Oxley and Phelps shism over Papal Nobility power (pay attention to the last 3 paragraphs – part 2)

of his
spiritual children opposing his Jesuit-directed international power
structure. (I recommend, dear xxxx, that you separate from you Catholic
Church as the Order will get near to you via the Dominican Order
controlled by the General of the Dominicans who in turn bows to the
Black Pope. Luther sought to remain in the Catholic Church and reform
it: this led to his expulsion. We must separate from all that offends
the Lord—though certain men may be most likable—or He will do the

Therefore, if you are not saved—as well as
walking in obedience to the Word of God—and wish to live, do not
participate in this warfare. As the xxxx stated, it will be your death
sentence. This is why no alternative radio hosts or conspiracy pundits
ever seriously and continuously touch the Jesuit Order—and never the
Jesuit Council maintaining the universal Temporal Power of the Black
Pope for the benefit of the White Pope. They are unsaved and they have
no power of the indwelling God the Holy Spirit. They hate God the
Father because they hate his only begotten Son, the risen Lord Jesus

My last exhortation is this: if we do not expose the
Jesuit Power (General, Assistants and Council) now ruling the world,
just who is going to do it? There is no one else but us! Every nation
is now under the power of the General, absorbed into Star Trek’s
Borg—Borgo Santo Spirito, the most protected building in Europe.
Ex-priest Richard Bennett, now born again in-Christ with his Berean
Becan ministry, will not touch this. We are the only ones on earth.
Craig and Troy, look what the Jesuits have done to your blessed England
and Scotland. Count Vivian, look at despoiled Italy. Nelson, look what
the Order has done to your Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people for the last
450 years and now plotting the murder of every Jew in North America.
Thomas and myself, we live in the pope’s "Unholy Roman" 14th Amendment
America Empire, which empire is now being sacrificed on orders from
Rome. Thomas and I have the greatest responsibility of all, for we live
in the very heart of the Jesuit General’s "American Sword of the
Church" having violently imposed the Pope’s Temporal Power over every
nation on earth for the last 100 years!

All of us have lost
EVERYTHING, to the exclusion of our souls—only if we are in Christ
Jesus. I look at my little White Gentile sons and sometimes start to
cry knowing they have absolutely nothing positive to hope for from
either their state or federal governments. Everything is against them
for which reason I advocate secession of Pennsylvania. Yes, now is the
time to strike while the iron is hot.

I say, let us start today
as the pope’s NSA has read our missives. Let us attack all week long on
the broadcast and get it on the public-international-heavenly record.
Then we will have done our duty. We will have been "valiant for the
truth in the earth." If the Lord is finished with us, then we shall
depart this world in HIS time; for the Lord Jesus has the keys of death
(the grave for our physical bodies) and hell—the immediate place
where all the unsaved go until they are raised to stand before Christ
at the Great White Throne Judgment. Christ can kill any one of our
enemies anytime he wishes. All Spiritual and Temporal power in heaven
and earth has been given to him. We have nothing to lose and everything
to gain, which gain will be evident at the judgment seat of Christ. If
God be for us, who can be against us—including Satan’s Jesuit
Council. Let us believe God and his promises of protection and
provision as we fight this good fight of faith. Our posterity will be
encouraged and emboldened to do the same. Have we not all been
enlivened with the memory of Washington, William of Orange I, Italian
nationalist Garbaldi, Jewish nationalist Jabotinsky, and most of all,
Oliver Cromwell? All these men paid with their lives for resisiting the
Jesuit Power Structure centered in the Black Pope.

One more
thing. I am coming to the conclusion that my on-air ministry is about
to be finished. I am financially broke and receive no regular, monetary
support from any White men. Apparently American White men are so
self-loathing that they have made the decision that my preaching of the
Word of God—for them—as well as defending historic White
Anglo-Saxon Protestant/Baptist Calvinist peoples and their Western
Civilization is not important enought to support. I advertise for
"Aisle 19" on my website—yet nearly nothing comes in, only 17 dollars
last month. I sell, maybe, one VAIII CD a week and a book every now and
then. My webmaster is doing a great job on the site and has plans for
new launchings. In the meantine, I must pay the bills which I can no
longer do. According to the Bible, I am presently "worse than an
infidel," now in fact not providing for my family. This must and will
change shortly.

