And I will not deny that I am uncomfortable here…
and I don’t care what satan thinks of me….I am not a lazy bum (according to Phelps) I am a victim of MULTIPLE abuses for 44 years…no wonder I do NOT HAVE MUCH ENERGY LEFT…I need to kick my butt each single day on this Continent to go on…most people would BLOW A FUSE ALRIGHT if they would wear my shoes one way or the other…

I am VERY PROUD OF MYSELF because GOD IS i.e. He tells me in his Word.  God spoke, that’s it.  Period.  Nothing else matters because this life EVENTUALLY ends, one way or the other.
(I mean to have a better life…. or Heaven)

Bad, bad girl “waking” up at 10:00 a.m.….You think I am happy to wake up at 10:00 a.m.?  I am the first one to be TICKED OFF ABOUT THIS because I can not do otherwise, I am EXHAUSTED… …


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