Oxley and Phelps shism over Papal Nobility power


Against Freemason

“Once again Eric is closed off to the
Papal Bloodlines being at the top of the Jesuit Council. I have no time for someone who terms my work as ‘poppycock’ just because it doesn’t sit well with himself. -Craig”

Re: Oxley and Phelps schism over Papal Nobility power

Dear Eric & Craig

Some thoughts on your recent exchanges:

Since Vivian came forth with his information on what he calls (in various combinations) the Ptolemaic Gray Papal Bloodlines, I have been of the opinion that this is a fruitful line of enquiry & area of research & Craig’s forum threads dedicated to this investigation is to be commended.

However, although I do think that there is a certain logic & elegance to this contention, for me the matter, due to the limited evidence that I have been presented with, is not proven. That there are influential members from within at least some of these dynasties that have been named that are of much influence & importance is unarguable. That they – or at least certain heads of these houses – rule over the Jesuit General is arguable & certainly not proven, i.e. it is an “act of faith” to state this as definite. That Pepe Orsini even exists, let alone controls the Jesuit General, can only be taken as a matter of faith based on one source & although I have great respect & appreciation for Vivian being prepared to share his experiences & time with us, I have to leave the matter as an open question & no more than an unproven (to myself at least) possibility. This is why I never changed the information at my internet research resource regarding the specifics of who controls the pinnacle of the Mystery Babylon agenda, which listing is I believe, the most accurate breakdown of relevant particulars available anywhere. This is available at the following URL:


Craig: As your correspondence to Eric has been the far more heated of the two, the following thoughts are directed at yourself in particular:

While I am all too aware that you will be unlikely to appreciate my saying so, I feel that it would be unwise to ignore that the tone of your recent correspondence to Eric on matters concerning the precise nature of the capstone of the pyramid of covert global control has been unnecessarily & unfortunately highly antagonistic – as mine was when I came to the conclusion that the Geneva Bible was the Bible that we should refer to as the true Bible of the Reformation, as a historic truism, regardless of any disposition toward this or the King James Authorised Version whether pro, con or indifferent. I had in retrospect realised the poor manner in which I had presented my realisation to Eric & acknowledged that I had neither done justice to myself nor to Eric in writing on the matter in a manner that was by any interpretation, heated & unlikely to allow welcome opportunity for reasonable discourse on the matter.

As is probably obvious, I too (as Eric as indicated that he may have to as a result of force of a number of circumstances) have stepped back from regular email, forum & blog posting, due to two or three main factors:

The need to do fresh, indepth, independent research, not to be diverted by endless debate, in order to bring truer perspective, depth & accuracy to my understanding & presentations of said research, in order to not become a self-regurgitating propagandist, rhetoricist or polemicist;
The need to get my finances back on track (which have been precarious for many years now – & which you said that you were disappointed to hear that I would need to focus on, a position that I can not comprehend the reasoning behind); The need maintain some balance of interests in order to provide the energy & inclination with the fuel necessary for long term interest in the covert global power structure & the agenda behind it.

I will take this opportunity to say that I have not been impressed by the ignoring of my correspondence on many occasions both via email & on the forum. I do not require indepth replies to each & every piece of correspondence, but an acknowledgement of issues addressed even if merely commented on with an agreement to disagree would be at least a common courtesy. This has led to a discouragement to participate at the forum – as it can not be reasonably called such under such circumstances as just given. In fact open, genuine discussion & exchange of ideas is so often undermined as to bring into question the very purpose for its existence. You may threaten me with a ban from your forum or even ban me outright, but this of course will prove my point & no justification can do any good to demonstrate anything to the contrary.

Also: I have requested more times than I can remember for my email address to be changed on your various email lists to:


As I have stated on a number of occasions:

Please remove my xxxxxxx account from your list as the xxxxxx account as the xxxxxxx doesn’t show as being read when I view it via my email client (being xxxx rather than xxxx) or vice versa & as such is a pain to maintain. Emails to the xx a/c are happily received though.

I have had to ask this also of Eric, Vivian & Douglas, on a number of times, but all have eventually helped me out with this basic request.