My plan is this: I have begun to pray to the
Lord about supplying the necessary funds to continue this work—as did
Washington at Valley Forge. I will pray to this end every morning at
6:00 AM. If I do not receive the funds, business, gifts necessary to
pay this month’s bills, I will be ending the broadcast. Research is
necessary for an edifying, daily broadcast and that requires time. This
financially profitless time, I no longer possess. Periodically, I will
add a new article or a report on the website, but nothing like at
present. I will engage in very few public interviews and no email
debates. I will be developing a business first and foremost—as I must
provide for my family. If my present situation does not change in 30
days, by June 1, I will be off the air. Liberty Radio Live has
graciously paid for every moment of air time for which I am thankful,
but this will end. God is able to provide as he has lots more than he
ever gave in answer to the prayers of his saints. But if he, in his
sovereign power and counsel, does not financially provide, then it is
not his will that I continue. This is God’s fight to finance, not mine.
If such is the case—and I truly believe it is not, we have only 30
days to fully expose the Jesuit Power Structure on air. Indeed, the
time to strike is NOW.

Gentlemen: I am ready when you are ready.
I embrace "the point of no return," and yes, I have no intention of
committing suicide.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

said 3 weeks ago
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Oxley and Phelps schism over Papal Nobility power

Oxley and Phelps schism over Papal Nobility power
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Posted: May 3 2010, 03:12 PM


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Dear Craig,

Nice work. Only one correction. The Pope is the King of the World; Knight Carlos is his servant.

Lord Bless,
Brother Eric

Dear Eric,

King Juan Carlos has the blood of the Farnese whilst Ratzinger is a nobody in bloodline but a puppet of the Farnese
family. The very Farnese family with Holy Roman Emperor, Charles I of
Spain behind the creation of the Society of Jesus. We should note the
Farnese arms on the Spainish Government arms and King Juan Carlos’s
arms. Until the time when the Papal Nobility place their blood back on
the front throne I will not think of the pope quite as I did or as they
deserved in power of days of old. It was sickening to see Carlos bow to
nobody pope Paul II and kiss his ring but I guess we see this from the
Superior General so it doesn’t mean a damn thing in the true scale of
the Holy Roman Empire structure. Your opinion on my comments would be

craig oxley


Today we may be able to cover this on radio. I think it is now
becoming necessary to awaken people to the reality of the Vatican
structure which has gone completely into hiding after Vatican II. AND
spoke of corruption of republics, which always lead to SHADOW
governments. Alexander Hamilton was no idiot. It better to have a
person who you know is in charge instead of a ring of puppet crooks who
answer to no one but their puppet masters. Vatican II was
republicanized in this way! Thus the commanders went into hiding and
left the puppets in our eyes. We blame Ratzinger and Juan but the
people on top of them are even worse. The Pyramid as I see it runs in
this order:

Lucifer (Baphomet)
Council of ……………???
Jesuit Council
Superior general IHS ( he himself is a puppet, BUT the fact he is Basque is a serious threat to Juan)
Juan Carlos
…………..and all the rest of the NWO
CIA/masons/Rockafellar/CFR/BRitish royals etc…

do agree that Carlos is much more powerful than the Pope. We have seen
it ! Carlos is in direct contact with Lucifer. A am not really sure if
Ratzinger is an actor or if he knows he is guilty. xxxxxxx believes
Ratzinger knows he is himself guilty and is convinced it is a show.


So you speak of a
Council above the Jesuit Council. When you address a Council of Jesuits
are you merely speaking of the Superior General’s Assistancy which in
truth would be of greater power in the collective than the Superior
General just as a General Congregation is. Lets not forget that the
Superior General also confesses his sins (6) to another Jesuit Soldier
for forgiveness (25). There is no one in the typically known Society of
Jesus structure who isn’t monitored fully. This Council you speak of
would be made up members of the Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis
as its leadership as I’ve been informed previously that it was the
Arcana who were the head of the conspiracy of which both the Superior
General and Spainish Monarch have communication with? I then find that
its the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem which
dominates the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei which both have control
over the financial system thus World economy and therefore pure
domination over the World Company Inc. Lets not forget that Knight of
Malta and Deutsche Verteidigung Dienst member, Heinz Kissinger told us
that Oil controls nations (oil itself is the one World currency in
truth), food controls the populace and the economy controls the World
which ties in with the oil of course. Heinz Kissinger being a loyal
Hofjuden of Grandmaster Matthew Festing.

craig oxley


Sounds like a plan. Interesting that you say Vatican II republicanized the Jesuit Papacy. I am interested in more detail.

From the covert sources of history available to me, the pyramid of power appears as follows:

(Baphomet)—remembering "Lucifer" lost his first estate and body of a
cherub. With that loss, becoming a disembodied spirit, he had a name
change from Lucifer to "Satan." Lucifer was good, directly created by
the Son of God as the covering cherub; Satan is evil who, after his
fall when he was Lucifer, became "the god of this world" (II Cor. 4:4).

