PROOFS the Masonic Gov’t is Behind the Envelope Ignites Event


*** Proofs the Masonic gov’t located in Washington D.C. is behind that event: Location V Street and 33rd … V of course being the 22nd letter of the alphabet ***

Envelope ignites at US post office

Suspicious Package “Ignites” at NE D.C. Post Office


Interesting comments below:

Ignition pertains to combustion as related to fire.

Explosion pertains to rapid release of energy in an extreme manner.

“Location V Street and 33rd … V of course being the 22nd letter of the alphabet”,

“Yikes, SO all mail unsafe and more precautions needed? Sound familiar”?
dynamite scheming
“This is being done to stop the underground economy that has grown and grown and grown due to ebay, amazon, and all of the internet shopping and selling…. BILLIONS of transactions for goods are made daily with no taxes or Government control.

“They” want it stopped NOW!

Quoting: Don Ricardo De La O


Thanks for the insight, I figured that the first step is physical restriction on the persons movement. Begins with giving people a reason not to fly: IE Get molested, or have someone see you naked. I can see where this can fall into place now.

Get ready. The curtain has been pulled and now they are getting scared and when an animal is scared it will resort to extremes.

Quoting: Don Ricardo De La O
Well-said. From our point of view, the best way to expose a tyrant is to make that person act like a tyrant. Resist.

I work in broadcast, a major network corespondent just hung up on us in a conference call because of it. Stay tuned. This just broke to the networks a min ago.

Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1104524


Doom Alert! Its time to…




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