The connection between El Moyra and the coming Maitreya
I thought you might find this interesting…this is what I published in yahoo groups as well as my blogs….but since I have a limited time, I will give you this link even if it is not my own group:

BTW and on a more personal note, (which means that you do not have to consider this but since we are on spiritual matters, I thought to share that with all of you) I now begin to consider that the name “Jesus” might not even be the name of who we call the “Jesus” of the Bible… might be “Yeshuah”…and Jehovah might be “Yahweh”….and no, I am not a Messianic Christian….

Another reason why I think that “Jesus” might not be the Son of God’s name and it is because there will be a “Jesus” with Maitreya…



The connection between El Moyra and the coming Maitreya:

This is Blavatsky allegedly with Ascended Masters Kuthumi, El Moyra, and Saint Germain. I doubt this is true.


You did not ask your question below the right video so I had to invest 25 minutes from the library to find it. Here is where it is located:

Aquarius: The Age of Evil – 2010 trailer #1


@ 1 minutes 3 seconds…

Same picture at:


where allegedly at her extreme right the Comte de Saint Germain



This is Blavatsky allegedly with Ascended Masters Kuthumi, El Moyra, and Saint Germain.

I doubt this is true. Either this picture is tricked

or what you are seeing with her are demons pretending to be Kuthumi, El Moyra and Saint Germain. The difference between a person and a demon is that a demon can not be flesh and blood according to the Scriptures:  “for a spirit hath not flesh and bones” said Jesus.

Luke 24:39


 39Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have. (KJV)

In other words, when you see a translucent person, it is not a person but a demon.  This will be posted on my homepage along with your question because I could not post it below your question for whatever reason and I don’t have time to figure out.

There is a big connection between El Moyra

El Morya

and Maitreya:

Quote: ” El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on the Prophecy, Maitreya and the New Era”.


The Jesus who will be with Maitreya is not the Jesus of the Bible. 
You most definitively need to reject Maitreya and his signs and lying wonders will fool most of you and this is very unfortunate.
Be ready for the battle of your life:  your very soul is at stake.

To tell you is my duty as a biblical Christian.
To group owners:  if you don’t like this message, boot me out, I don’t care.  That will save me time because I do not receive a dime for what I am doing.

In the Service of the Truth (Jn. 14:6)


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