Superior General—remembering he is advised by 10 assistants and by
one Jesuit confessor. He is guided by the Constitutions of the Order
but can overrule any statute if he deems it to be necessary. He is the
god of the Society; his words are the words of God to the subordinate
Jesuit. He can be removed for heresy or for deviating from the purpose
of the Order as per the Council of Trent. Those alone are the only two
reasons justifying his removal. I can name several authors who claim
these points to be true as well as ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera. The Jesuit
General, according to the Constitutions, is subordinate to the Pope,
but we know he is the Pope’s covert guiding superior. To maintain thus
supremacy, both spiritual and temporal, the Pope’s confessor must
always be a Jesuit according to Canon Law. For it is the Pope of Rome
whom Satan has prepared to be the universal monarch of the world—no
one else. Any man who is a rival to the Pope is removed or humbled,
such as the Dali Lama and the Emperor of Japan. The Jesuit Superior
General keeps the Pope on track to this final Satanic ends. The Jesuit
General guarantees there will never be another "Babylonian Captivity"
of the papacy or that any nation will refuse to be submitted to the
Temporal Power of the Pope—including Arizona!

Council—which consists first and foremost of the ten Assistants, soon
to be eleven Assistants after this present Crusade in the Islamic
Middle/Near East. Before the General makes any significant policy
decision he consults with his Assistants. Policy is decided, the
battles are planned and the decisions are made to make it so. The
Jesuit Council consists of men chosen by the General with the tacit
approval of the select professed Jesuits of the Fourth Vow to be found
within the General Congregation. Further, the Jesuit Council controls
all papal orders and knighthoods, including the Dominican and
Franciscian Orders, the Knights of the Equestrian Order, Knights of the
Order of Christ, Knights of Malta, etc. There is no papal Order of
Knighthood in which there are not Jesuits in key places of influence,
including the College of Cardinals. But this means the Order is able to
police every papal council, order and knighthood. Just as the SS
policed the Nazi party, even so the Jesuits police every nook and
cranny of the Jesuit Papacy. Never will the Order be suppressed again
by any Pope—unless God intervenes with a miracle as He did in 1773.
To facilitate this most important end, the Company is woven throughout
any and all brotherhoods, spying out all and every movement arising
within any given brotherhood.

Pope of Rome—Overseen by the
above Jesuit apparatus, Satan has determined all spiritual and temporal
power will be concentrated into the hands of this one man. The Pope
wearing white is divine, the only man on earth to stand in the place of
God. He does not claim to be God, but rather in the stead of God and
his Christ. Therefore he is worshipped as God. According to the most
important mystery of the occult secret societies born out of post-Flood
Babylon, the Pope is now Osiris, donning the pagan cross as did Osiris.
But the Pope is to be murdered and to then rise from the dead to be the
risen Horus—the Antichrist. At this time, the risen Pope to be
indwelled by Satan, will be worshipped as God by all nations. This is
Satan’s plan since he created the Roman Caesars of the First Century.
The Pope of Rome, being in fact the Caesar of Rome, awaits his
assassination to then be raised from the dead to be the Antichrist, the
Man-Beast. Therefore, the Pope of Rome is in theory, the most powerful
man in the world. In actuality, the Black Pope secretly directing the
Pope is more powerful. One day the risen Pope will be without question,
iniversally worshipped as God showing himself to be God when he sits in
the rebuilt Hebrew Temple of God (II Thess. 2:1-10).

Carlos—a mere Jesuit trained papal Knight subject to the word of the
Pope. King of Jerusalem—for the benefit of the Pope. Carlos was put
in power after he murdered his brother, a most obedient act of worship
to Rome. He can be removed just as easliy.

Knights of the Equestrian Order of which Carlos is a member. It is Jesuit ruled.

Knights of Malta of which Carlos is a member. It is also Jesuit ruled.

Lord Bless,
Brother Eric

Your information here is
very vague and not in depth enough for pinnacle conspiratorial control
at the Omega point level controlling the Roman Empire. I would also
like to point out to both of you that no man on this Earth would have
power great enough to be allowed any access directly to a Satan or
Lucifer at the highest level of the spiritual Kingdom. This would be
reserved for a spiritual power structure just as you cannot speak
directly with Elders above you in this realm. This is why if one wishes
to be even seen by someone with capabilities dealing with the spirit
realm then usually they must meet a criteria. This will mean devotion
to a particular system for many years and a particular amount of
rituals and preparation for the event. So when someone has paid the
Society of Jesus a sum of $25,000 to host Lucifer within them they’ve
been ripped off completely. Firstly why would Lucifer/Satan want to
enter a nobody Nobles vessel when he is supposedly the God of this
Earth. It just doesn’t make sense apart from it chosing to enter a
vessel of the highest level of the Elders and even then why would it
want to come into those morons too? I can see a form of communication
coming forth with man but this will never be directly as I said
earlier. Now once again we get back to the issue of blood and there is
no way that the Farnese blood would allow any pion lower down mongrel
blood to possess any true power above itself. We know that that both
Generals during this ‘Era of the Two Generals‘, Adolfo
Nicolas, Peter Hans Kolvenbach both don’t have Papal blood within their
veins. We also note how the last two pope’s, Joseph Ratzinger and Karol
Wojtyła both don’t have Papal blood either in their veins. Their pions
within the Zoroastrianist leadership at the Omega pinnacle point.

