Victims of ROMEland INsecurity (Homeland Security) – my Letter to Kevin Annett


To Reverend Kevin Annett,

You please “forgive” my tenacity, my persistence to email you even if I am not getting replies, except one.  I am like you, I only have one life to live.  The “problem” is that I keep listening to videos about you and your work.

Not that you should pay attention to me because I am “white” like you but I am the living example of what was done to the Natives is about to happen to us, the whites if we collectively as whites will not care about them and not only in Canada but in the US as well.  The judgment of God is falling upon us and the only way to postpone it is to take care of the Natives so it would postpone our own destruction in those Concentration Camps because the Natives are created like us, at the image of God.  That is why you should pay attention to me. 
Here is my story in a nutshell:

“I have all the reasons of the world to believe that Ashley was  INTENTIONALLY MURDERED  at the MASSENA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (even if I influenced Congressman John M. McHugh to call the Hospital Officials on Dec. 2nd. 2006, Nimesh Desai decided to let him die by not even offering a dialysis) which goes RIGHT BACK to CANADIAN IMMIGRATION and US CUSTOMS/HOMELAND SECURITY and VETERANS ADMINISTRATION officials WORKING IN APPARENT COLLUSION and that I AM HIS CANADIAN WIDOW – a CANADIAN EDUCATED CITIZEN WITH NO CRIMINAL RECORD –  which is what I would call a “form” of “PERMANENT SEPARATION” or “DIVORCE” which was FORCED BY GOVERNMENT THUGS.

All I want is my life to make sense Kevin and the only way to make sense is to be heard for a change and I will continue to make “noise” but will eventually change the recipient.  Not because of me but because of what is about to happen on the American Continent.  I would not make sense if I will not proclaim what happened to me and Ash.  That is why I am all over the Internet those links:
(sorry for the design of my website, I can not work on it right now because this is not my computer)
I almost became an compulsive worker (almost a workaholic) because I would blow up inside if I would act otherwise.

My marriage with this wonderful man was DESECRATED. How worse can it get if you (general sense) destroy the family unit to it’s core?  And further to this DESECRATION, the ULTIMATE DESECRATION OCCURRED:  HE WAS INTENTIONALLY MURDERED.  How worse can this be?  Why would I not have the same attitude than the Apostle Paul towards his own death? (we are not dying, we are going to sleep to be resurrected for a BETTER life)  What do I have to lose anyway????  I lost everything in this life and my everything was Ash.  So… if I would not mind to be murdered in the process of helping others who have families, wives and children, I would really be useful because that makes me DANGEROUS…

I am sending c.c. to my very few friends (most people are not worth much in those very last days) so you will know that I am not lying in this email – and I am not a liar.  They can testify you that I am not.

Anyways Reverend Annett….take care,


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