We can all move forward to being in more efficacious positions of learning & sharing that benefit all or we can fall into ultimately self-defeating positions of petty rivalry & unfortunate antagonisms. Please do both of us a favour & acknowledge my most basic of requests, as I have done for you on each & every occasion over the past two & a half years. This is just a basic level of respect that is needed in order to maintain any kind of mutually beneficial correspondence & sharing of findings of mutual interest. I am happy to meet in the middle, but can not do myself the disservice of paying respects that I do not receive in return. Your studies & findings & your willingness to share them is to be commended & is exemplary, please do not let yourself down in matters of basic civility, as it benefits no-one but your declared enemies.

While I highly value my privacy & take certain measures to place some limits on intrusions into this, I have said to Eric that I am happy to have a conversation with him on his radio show, maybe not every week, but on a semi-regular basis perhaps if I feel that the first of such occasions goes well & is edifying for all. I do not find public speaking to be an area that particularly attracts me, but recognise that it could be a rewarding opportunity to share my findings via different means with people who may not have looked into entirely the same areas as myself & to kick around ideas with Eric, who has graciously shared so much in the way of information, reasoning & articulated thought with me innumerable times in recent years. I encourage you to the same Craig, after you agree to disagree with Eric.

Okay: I have just now read your latest post at the forum, the lengthy one where you refer to my highlighting of the Geneva Bible’s suppression by King James’ High Commission. While I agree that you bring a reasonable number of valid points worthy of discussion & inquiry to the table & are to be commended for looking into areas that are seldom discussed, I feel that it is incumbent to state that you leave little room for Eric to have open discourse. I do not see that he has deserved such an outpouring of anger, as his use of “English hat” does not seem to me to be calculated to ridicule you & that seems to have triggered your lashing out.

Please let your response to my points to be an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of your integrity.

In summation: Let’s all calm down & put these hostilities aside & work toward the increased awareness of all & always be prepared to agree to disagree. When the full truth is revealed to us by the highest of powers, all of us will be humbled by our ignorance.

In truth & awareness –



reality research resource
exposing rome’s covert global power structure & the mystery babylon new world order agenda


Ignacio de Loyola was nothing in comparison to Alessandro Farnese who was a Red Cardinal. Loyola was a mere pion saved from imprisonment thanks to
Alessandro Farnese and others. Why do we hear so little about Francis
Borgia and his part with the founding of the Society of Jesus?
Alessandro was behind the Society of Jesus, its main Church and the
commanding war rooms of Villa Farnese in Lazio, Italy. To believe
Loyola has this great power over the Order is false as he was allowed
the position as its front head by the likes of Alessandro Farnese. Lets
not forget that pope Paul III was in fact a powerful Farnese. This was
obviously a time when the pope was a truely powerful being by having
Papal Nobility blood running through his veins. Not like today with
pure commoners fronting the throne which is to be destroyed shortly in
order for the next Farnese civilization creation and religion to come
based from within Jerusalem.

I have not stated a single Noble family control the Society of Jesus.
I’ve stated that five of the thirteen most powerful Papal Bloodlines
dominate the Society of Jesus and its shadow Council. I’ve stated these
are Orsini, Somaglia, Farnese, Breakspeare and Aldobrandini. The later
claims to be the descendants of the Nephilim written about within the
Biblical texts. So here is another part of my information you’re
mistaken on. Then to top it all off you use a picture of a chart on
your response to me and make out as if I created and endorse that
chart. The chart was created by someone upon my site and nothing to do
with myself. I’ve made my own chart up in the past showing my
information of the Omega point of control above the overt Society of
Jesus. I don’t believe that Juan Carlos is the full controller of the
conspiracy but I believe he’s far more powerful than you’ve ever given
him credit for. From a bloodline point of view he is superior to the
Superior General of the Society of Jesus who is in fact a commoner in
comparison. No doubt higher powered Farnese bloodline members will weld
more power than the visible King Carlos of Spain and may grant the
Jesuit General position higher than Juan Carlos regardless of bloodline
on its throne. Barry Chamish has bought to our attention Juan Carlos
more and more. Its obvious he welds a large about of power within the
Holy Roman Empire.





