ALERT: Americans Take Stand Against TSA / American -vs US Citizen



Stop the TSA Scanners. Stop the sexual assaults.

“Pull the Plug NOW” Petition

IF you are an American, you do sign this petitionand you do contact your Congressman about H.R. 4616

plus you follow other suggestions to fight molestation included in this video right here:

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CombatForTheFaith has shared a video with you on YouTube: | In this emergency alert the case of the TSA abuse victim is presented and Ron Paul introduces his new legislation to restore dignity to air travel in America – H.R. 4616. Gary Franchi presents what you need to do to take action against the Transportation Security Administration.

NOW IF you only are a US Citizen, simply do nothing.

Simply follow the crowd as you normally do sheeple

and do what the authorities are telling you to do.

CLEAR ENOUGH?????????????

What the TSA is NOT Telling You about Full Body Scans…
Why a federal appeals court has been asked to suspend full body scans at airports. The constitutional reasons – plus the less-discussed health risks of the scans put into perspective by comparing it to other more dangerous radiation, including your flight itself…


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