craig oxley


Posted: May 3 2010, 03:15 PM


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JUAN ‘FARNESE’ CARLOS Lapdog for the Pope and Nothing More

Saturday, May 01, 2010 4:16 PM

Dear Craig,

Please hold on to your English hat!

the reason for Count Vittorio being featured on the broadcast was to
enable him to publicly speak on any topic he wished! I left it up
entirely to him, while I would add a comment of two. This is what was
done. I also offered him the entire following week if he wished to
continue, which he refused as he stated that we could not give too much
information as it would inundate the average listener. To this I
agreed. The Count knows he can appear on the broadcast whenever he
wishes. The same is true for Barry Chamish and the same is true for
you, Craig. My only limitation is my right to interrupt and openly
disagree with any guest, and yet permit him to complete his statement

when I am corrected with the facts, I make it my policy to retract and
accept the correction, as I am not important—the facts are important. I
shall die, but the facts shall remain the same. I publicly made the
correction when Michael Collins Piper stated that the Israeli
government played a part in the assassination of JFK, a fact proven to
me by Barry Chamish, he stating that Rabin was in Dallas the day of the
murder. I did the same when you corrected me as to the location of the
Jesuit Provincial in England—as you rightly pointed out below. So I
will change, if the facts are presented to me.

Before I make the
following statement and rejection about your theory of Roman noble
bloodlines being supreme over the Jesuit Superior General and his
Company of Jesus, my statement must be premised upon a few facts.
First, I have read at least ten full histories of the Society of Jesus.
Four of them are offered on my free CD with the 13 rare books on the
Jesuits. In every one of those histories, never once was did any author
record any preference given to any noble who joined the order or
facilitated its creation. In fact, Loyola—a noble himself—took great
pains to deliberately humble the nobles who joined: they would never
ever be given preferential treatment within the Order. And this maxim
illustrates the very purpose of the Company: to assemble a
highly-trained fighting force composed of the highest and lowest of
society, which moving as an organized and disciplined army, would
execute any command of their superiors without question, obedient as “a
stick in the hand of an old man.” Within the Society, there is no room
whatsoever for any pulling of bloodline rank: all of that disappears.
There are royals within the Order, but they are given their orders just
like any other Jesuit: when they die they are given the same stoic
gravestone—sporting the same size, same Latin writing without
distinction from any other Jesuit.

Further, it is a fact that
the Jesuit Order launched the French Revolution. Why? Because Bourbon
King Louis XV had expelled the Company from France in 1764 at the
continued behest of his mistress, Madame de Pompadour—she being so
accursed by Skull and Bonesmen during Yale initiations. And what
happened? An assassin named Daimens was sent to murder the king but
failed in his task. No matter: the Order would ultimately take
vengeance on the French house of Bourbon with the Order’s
Illuminized-Freemasonic Jacobins guillotining Bourbon King Louis XVI
and his Habsburg wife, Marie Antoinette. The Order had already poisoned
Pope Clement XIV in 1774 and would punish the rest of Europe’s noble
families with Napoleon Bonaparte I. Yes, Napoleon (working with King
George III) drove the Bourbon King of Spain into exile as well as the
Brazanga King of Portugal fleeing to Brazil. Napoleon also punished the
House of Savoy when he invaded Italy. Craig, every blue-blooded monarch
of Europe involved in the suppression of the Jesuit Order was punished
by the Order via either the French radical communists or Napoleon
(“Robespierre on Horseback”).

By the conclusion of the Congress
of Vienna (1815), every monarchy in Europe had felt the pains of the
suppressed Jesuit Order inflicted by Napoleon and King George III (the
Hitler/Stalin alliance of the 19th century). Once finished with
Napoleon, he was then betrayed by his so-called “Protestant” English
co-conspirators (who had restored Pope Pius VII to the Vatican (1814),
Pius in turn then reviving the Order in 1814) and sent to St. Helena—an
island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There, he was poisoned by
his French Jesuit Coadjutor, General Montholon, who was later rewarded
by the Order by being an advisor to its creature, Napoleon III. Notice;
at this time in 1821, there is no superior power over the Jesuit Order
in the entire world. No noble family and no pope was above the
universal de facto temporal power of the General—anywhere.

