CPS Child Traficking – Please Sign Petition and Circulate


Some of those foster homes are pedophiles.

Please see CPS child traficking:



Message from a member of my groups, Leya A. Smith: (I love what she is doing, she is my specialist fighting CPS…)

“Please take a minute and sign my petition.  Please help me get thousands of signatures.  A few hundred signatures won’t make any impression on the Senators who will see it”.



Child Protective Services Oversteps Its Bounds

Child protective services oversteps its bounds

  • signatures: 33
  • signature goal: 2,000
  • Target: United States Senate
  • Sponsored by: L. A. Smith

We the undersigned believe that the Child Protective Services, Juvenile Dependency Courts and the entire Children’s Services system need a complete, thorough and unbiased investigation made into their activities.  The current laws need to be scrutinized to make sure that STRENGTHENING and keeping the biological family together is of primary importance.  Children must be placed with a loving relative rather than in a foster home while the parent or parents receive therapy and rehabilitation, if necessary, to prepare them for the return of their children.

In the system’s push to place children in non-relative adoptive homes, more grievous harm is done to the child.  It is WRONG when the children have biological relatives with whom they should be placed until the parents (if they are proven to be unable to care for their children) until the parents are able to provide for them in a safe environment.

Being POOR IS NOT A CRIME!  Many of our greatest leaders grew up in poverty.  Living in substandard housing or being homeless should not be a reason to remove a child from their parents as long as the children are happy and healthy because there can be issues beyond their control such as loss of employment.

Wealth should not come into the situation.  The size of a person’s home should not matter, as long as there is love.  Although many social workers feel that MONEY is of utmost importance.  We believe that LOVE is the primary requesit for raising a child.  It should not matter that each child has their own bedroom or that the biological family can afford college tuition.  (Some of our greatest leaders came from impoverished backgrounds.)

Children are harmed emotionally and many times physically when they are ripped from their loving families and placed in stranger’s homes.  Children often believe that they must have been too bad because their families do not want them anymore.  The truth is never told to these children…and when a parent tries to tell them, they are threatened by the social workers that their visitation privileges will be revoked.

We DEMAND that children cannot be removed without proof of IMMINENT danger…and social workers cannot rely on anonymous phone calls as proof to remove a child.  We also demand that a warrant to enter the home be in hand and the charges against a parent or other relative be heard before a CRIMINAL COURT and before a jury of their peers.  No longer should biological relatives deemed to be guilty without proof in a CRIMINAL COURT.

We are told that the “privacy of the child” is the reason that hearings are closed…but we take issue with that statement.  We believe that it is to protect the system’s corruption.

Families are denied the right to their children!  We are not giving birth to supply children for wealthy people to adopt!  Our children are our heritage!  We demand the right to opt out of government influence and abuse.  Bonuses must not be paid to states for removing our children.



As for me, Christ is my life and to die is gain. (Ph. 1:21)



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