“Marie are you an American or a Canadian”? Question from Facebook Connection


Question from a Facebook connection: "Marie are you an American or
a Canadian"?

My reply: (modified because updated for clarity of my thoughts on this matter)
I am more an American than the US
Citizen and I only am born in Canada
because I have no ties there. My husband, who was the first person loving me,
is buried i…n the US .

Which does not mean that I do not care about Canada at all since what is going
on over here is influencing over there and vice versa. We are on the same
Continent and a lot of Americans have family ties with English Canadians and
I guess people tend to forget that.

While we are divided over things of this nature, the NWO wins over us because
they are at least "smarter" than us to cooperate with each other in
order to destroy us while using the tactic: "Divide to Conquer" over
us which seems to be working very well…

Of course, you can not know everything from both side as you are not god so I
do concentrate in the Country where my husband is buried (America) while I am
not forsaking Canada because we are on the same boat. (Continent)

Hope this helps….


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