let us get even more to the point. During the 19th Century, the Order
suffered a series of setbacks in Europe, so much so that era was called
by the Order “the Century of Disaster.” General Johannes Roothaan,
known as the “Rebuilder of the Jesuits,” began to restore that
universal power which the Order had enjoyed prior to its suppression by
the Pope. In doing so, the Black Pope would use his British Crown to
implement domestic and foreign policies pursuant to the spirit of the
Counter-Reformation Council of Trent (1545-1563). Therefore, we
understand why the British Crown waged its Opium Wars on
China—overthrowing that old enemy of the Company, the Manchu Dynasty,
in 1912. The British would wage its war of annihilation against the
Zulus (1879) and finally against “accursed brother Protestants,” the
Boers (1902). Every foreign policy imposed by the British—every one of
them—benefited the Jesuit Order led by its Superior General. And at the
time of the conclusion of the Second Boer War (1902), Leo XIII’s
Secretary of State, Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro
(1843-1913)—the second most powerful man in the Vatican then under
Jesuit control—was a member of the OTO, the same OTO to which Aleister
Crowley was later attached.

Further, the Jesuit Order used its
unified Illuminized Freemasonry during the 19th century to terminate
any political leader that would genuinely oppose the Temporal Power of
the White Pope ruled by the Black Pope. Therefore, the Order created
the Anarchists who would be responsible for murdering at least 50 heads
of state during the last half of that century. Some of the most notable
victims were Czar Alexander II, French Leon Gambetta, Italy’s King
Umberto I, Austria’s Elisabeth (Sissy), and American presidents
Garfield and McKinley. Once finished with the Anarchists, the Order
morphed them into the international communist movement—or killed them.
At this time, no Farnese, Breakspear, Conti or any other royal house
dared oppose the power of the Order: they served the purposes of the
Black Pope exalting the White Pope’s temporal power or they perished.

observe the same absolute Jesuit Power during the 20th Century. The
Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945) was ignited at Sarajevo, Franz
Ferdinand murdered and later tended by a Jesuit priest. (Here is
another Habsburg biting the dust at the hand of the Jesuits.) This
murder transpires a mere 16 years after the Order had murdered “Sissy”
in Geneva with a knife to the heart—the Empress of Austria-Hungary and
wife of Emperor Franz Joseph. Four years after the assassination of
Franz Ferdinand, in 1918, the noble Habsburg dynasty would be history,
the Empire of Austria-Hungary, terminated. Once again as in the 18th
and 19th centuries, the most powerful nobles in the world—the
Habsburgs—were assassinated by the Jesuits and no reprisal was ever
attempted. The Second Thirty Years’ War rages from 1914-1945, the Order
destroying the Protestant Second German Reich and the Protestant
British Empire. By 1975 every British holding in Africa would be given
its “independence.” Further, the Black Pope’s International
Intelligence Community would commence during the Second Thirty Years’
War and be completed during the Pope’s Cold War Hoax (1945-1990).

the Jesuit-ruled Papacy could bring this to pass. All the nobles of
Europe are in secret societies, Masonic or papal Knighthoods, totally
controlled by the Jesuit General. One of the royals in several papal
knighthoods is King Juan Carlos, Jesuit-trained and placed on the
throne of Spain by none other than that tool of the Jesuits, General
Franco. Franco killed approximately 2 million’ anti-Pope, nationalistic
Spaniards during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) waged against a
republic (born in 1931) that had expelled the Jesuits in 1932. Thus,
King Juan Carlos I enjoys his present power due to the Black Pope using
Franco—advised by Opus Dei Jesuits. Thus, King Juan Carlos I is not the
“King of the World:” he is a mere lapdog of the Black Pope regardless
of the fact the Jesuit General is not a blue-blood. In the Order, blood
means nothing as the Company is ruled along communist tenets.

you are absolutely in error to believe that there is any other body of
men who control the Jesuit General other than the influence of the
Jesuit Council composed of his Assistants. The nobles fawn at his feet:
for they know his absolute power over all the dynasties demonstrated in
the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Please do not attack me for
rejecting your theory any longer. You cannot prove it with any history.
This is mere speculation on your part with no sources to validate this
deceiving claim. The Black Pope rules the White Pope for the benefit of
Satan intending to make the final Pope the universal monarch of the
world—the Antichrist.

