Warning about Len Horowitz and Sherrie Kane – IN SUPPORT OF TIM WHITE



That being said, who the hell is Horowitz and Caine and why are they making various threats against me, (against XENA CARPENTER) threatening the life of another patriot, (TIM WHITE) not to mention harassing/stalking innocent bystanders. . .

Here are the 2 audio tapes that were deleted from the new age, Maitreya worshipping site called BBS Radio. Tapes that Leonard "George" Horowitz, Cherie Caine [a.k.a Sheri Kane–maiden/previous married name…Temkin-Kanzelberg] and their followers don’t want you to hear. You can either click on the links to listen to them right now or right click the links and select "save link as" or "download link" to download a copy of the tapes to your desktop.

The first tape is:


about 11 minutes long [15mb to download]. The "Divine Providence" that exposes both of these freaks for who they are. Horowitz and Caine FAILED to disconnect the phone line to BBS Radio before engaging in trash talk. A listener on the phone bridge routinely records Don Nicoloff’s "Evident Footprints" show. Instead of hearing Don Nicoloff, the listener overheard this horrid conversation between Horowitz and Caine. In the tape, you can clearly hear Caine talking to Horowitz about "not placing tape on her face" and of "wearing makeup to bed". Not to mention the numerous "F-bombs" falling continuously and the numerous times the listener asked Horowitz to "PLEASE DISCONNECT YOUR PHONE".

One should feel sorry for Mrs. Horowitz and the children. Frankly I hope she takes Lenny to the cleaners. A man who has to have mistresses on the side shouldn’t have been married in the first place.

The second tape is


about a 57 minute long rant [13mb to download] of all sorts of vain garbage not to mentioned veiled elimination threats. My email commentary of this audio made Horowitz go on a rampage with name calling, police threats and even threatening to sue me for voicing my opinion. And just for that I will publish my commentary [and another email comment that Horrorditz didn’t like] and Horrorditz can take his threats and blow them out of his new age butt…


Here is what is said by HORRORwitz and CAINE and yes, Tim White is FALSELY (yes falsely) portrayed as a MONSTER

it is blatantly slanderous, and if I personally would have that kind of character assassination made of me,
I would understand nothing else that this is call for my elimination, aka MURDER.

Here is the verbatim of what is said of Tim White:


30 min. 34 seconds to….32 min. 06 seconds

HORRORwitz:  "…and this man, Tim White, I guess it’s his name, Tim White…


CAINE:  "Tim White…he sent a lot of nasty emails to a lot of people…one of the women he sent nasty emails making threats…."


HORRORwitz:  "it’s a good friend of Greg Szymanski…"


CAINE:  "Exactly and he sent me emails as well, same way, same type of threats…I have his picture on my blog and APPARENTLY he is a cross dresser according to the woman he was stalking and threatening…"


HORRORwitz:  "A criminal with a record, made a deal with the Feds in order to be some activist under coverup operative…just watching him _____ right now…this is the group Greg Szymanski plays with and operates with…


CAINE:  "The scary part is…they are really well connected…to a lot of these religious fanatics…that actually uses the excuses of "you do not believe in Jesus" or "God told me to do it"…and they are out there killing and murdering people…like running to aborption clinics and shooting people or killing people because they say they don’t want to accept Jesus…I mean…we are talking about real crazy psychopaths…


HORRORwitz:  "We are giving you the specifics as to literally who is doing it, how they are doing it and how this whole operation … not initially from the top down money is spent but literally from the grassroots on up…how this entire "helter skelter"  manipulation of the population is administered by literally the worst criminals that you can ever imagine…


Around 41 and 42 minutes: 


HORRORwitz:  "this is conspiracy reality tv ..we are probably advancing that to the next step…one of the next steps besides connecting with folks like you is to take a camera to the FBI and say:  "okay, you want some informations" ..let’s see what you guys deal with ..take a reality tv program to the FBI …I pray there will be brave hearted souls who will be able to do that with us right now because the evidence that we currently have is stunning, it’s solid and it needs to be investigated not to just save my life but a lot of other’s people lives…


CAINE:  "Yeah, they are taking out a lot of journalists now, so many being knock off"….


