Welcome to the American National!

Dear Patriot
Burt James III Esq.

I wish to address you a proper welcome.


you wrote:

"This is a "rare" and "special"
place on the internet for those who are sick and FED-up with all the
hype and hoopla of those so-called "patriotic web sites" that promote
change and a different way of effecting change. In my 22 years of
everyday living the life as an American National, I’ve never come
across any web site that could deliver a solid solution to this
country’s woes".

As a legal Immigrant and widow under
DHS, I went through hell and part of my hell was those so-called
Patriots that I have no compunctions to nailthe heads on the Internet
when I have a chance because Ido not thedeceivers and liars like to the

You definitively are different and I
am proud of being your friend. Most importantly, the solution you have
to offer to the country’s woes really supercedes everything I came
across as a researcher since the last four (4) years.

That’s why I converted the group for you from How_To_Face_This_New_World_Order
You will have a lot of dormant
members here (most of them are) so if they leave, they gave me no
reasons to even begin to worry about them.

I am taking this opportunity to invite all my other members
of my other groups (in the c.c.)
to come here and if they don’t, that’s on their head, not mine.

I’ll put it this way: this yahoo group (your yahoo group BJ) is my best one…

(not just identifying real problems
~ which is not bad at all ~
but having also a solid solution,
which is far better)



Introduction to Burt James III Esq.
Common Law and American Law History

If you want to deal with truth
and be free from servitude
he will guide you through…
He delivers a solid solution to this Country’s woes.
Ask 4 the recession documents

Click to join The_American_National


Please do not hesitate to ask for my assistance Burt

(BJ has a Common Law and American Law History degrees)

with thisyahoo thing or anything that you might need,

May the G_d of the Bible/Torah Bless you Richly

in your very important mission,


Burt James III Esq!

…& thank you!….

Your friend,

The French American Patriot

In Loving Memory of Reverend. Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D. 06/19/57- 05/12/06 (a beautiful song for Yeshuah/Jesus worshippers….)

post scriptum I am sorry for the inconveniences that caused you theyahoo system.
I know that life in America is not exactly a sinecure…
My late husband Ashley established all our groups here (at yahoo)
so that’s why once he died, I kept going on here in order to keep what he created alive
to make sense with all we went through.

(please do not buy this book above, lulu.com is a scam but this book is available to read)

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