If you wish to debate this on my broadcast it will be arranged.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


Posted: May 3 2010, 03:18 PM


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all Nobles are equal this is very much obvious. Wheres your proof
exactly on Nobles killed in the French Revolution being related to
directly to the Ptolemaic bloodlines known as the Papal Nobility? A
conspiracy such as this cannot be kept together by people who are
complete strangers and merely by an Order. I wish to progress further
with my studies than you’re willing to get involved in. Whether its
through what you believe or another reason. Why is this such a fringe
subject to you? I wish to learn about the shadow Jesuit Council not the
visible publically known Assistancy of Borgo Santo Spirito. Once again
I will state that members of the Farnese family have full control over
their Society of Jesus. Lets not forget the Society of Jesus’s worship
of Alessandro Farnese both on Loyola’s tomb and on the front of the
House of Gesu itself. What about the birth certificates of the
Ptolemaics being the thirteen phallic obelisks bought to the city of
strength, Rome by the Romans. This dear Eric is your real Jesuit Shadow

I have though noticed your internet attacks against me
in the past and also though by not having correct information from
myself present on some of the things you’ve presented of mine in the
past. Like the one you wouldn’t update a while back after I’d asked.
Please refrain from using anything of mine on your website in future. I
do not wish to come on your broadcast which is evident by my lack of
interest when I was invited recently. Yes I’m English and do you have a
problem all of a sudden with this? Your attack on my nationality wasn’t
funny either. We’ll see who’s better off soon and in which nation when
the real trouble starts shortly. I have the funny feeling it will be me
rather than you in outright bankrupt Pennsylvania. Does your State even
have a budget yet?

Craig Oxley



Posted: May 3 2010, 03:21 PM


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EJP Final Reply to Craig Oxley on Farnese
Royal Bloodline Supremacy Theory

May 2nd, 2010

Dear Craig,

Wow! So it has now come to this.

Regarding your statements in your second paragraph below:

I never attacked you. I have always recommended your work. The recent
post on the SS-IHS connection is one of the eye-opening and damning
discoveries ever made against the Order—ever!

Secondly, I
never attacked you or your English heritage when referring to your
"English hat." I considered it friendly and playful. (When Latin
Brother in Christ James Silva is on the program, I always use a picture
of a "sombrero" on the post denoting his Latino heritage, yet he is an
American. This is good clean fun!) As you know, I have said that we
American Protestants would never have been given a Protestant
Constitution without the greatest of all Englishmen, Oliver
Cromwell—the unrivaled statesman of the last 500 years and savior of
the Reformation in England. I have also stated that had not the 47
learned and godly Englishmen by which your race and nation gave to the
world the God-blessed AV1611 Reformation Bible, there would be no
Western Civilization. Every White Man in the West is indebted to the
English for the political liberty he has ever possessed! Yet you
brazenly attack me, twisting a factual statement into an insult against
your nationality? Again, you have taken an innocent statement and
contorted it into an insult by me against yourself. This is an insult
to me and I request an apology for it.

Regarding postings, I
will post what you requested along with additional Unhived Mind
findings. For your information, my home is disrupted by a sickness in
the family that demands eight hours a day of my time. I must decide
which postings I should post and those most pressing. Thus, I have
refrained from posting your forwards. For that I do apologize, but that
is the way it is for now. If we were not engaged in this exchange I
could possible be posting your video on Juan Carlos—as I fully

Further, I have not attacked you in the past. Any
mis-statements on my part about you or your statements were
corrected—as you requested. This is another false charge you have
leveled against me and again, I request an apology.

Further, I
will post anything I deem important that you post on your website.
Everything on the web is in the public domain, including your posts.
Many of them are so good: I will not consent to abstain from using them.

your refusal to appear on my broadcast is your decision, but know that
I have offered you equal time to make your objections known by fully
providing the documentation that there is a higher body of men separate
from the high Jesuits that rule the Jesuit Order. I will not accept
inferences such as the Farnese name on the Gesu; give me historians who
so state your position of Farnese control of the Order and I will give
it further consideration. Farnese helped found the Order, but it never
has ever controlled it. We are conspiratorial investigators, not men
promulgating theories without any historical facts. The importance of
this matter is as follows: after God establishes "Probaptical" on the
ruins of Pennsylvania, we will purge the land of its popish traitors,
the foremost being the controllers and directors of the Society of
Jesus—as did Oliver Cromwell. Those domestic controllers are now the
Provincial of the Maryland Province, Jesuit University presidents, and
the entire Roman Hierarchy. But Larry Farnese, a mere Pennsylvania
state senator, is much lower on the list of high traitors. According to
your theory, if Farnese was tried and executed for high treason, the
problem would be solved—at least in Probaptical. This is obviously

Concerning Pennsylvania, I reject its Jesuit-ruled,
bankrupt government as do you. However, your British Crown employed by
the Jesuit Order for the last 200 years, has broken our state via the
RIIA and its CFR. You English are greatly responsible for our present
bankruptcy, and you, as an individual Englishmen, should shoulder that
blame, accept it and begin to acknowledge that your country has ruined
once White Anglo-Saxon Protestant/Baptist America. Do not attack my
Pennsylvania unless you, as a righteous Englishman, are willing to aid
in its secession from "Rome on the Potomac." Pennsylvania is just as
financially broke as England. We are in the exact same shape,
financially and politically.

Now regarding your statements within your first paragraph.