About 43 min…21 seconds…


CAINE:  "Interestingly enough…I had contacted Dr. True Ott for an interview and he told Greg Szymanski in a comment when Greg Szymanski answered what he thought about Dr HORRORwitz becoming a Knight of Malta, he has his opinion on him.  His opinion…I mean, really….he created a bunch of things that were completely libeling and he said he was busted by the FBI right after Dr. HORRORwitz came to visit him". 


HORRORwitz:  "The FDA and he claimed that it was ____ and incriminating against me for setting him up for a bust".


CAINE:  "Exactly"

Until 44 minutes….


HORRORwitz:  "Why would you take a very very personal email and c.c. people, third parties that had nothing whatesoever to do with the very very personal issue…"


CAINE:  "Well, Szymanski I can understand…because he was responding to something he wrote…"


HORRORwitz:  "So Szymanski was c.c.   by True Ott along with Don Nicholas, who will be on _______ (radio program) coming up about 10 minutes…I had not spoken for about 2 years , which I thought that was very strange why Don will fall off my screen as a friend…maybe you listening on BBS radio tonight could call in to Don Nicholas and ask Did you hear Dr. HORRORwitz on his show tonight?  because you got some explaining to do, Mr. Nicholas"



Still talking about Tim White at 45 minutes, 22 seconds…. 


CAINE:  "Don Nicholas was copied along with this rude guy named Tim White, he is sort of a Neo-Nazi and this other guy named Jon…Eric Jon Phelps…"

Still talking about Tim White at 46 minutes 57 seconds….

HORRORwitz:  "Maybe you will help us find out what is going on.  It is not just on Nicholas, Mr. Greg Szymanski, Mr. Eric Jon Phelps, Mr. Tim White"


Name of Tim White mentionned at 49 minutes 02 – 03 seconds…


Now she is talking about Tim White at 49 minutes, 46 seconds….till 51 minutes, 12 seconds…


CAINE:  "I am still waiting his connections with Tim White, why would he copy Tim White on this, he opened up a whole can of worms with Tim White because when he copied Tim White it is when he began sending me horrible, mean emails, he does not even know me, making accusations, he called me names…"


HORRORwitz:  "Oh you would never believe what he said about me, the lies I could not believe it…it was all reconciled when Chery investigated him and found out that his routine, he is a complete psychopath, a social mess,  (not sure that is the word mess but it is what I can make up) with a man named Tim White, again, why would True Ott send This personal mail to this kind of a man, you got to look very carefully, and then this man, and this in fact this whole conspiracy has a lot to do with this Satanic church, this Cloverdale, there are people at the Cloverdale Bible Way Ministry, apparently up in the Vancouver area that are heavily exposed in this, because you see at the bottom of the circulating fraudulent forged Knights of Malta list was this organization, this was the copy that I received circulating all over the Internet in other words Szymanski created, those guys at the Bible Way are promoting it  …. 


CAINE:  "What about that other list being created? About the counsel member…"


HORRORwitz:  "The counsel of foreign relations members…I had been on this for a long time…I looked at the counsel of foreign relations for probably at least 15 years…I never saw at the top of the counsel of foreign relations members Jews…


CAINE:  "J for Jews…"


HORRORwitz:  "pick up which counsel members were specifically Jews those you would want to put a hit on ..that is what we essentially found out to be links to 9/11 …again go to healthy world store dot com "…


Finally connecting Tim White to the church once again at 52 minutes, 33 seconds…   


HORRORwitz:  "this whole concept of them having this Bible Way, this Cloverdale Bible Way targetting specifically Jewish counsel of foreign relations members and the article that link to 9/11 you see ..the man who is ministering the website, his name is Michael Ray"….



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