— On Tue, 8/24/10, Eagle Strong Voice <> wrote:

    From: Eagle Strong Voice <>
    Subject: Fw: Audio recording of today’s message from Kevin Annett re: censorship – please broadcast on your programs and circulate
    Received: Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 12:23 AM

    Breaking News Advisory from Kevin Annett: August 23, 2010
    3 pm PST Vancouver, Canada

    Dear friends,
    I was expelled from Vancouver Co-op radio two weeks ago and have never been given any evidence to justify my banning. I’ve requested that evidence twice now from station staff, and have not received it. I believe that’s because the evidence does not exist, and I am being falsely framed.
    On August 9, over the air, I repeated my belief that police and government officials are implicated in the disappearance and murder of native women in B.C. I was expelled from the station the same day. On August 20, a major news story was issued across Canada that revealed strong evidence of exactly what I claimed on August 9, concerning police complicity in the Picton serial killings.
    I believe that my banning from Co-op radio is the result of a black ops campaign by the RCMP to prevent me from commenting on this latest expose – that the Mounties knew about Pictons’ murdering of women for over two years and did nothing – and to publicly discredit me so that the evidence I have gathered showing RCMP involvement in these murders will not be believed.
    I have already been approached twice by the RCMP and threatened because of my broadcasts on this topic. Co-op radio is funded and monitored by the federal government.
    Today, as further proof of this campaign, the Co-op radio station staff engaged in classic smear and black ops tactics against me over the airwaves by relying on the standard "three D’s" of a cover up: Deny, Distract, and Discredit.
    The station staff’s statement today denied their own actions against me, by describing my banning as an "internal disciplinary matter", while offering no proof of this; they distracted listeners from their own improper behaviour of unilaterally banning me without due process or dialogue; and they discredited me by claiming that I am attacking the station staff, and that the problem is not my program but me.
    To focus on attacking my character because of unnamed and unproven wrongdoing by me is the action of people who must distract attention away from the real matter, and that is, namely, the content of my broadcasts.
    Today’s announcement by station staff upheld my banning and yet claimed that my program is not under revue or threat of cancellation. This is outright duplicity. In truth, I have faced implied threats and direct demands from station program director Leela Chinnia to modify the content of my programs and even ban certain individuals, including fellow programmer Reg Argue, from my show.
    Today’s statement by station staff is designed to discredit and isolate me in the eyes of the world and distract people away from the real reason for my expulsion and censorship, which is because of what I have aired over my program.
    In the coming weeks, over other public media and radio stations, I will be sharing more of the evidence of RCMP and government involvement in the murder and trafficking of women on the west coast of Canada. Please follow this work on my website
    I repeat again my demand to Co-op station staff: to give me the evidence behind their unilateral banning of me, to negotiate this problem with me, and to lift their improper banning of me from station premises.

    I do not expect them to come clean about their real motives, and the identity of who is directing them: but I do expect and demand due process and hard evidence, and not rumour mongering and damaging innuendo.

    Kevin D. Annett

    cc: world media, legal counsel, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State


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