Farnese family was most important of royal families that created the
Society of Jesus evidenced by your most excellent photos attached
hereto—but for the benefit of the Jesuit Papacy. "Dr. Frankenstein"
Cardinal Farnese—aided by Pope Paul III—created "the monster"
Society of Jesus which Company of Loyola is not under Farnese control.
The statue of the founder and first controller of the Company is inside
the Gesu—Loyola himself. Give me ONE historian of the last 300 years
that has made the statement that the Farnese royal house controls the
Jesuit Order—just One—and I will consider your position. Further,
the obelisks being brought to Rome by the Romans has nothing to do
whatsoever with the Jesuit Order, the Company coming into existence
nearly 1500 years after the erection of those wicked idols. Thus, your
connection is mere inference, not fact. Further, the ex-Jesuits and
nuns who have left the papacy by being born-again in Christ (and others
also, like atheist Joseph McCabe) always state the Black Pope is the
man of power over the papacy. Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera states the same
as did ex-Jesuit E. Boyd Barrett, as did ex-Jesuit Andrew Steinmetz, as
did ex-priests William Hogan and Charles Chiniquy, yet you dare to call
all these men liars by promoting your Farnese theory. Provide
historical documents or the testimonies of individuals having defected
from the Order, as I provided for you, or abandon your
speculation—for that is all it is.

I do not deny the possible existence of an occult group of Jesuits that
wield tremendous influence. But they will be found within the ranks of
the Professed Jesuits of the Fourth Vow—certain aged or retired
Jesuits such as former American Assistant Frank Chase and former Jesuit
General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. They may be in addition to the ten
Assistants to the General, but to state a single noble family of the
Black Nobility is the sole controller of the Order via a Jesuit Council
above the Black Pope is suicide in any debate. Further, your contention
that the Black Nobility and Royal Bloodlines are above the Jesuit
General is groundless. The Black Nobility is composed of the Royal
Bloodlines (as detailed by Fritz Springmeier) which in turn are
member-controllers of papal orders subordinate to the Pope (Equestrian
Order, Knights of Malta, Knights of Constantine, Knights of Christ,
etc.) There is no proof for your position, dear Craig. The devil rules
the world by the power of one man—the Black Pope—overseen and
advised by his Ten Assistants and possibly advised by other covert
Jesuits. This Jesuit Superior General then directs the White Pope, as
these are nearly the very words of former nun-turned Bible-believer,
M.F. Cusack, as found in her The Black Pope—one of the foremost
English histories on the Jesuit Order.

Concerning the French
Revolution, it was the Bourbon king of Spain that was punished by
Napoleon—as stated in my previous email. Yet you hold to the belief
that Bourbon King Juan Carlos—a Bourbon—rules the world! Is it not
obvious that the Jesuit Order utterly punished the Spanish Bourbon
dynasty and, since that day, that dynasty has been the lapdog of the
Pope overseen by the Jesuit General? Your argument lacks a chain of
evidence and therefore is not historically logical thereby at present

Your disapproval of my posting concerning your
Farnese/Bourbon bloodline theory and my attempted refutation, based
upon historical facts—that I can prove, has offended you. Why? Rather
than an infinite amount of time devoted to private email exchanges, let
us open our contentions to the world, that it too, along with both of
us, many learn from our exchange. Time is fleeting, and if you can
present facts posed against my facts, then we shall both benefit. I
attempted to do this in the previous email and you never addressed one
fact laboriously given. This too, is an insult for which I request an

In conclusion, since I do not foresee an apology on
your part for some time, I suggest that we disassociate until you make
amends for your unprofessional behavior. We are uncompromising men of a
"Roundtable" composed of equal investigators and you, Craig, have
insulted me. As Knights—for that is what we are—let us dual in the
forum of public debate that either you or I may receive "satisfaction."
This exchange is over until you apologize. Until that time, I will
remove you from my email group and you may do the same to me. I am
truly grieved that our past friendship—a friendship that has
benefited both of us—must be temporarily suspended.

I will also post the above for the benefit of our readers.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric


Posted: May 3 2010, 03:22 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 12-September 08

I considered the comment about an English hat as a ‘act of war
by it being some kind of sarcastic remark towards my nationality. Yes
you’ve openly spoke about my English nation but I don’t know your
behind closed doors mind frame on my once great nation. Any crimes
committed by Breakspeare controlled United Kingdom corporation guarded
by 114 Mount Street in Westminster is no crimes of mine to any
sovereign American or U.S Citizen slave. I take no blame for crimes of
the corporation falsely pushed as my location. I’m an Englishman from
England and nothing more, alive, flesh and of course blood. I recognize
only England and never the corporate U.K even though my birth
certificate still helps to fuel its actions as with many others fooled
by the Uniform Commercial Code controlled by the Equestrian Order of
the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem being in command of both the Knights of
Malta and Opus Dei (Legatus). To think I should take blame for crimes
committed by the United Kingdom corporation is nothing more than