Posted: May 3 2010, 03:26 PM


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Here’s what’s going to happen gentlemen:

If you all want to enter the danger zone and discuss the Jesuit council, I
would first post something on the internet declaring you have no
intention EVER to commit suicide. This is no laughing matter and no

Most people who ponder the council end up MISSING, drugged and end up like Alberto Rivera. IF YOU WANT TO COVER IT GENTLEMEN, we will cover it. Let’s all post anti-suicide letters first. I know Eric will talk about this Craig, but we would be opening Pandora’s Box, and this will be the ‘point-of-no-return.’ If we have faith that Christ will save us than there is no fear. We will be letting the Ginnie out of the lamp. Believe me gentleman, as an
insider, I know where this ends.




Posted: May 3 2010, 03:34 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 38,580
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-September 08

Once again Eric is closed off to the
Papal Bloodlines being at the top of the Jesuit Council. I have no time
for someone who terms my work as ‘poppycock’ just because it doesn’t
sit well with himself. -Craig


Indeed, we must stick together, but this association must be premised
upon a mutual respect for one another evidenced by a courtly demeanor. I will not associate with anyone who is disrespectful and insulting to me. This is why I have separated from ______—brilliant though he is; this is why I have separated from Bengt, the translator of
VAIII into Swedish—and this is why I have presently separated from
Craig Oxley—one of the greatest attackers of the Jesuits in the
world. I have been disrespectful to none of you and I expect the same
treatment in return. If you disagree with me—which I welcome,
approach me considering yourselves lest you may become overtaken in the
same error—but never castigate me with belittling comments or
patronizing rhetoric. My policy now is one warning; if it happens
again, it is disassociation until an apology is given. I welcome
disagreement or correction given in a proper manner, but condescending
insults will be countered with the above stated policy. If we bite and
devour one another, we shall be consumed by one another. In this I will
not participate.

All I have ever wanted to do is expose the power of the devil’s Jesuit Order WHICH INCLUDES THE JESUIT COUNCIL—there is nothing above it and that Council enforces the absolute power of the General who is the god of the Society—energized by a high-level demon/evil spirit reporting directly to Satan who is in heaven before God constantly accusing believers in-Christ. If the General becomes disobedient, he is removed as was the case with Pedro
Arrupe, poisoned in 1981 and languishing for ten years before he died.
But the General still wields all power of the Order, or let us abandon
over 400 years of recorded history, the Constitutions and bloody Fourth
Vow of the Professed Jesuits. This is the real power structure and
let’s dispose of all the other poppycock—especially the Black
Nobility and Papal Bloodlines that have all been absorbed into the
devil’s Jesuit Power Structure—especially the Farneses not to mention
the Bourbons.

I welcome the moment when we can attack the Jesuit
Council over the air. Our attack must be united, with the agreement
that the Black Pope (as advised by the Jesuit Council, which Council
also must include his Ten Assistants and personal Jesuit confessor)
rules all. With that unity of attack focused upon this clearly
delineated target I can participate; without it I cannot. Every other
target is a rabbit trail.

Concerning this exposure of the Jesuit Council, it is our duty to tell this truth. But I warn you gentlemen, if you are not saved, having been washed from your sins by the blood of the Lamb, you have no protection from God. And if sin is in your life even though you are saved—as was the case with ex-Jesuit Alberto
Rivera who became very proud and fell into financial trouble—God will
also not protect you. You will be “out there” on your own, mince meat
for the devil and his minions. If you are not saved, your father is the
devil, the lusts of your father you will do, and that devil will not
tolerate any of his spiritual children opposing his Jesuit-directed international
power structure. (I recommend, dear xxxx, that you separate from you
Catholic Church as the Order will get near to you via the Dominican
Order controlled by the General of the Dominicans who in turn bows to
the Black Pope. Luther sought to remain in the Catholic Church and
reform it: this led to his expulsion. We must separate from all that
offends the Lord—though certain men may be most likable—or He will
do the separating.)

