three streets, disrupting campus life for hundreds of students, staff and faculty. The library and a third lab were scheduled to reopen later Tuesday. No bombs were found in the two buildings that were reopened, and an earlier search of all four turned up nothing out of the ordinary, officials said.

Hong Kong officials meet after bird flu confirmed 17 Nov 2010 Hong Kong has confirmed its first case of human bird flu in seven years. Health Secretary York Chow said late Wednesday that a 59-year-old woman had tested positive for H5N1 bird flu after returning to Hong Kong from the Chinese mainland, and is in serious condition in a local hospital. With the announcement, the government raised the bird flu alert to “serious,” meaning there is a risk of contracting the disease within the territory.

Insurers Gave U.S. Chamber $86 Million Used to Oppose Obama’s Health Law 17 Nov 2010 Health insurers last year gave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce $86.2 million that was used to oppose the health-care overhaul law, according to tax records and people familiar with the donation. The insurance lobby, whose members include Minnetonka, Minnesota-based UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Cigna Corp. of Philadelphia, gave the money to the Chamber in 2009 as Democrats increased criticism of the industry, according to a person who requested anonymity because laws don’t require identifying funding sources. The Chamber got the money from the America’s Health Insurance Plans as the industry urged Congress to drop a plan to create a competing government-run insurance plan.

More US households short of food 15 Nov 2010 Almost 15% of US households experienced a food shortage at some point in 2009, a government report has found. US authorities say that figure is the highest they have seen since they began collecting data in the 1990s, and a slight increase over 2008 levels. Single mothers are among the hardest hit: About 3.5 million said they were at times unable to put sufficient food on the table. [No worries — MSNBC will save us! They just posted a full screen of tips, such as coupons.com.–LRP to MDR. The only tip worth putting up is this: Revolution. –MDR]

Philadelphia: A growing need for food relief –A snapshot of a region in need 16 Nov 2010 Philadelphia has the highest poverty rate of any major city, with one out of four people living in poverty. One-third of that population is under 18. In September, about 70,700 Philadelphians were unemployed and looking for work. In December 2007, when most economists say the recession began, 39,500 people were unemployed. More than 900,000 residents of the Delaware Valley are at risk for chronic hunger and malnutrition.

Nancy Pelosi elected Democrats’ minority leader 18 Nov 2010 House Democrats on Wednesday elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lead them in the minority. Backed by the powerful California delegation, especially the veteran Democrats who surround her San Francisco district, Pelosi quashed a challenge by conservative North Carolina Democrat and former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler. The vote was 150-43 for Pelosi, who will assume her new role in January.

Republican claims victory in close-fought Alaska poll 18 Nov 2010 Republican senator Lisa Murkowski claimed victory in a bitterly-fought election in Alaska that went down to the wire as a Tea Party rival took legal action to try to swing it his way. Murkowski flew in from Washington to claim re-election in the three-way race that pitted her against Democratic opponent Scott McAdams, and Tea Party challenger — and Republican primary winner — Joe Miller.

Sarah Palin’s Daughter Uses Homophobic Slurs 16 Nov 2010 Sarah Palin’s 16-year-old daughter Willow Palin used multiple homophobic slurs — including the word f**got — to attack a Facebook user who criticized her mom’s new reality show TMZ has learned. During the premiere of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” Sunday night — a boy named Tre who went to school with the Palin kids wrote a status update that read, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska, is failing so hard right now.” The comment sparked an intense response from Willow — who replied on the boy’s wall, “Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I’ve seen pictures of, your disgusting … My sister had a kid and is still hot.” Willow followed up that comment with another that read, “Tre stfu. Your such a f**got.” [Gee, another unenlightened, Reichwing dirt-bag populating the Amerikan media landscape. Join us: Polar Bears For Sarah Palin… For Lunch.]

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Previous lead stories: 70 percent chance pathogen could be released from planned US biodefense lab –Report questions safety of planned biodefense lab [451 million-dollar federal bl*wjob] 15 Nov 2010 The federal government has underestimated the risks of building a lab for researching [creating] dangerous animal diseases in a densely populated area in the heart of cattle country, a report released Monday contends. The National Research Council’s report notes that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security itself has estimated that there is a 70 percent chance a pathogen could be released from the lab within 50 years, and that it could cause up to $50 billion in damages. The $451 million lab would be built on the north side of the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan.

‘We simply can’t allow Europe to join the US in becoming an ‘accountability-free’ zone.’ CIA renditions unlawful: Amnesty 15 Nov 2010 European governments should not follow the United States’ reluctance to shed light on unlawful intelligence operations carried out against suspected Islamist terrorists, Amnesty International said in a report published on Monday. In the wake of the September 11 attacks, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has allegedly secretly abducted and detained suspected al-Qaeda affiliates, including in Europe, in a practice that has become known as “secret renditions”.

U.S. Pursues Wider Role in Yemen –Americans Move to Bring In Equipment and Operatives and Propose New Bases 16 Nov 2010 The U.S. is preparing for an expanded campaign against al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] in Yemen, mobilizing military and intelligence resources to enable Yemeni and American strikes and drawing up a longer-term proposal to establish Yemeni bases in remote areas where militants operate. The developments are part of a U.S. scramble to step up the hunt for members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terrorist organization behind a recent failed attempt to blow up two planes over the U.S. [false flag] using bombs hidden in cargo.

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