America has been destroyed since 1868 onwards and
finally in a covert sense since 1992 with the death of the United
States Congress finally. Soon the corporation of the United States will
be made aware of what has happened but just prior to that you’ll be
within full Martial Law status and the ADEX list will have been
executed already meaning all enemies of the State will be gone and only
a safe populace will be present. The problems occurring on once
American soil is through the once American people themselves who’ve
allowed the Holy Roman Empire to do what they have done. I have no
sympathy for the U.S populace who deserve everything they get right
now. For the few true sovereign Americans I have sympathy for but the
rest not in the slightest. The overt great depression upon us shortly
will soon give those U.S citizens the kick up the backside they’ve
always needed. I don’t understand how I can twist your open love of the
English to an attack on me? Again read your comments on the hat and
that is the reason and nothing more. Wheres this fact you speak of? I
don’t own a hat and that would be the only fact if true by that opening
comment. The English Reformation has nothing to do with this. If you
didn’t mean anything by the comment then so be it.

You speak of
this King James I AV1611 Reformation Bible all the time but ignore the
Geneva Bible. Come to think of it, you never did reply to Troy of
London and his wishes for you to address the two. Or did you just by
audio? I’ve seen the Masonic influence over the AV1611 which is blatant
especially within the artwork inside. Was the AV1611 the Bible of Olive
Cromwell or was it the Geneva Bible? What Bible did the Schmalkaldic
League utilise? Maybe you could address this in order for Troy to be
fulfilled on the subject he’s helped highlight.

Notice the Dragon’s Claws of Jesuits and Maltese now notice them in
the illustration of the King James AV1611 Bible. Also notice the
Pelican chewing on its own breast.

had no decency to address all my replies to your claim that my banner
was incorrect and King Juan Carlos of Spain of Farnese blood is no ‘King of the World‘.
Instead you address my Noble colleague who I got you and most in touch
with in the first place remember. I wasn’t happy with this but I’ve
come to expect it from you to be honest. I’ve just sat quiet and
accepted certain things from you but I will not be a man without a
voice any longer, I’m a sovereign being given free will from birth by
the creator. I have no care for what you’ve not placed on your site of
mine. I know I’m seen as inferior to yourself. Right now I would prefer
if none of my information was present on your websites and broadcasts.
Why would you want to post anything of mine on King Juan Carlos of
Spain of Farnese blood if what I’m informing people of is supposedly
incorrect? I asked you to replace an article once on your site with the
updated version but it was ignored as usual and the let down version
stayed which seemed as if I was to be bought down a peg or two at the
time. Never the less it means nothing to me now so I’ll drop that now
and learn by it.

find it amusing that you won’t accept Alessandro Farnese’s name on the
House of Gesu towards my information I present. If this was something
tied to the overt Society of Jesus everyone is aware of then you’d run
with this instantly if it suited your work. Since my information on the
real Jesuit Council behind the Council of the Curia Generalizia
collides with your life’s work then you put up the typical denial
firewall. This is no different to the Judiac baitors who just won’t
move forward to the Society of Jesus being above the Sabbatean
Frankists hofjudens. I’m a sovereign being who can change if need be
and I’m open to a lot of information if it makes sense and can progress
me further. It may take me time but eventually I can do it.
Unfortunately it seems so many do not have this ability. I’m not full
of fear where I will not tread out of my comfort zone even if I’d spent
many years on one subject believing I understood fully everything of it
at the time.

Counter-Reformation was conducted from Lazio, Italy at the Villa
Farnese of all places which is the origins of the U.S Pentagon. You
speak of historians and ex Jesuits who have not spoke of the shadow
Council of the Society of Jesus. What makes you think they had a clue
of a shadow Council at the time? So because one is an ex Jesuit and
even maybe of the 4th Vow does this mean you will be privy to knowledge
of a shadow Council in charge of your order? Being a Jesuit doesn’t
mean you understand your order just as being a Mason doesn’t mean you
know the Superior General is the head of Illuminized Freemasonry. You
know this to be an absolutely spot on comment by myself. Through your
ignorance you had not even come across Senator Larry Farnese until I
bought him to your attention. This is the downfall of truth seeking to
be have dark spots where one could be shining a light and learning more
from. You say the thirteen ancient pillars have nothing to do with the
1500 year later Jesuit Order. This is a big mistake as the origins of
the Jesuit Order is steeping in Egyptian mysteries and worship. The
Papal Bloodline members within the shadow Council all stem from the
Ptolemaic era of Egypt and therefore the pillars do have connections to
the Society of Jesus they spawned many hundreds of years later. What a
mistake on your behalf to ignore ancient underpinnings to factions of
the Church of Rome.


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