Therefore, if you are not saved—as well as walking in obedience to the Word of God—and wish to live, do not participate in this warfare. As the xxxx stated, it will be your death sentence. This is why no alternative radio hosts or conspiracy pundits ever seriously and continuously touch the Jesuit Order—and never the Jesuit Council maintaining the universal Temporal Power of the Black Pope for the benefit of the White Pope. They are unsaved and they have no power of the indwelling God the Holy Spirit. They hate God the Father because they hate his only begotten Son, the risen Lord Jesus

My last exhortation is this: if we do not expose the
Jesuit Power (General, Assistants and Council) now ruling the world,
just who is going to do it? There is no one else but us! Every nation
is now under the power of the General, absorbed into Star Trek’s
Borg—Borgo Santo Spirito, the most protected building in Europe.
Ex-priest Richard Bennett, now born again in-Christ with his Berean
Becan ministry, will not touch this. We are the only ones on earth.
Craig and Troy, look what the Jesuits have done to your blessed England
and Scotland. Count Vivian, look at despoiled Italy. Nelson, look what
the Order has done to your Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people for the last
450 years and now plotting the murder of every Jew in North America.
Thomas and myself, we live in the pope’s “Unholy Roman” 14th Amendment
America Empire, which empire is now being sacrificed on orders from
Rome. Thomas and I have the greatest responsibility of all, for we live
in the very heart of the Jesuit General’s “American Sword of the
Church” having violently imposed the Pope’s Temporal Power over every
nation on earth for the last 100 years!

All of us have lost EVERYTHING, to the exclusion of our souls—only if we are in Christ Jesus. I look at my little White Gentile sons and sometimes start to cry knowing they have absolutely nothing positive to hope for from
either their state or federal governments. Everything is against them
for which reason I advocate secession of Pennsylvania. Yes, now is the
time to strike while the iron is hot.

I say, let us start today as the pope’s NSA has read our missives. Let us attack all week long on the broadcast and get it on the public-international-heavenly record.  Then we will have done our duty. We will have been “valiant for the
truth in the earth.” If the Lord is finished with us, then we shall
depart this world in HIS time; for the Lord Jesus has the keys of death
(the grave for our physical bodies) and hell—the immediate place
where all the unsaved go until they are raised to stand before Christ
at the Great White Throne Judgment. Christ can kill any one of our
enemies anytime he wishes. All Spiritual and Temporal power in heaven
and earth has been given to him. We have nothing to lose and everything
to gain, which gain will be evident at the judgment seat of Christ. If
God be for us, who can be against us—including Satan’s Jesuit
Council. Let us believe God and his promises of protection and
provision as we fight this good fight of faith. Our posterity will be
encouraged and emboldened to do the same. Have we not all been
enlivened with the memory of Washington, William of Orange I, Italian
nationalist Garbaldi, Jewish nationalist Jabotinsky, and most of all,
Oliver Cromwell? All these men paid with their lives for resisiting the
Jesuit Power Structure centered in the Black Pope.

One more thing. I am coming to the conclusion that my on-air ministry is about to be finished. I am financially broke and receive no regular, monetary
support from any White men. Apparently American White men are so
self-loathing that they have made the decision that my preaching of the
Word of God—for them—as well as defending historic White
Anglo-Saxon Protestant/Baptist Calvinist peoples and their Western
Civilization is not important enought to support. I advertise for
“Aisle 19” on my website—yet nearly nothing comes in, only 17 dollars
last month. I sell, maybe, one VAIII CD a week and a book every now and
then. My webmaster is doing a great job on the site and has plans for
new launchings. In the meantine, I must pay the bills which I can no
longer do. According to the Bible, I am presently “worse than an
infidel,” now in fact not providing for my family. This must and will
change shortly.

My plan is this: I have begun to pray to the Lord about supplying the necessary funds to continue this work—as did Washington at Valley Forge. I will pray to this end every morning at 6:00 AM. If I do not receive the funds, business, gifts necessary to pay this month’s bills, I will be ending the broadcast. Research is necessary for an edifying, daily broadcast and that requires time. This financially profitless time, I no longer possess. Periodically, I will
add a new article or a report on the website, but nothing like at
present. I will engage in very few public interviews and no email
debates. I will be developing a business first and foremost—as I must
provide for my family. If my present situation does not change in 30
days, by June 1, I will be off the air. Liberty Radio Live has
graciously paid for every moment of air time for which I am thankful,
but this will end. God is able to provide as he has lots more than he
ever gave in answer to the prayers of his saints. But if he, in his
sovereign power and counsel, does not financially provide, then it is
not his will that I continue. This is God’s fight to finance, not mine.
If such is the case—and I truly believe it is not, we have only 30
days to fully expose the Jesuit Power Structure on air. Indeed, the
time to strike is NOW.

Gentlemen: I am ready when you are ready.
I embrace “the point of no return,” and yes, I have no intention of
committing suicide.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric



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