better promote my books if I want to avoid to be buried with Ash soon
and this can happen, I mean God is allowing people to die under this
New World Order (William Milton Cooper, John Todd, Gary Webb, Serge
Monast) and that does not mean it’s because they are evil and
one of them is my Scottish Prince, Ash who died at the age of 49 so I
might be next but I am trying to avoid it if I can.

What happened?

need to understand they DESECRATED our marriage on Nov. 2004 and I
did not get any type of justice yet (without mentioning the VA
hospital business who trashed his liver and the Massena Memorial
Hospital who did not even offer a dialysis) and hopefully, I am not the
next victim of the New World DISoRdEr.

So Welcome to the Police State.

Treated like a potential terrorist by the government +

treated like crap by the US populace. How about that?


What life is that anyway when the New World Order killed my
own husband?

1) Am I supposed to act like nothing happened after this
forced partition at the US/Canadian borders;

2) plus this VA hospital who
did mess his liver more than it was and;

3) finally this private hospital
who did not even offer a dialysis even if I asked the Congressman
McHugh to call the hospital officials on Dec. 1st, 2006 and that he
called them on Dec. 2nd, 2006 but this doctor did not change his mind?;

Am I supposed to act like nothing happened when Tommy Clack from
American Legion, GA did not help me to "square things" out with the VA
(he did everything he could to discourage me instead of helping me out
~ might be because I have this cute French Accent) so I could have a
bit more money than only 661 per month?;

5) Am I supposed to act like
nothing happened when in fact they almost drop me like a garbage bag in
Canada on Dec. 11th, 2006, which almost prevented me to bury my own

More recently people took advantage of the situation that DHS
was playing with me like Ash’s sister, for instance who deducted from
the ridiculous amouth for the house (which was 5000 and it’s all gone,
I got it more than a year ago so don’t communicate with me thinking I
have something left! – better to be safe than sorry those days…) 500
bucks that her husband gave to me, 500 other bucks she "allegedly" gave
to me and another 323 bucks because she wanted me to reimburse what she
paid when she sent Ash’s books to him when I was stuck in Canada yet oh
and without mentioning the fact what was my own in the garage (and I
cared about Ash’s theological books) was either stolen by Stephen
Buchanan or Anne Green Buchanan – Anne allegedly did a police report
but would not mention that was Stephen in order to "protect" him
because he is well known by the police in NC and; (
details of this is in my book because I am providing official documents
– I don’t care who stole me, the family did – it’s precise enough, they
can dispute the crown of who is the most evil, I don’t care…)

7) Pope of PA did not pay me but took
advantage I was on the street (last year) by offering me 1 meal a day and shelter
in exchange of my translation services is
now doing a character assassination of me on
the internet? Am I supposed to be happy and smile? You think somebody
would care if he would come here, bring his gun that he shown me one
day and kill me?;



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