Fighting “ProphetBob”, another liar because the ones who are using this title want you to put them on a piedestal in order to control you. “Controllers” are manipulators and manipulators are by deduction liars, therefore all those folks having a title such as pastor, reverend, priest, bishop, prophet, pope, etc….are misrepresenting the Living God and putting themselves on a piedestal for you to “worship” them.
Proof of what I am talking about below.
“Prophet” is not a title to wear. Like pastor is not either. Which means that my bible study on the word “pastor” applies to “Prophet” Bob. BTW, I met a man who used the title prophet as follows: Prophet William Guy Renninger and he was a 32nd degree Mason. Question: Are you a mason?


The word pastor appear just ONCE in God’s Word – Eph. 4:11…is NOT a title to wear…it is only and just a fonction, a role…The pastor’s function have NO preeminence over the prophets, (description of the prophet according to 1 Cor. 14:3) for example…in other words, the pastors in evangelical churches are NOT doing God’s will actually…because it is NOT God’s will to be a “ONE MAN SHOW”; this is the Roman Catholic church model transferred in the evangelical churches: One priest and the folks -vs- one pastor and the folks.

I challenge you to show me in God’s word a Servant of the Lord Jesus MUST go to these biblical schools where the false doctrines are taught in order to get a paper and the title: pastor…and teach themselves false doctrines as pastors. In fact, the Lord Jesus Christ did not have a paper. 

Jn. 7:15  And the Jews marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned? KJV

5The Jews were amazed and asked, “How did this man get such learning without having studied?” NIV

This is exactly what is happening in the evangelical gimmicks in Canada and U.S. Why do you think the evangelicals are completely mixed-up concerning the doctrines? I am giving you few examples. There is plenty of examples. I mean…there is evangelical folks who are believing the Hyper-Calvinism, a false doctrine…the others are promoting a false doctrine telling to the folks you MUST SPEAK IN TONGUES IF YOU ARE BORN AGAIN. (it means that if you do not speak in tongues, you aren’t a child of God…What a lie !!!) Is the Holy Spirit mixed-up about the doctrine? Not at all. It is the pastors who are mixed-up…and the evangelical folks. The main reason is MOST PASTORS HAVE AN AGENDA. Is these biblical schools, this paper and this title is the will of God? Please show me in God’s word because I am only believing and prophesying (1 Cor. 14:3) what it is written.


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