Only the ones who LOVE more God’s Word than their own lives will be able to refuse the mark of the beast BECAUSE THE BEAST WILL BE OVERCOME ONLY BY THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT OF YESHUAH. (Jesus)  So it will come a time that God will ABANDON YOU TO THIS COMING STRONG DELUSION SO YOU WILL TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST.In other words, God is long-suffering and for those who read the Bible, they know that His patience HAS LIMITS. SO DON’T PUSH THE ENVELOPE! Satan is “suggesting” you that you have plenty of time WHILE IN FACT YOU ARE WALKING ON THIN ICE! Don’t listen to this “voice” (it is a suggestion coming from him….it’s what I mean by “voice”…satan suggests a lot of things to you and one of the things he loves to suggest since you get away with your sins an extra day, it gives you the confidence that God does not condemn
(please do not misunderstand me here, I am not “hearing voices” but yes, we do have suggestions all the times…)
See what happens to a Nation abandoned by God:

… you want to be abandoned the same way? If you do not want to be abandoned by God, then do not fool yourself in thinking that you have plenty of time to repent…Some people are already rejected by God and they certainly DO NOT FEEL IT ACCORDING TO THIS VIDEO ABOVE….well the mark of the beast is just THE ULTIMATE ABANDONMENT BY GOD IS ALL…



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