Without Walls International Church (part 3)


Dear Ralph,

I really do perceive you as a good person
(that is the way you are coming across to me) and I am glad to know you and
that is why I invested that much time communicating with you.

Yes, I did read the whole statement of faith
dear Sir and I am afraid I will be "excluded" because I do not speak
in tongues and I will not tell them a story about it. Their quote: "In
speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and that this is
the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost";

which means that according to this statement,
since I did not have this initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost,
it means to them that I do not have God in my life
which is not true.

I just wanted you to be aware that I will
tell the truth to them and you know the way I am expressing myself since we
communicated through emails and I am not different on the phone or in person. I
could pretend to speak those tongues (I am able to imitate) to make them happy
but I am not a deceiver and I am not about to be, no matter the purgatory type
of life I am in. I am open to learn other languages though.

Maybe Frank White is has a different
perspective, I do not know but if the fact I am not speaking those tongues
makes them perceive me as unsaved and an unbeliever, then we are not exactly on
the same page. I do hope you get my point here. Well, that’s according to the
words they wrote in there: "In speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives
utterance and that this is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy


Plus, money is an issue here, it really is.
This cell phone is a killer of my budget. It’s easy to burn hours on talking. I
enjoyed talking to T____ and he knows it and it burned minutes in no time.
Those two US Patriots in the c.c. understand the type of life I am in because
they have a similar life. If he is too busy to be patient with me, then there
is nothing I can do about it, I will not buy something I can NOT AFFORD TO BUY.
Right now, my cell phone has 2 minutes left. I am easier to join on the
Internet simply because I have access to the library, which is less than 2
miles from where I am located so it is very inexpensive, gas wise.

Patience is a requirement to stay alive in my
case because it is an extremely frustrating life. Most people would break walls
if they were in my shoes or some of them would go insane.

So I am OPEN to Frank White and I will NOT be
the one NOT cooperating.

It’s just that I learned to dream in black
and white instead of in colors.

And I am willing to learn other languages.

A sincere thank you, Ralph. You are rare.
Most people would not go that far with me.

Sincerely in Christ,


— On Thu, 12/31/09, Ruth DeLaMater Bundy or Ralph Charles
Whitley, Sr.


From: Ruth DeLaMater Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
Subject: Re: Quite Possibly RELIEF is nearer than you think Marie.
To: "Marie M. Buchanan"
Cc: "Jade Iconoclast" , "Tim
Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009, 11:12 AM

Marie: Sadly you may not
fit in with the ministry or affiliates of Without Walls International Church.
Ruth and I are not in a position to offer you a place to stay nor can Ruth’s
brother in Brooksville as his residence should close via purchase and at 82
Charles will be in Austin Texas within two days time staying with his daughter
and her family. Pastor Frank White was very kind in even mentioning the
affiliate in your area just NORTH of where you are right now. They will be
contacting you via e-mail with instructions if they are interested in perhaps
having you join in their ministry. That is up to those professionals to make
the decisions. Your decision as well as that of the local Ministry. Perhaps it
is your new year to come out alone but I felt and still feel the ministry can
use good people who will protect you and anyone else when needed. The choice is
their’s and the effort was done in good faith to help everyone as I am not a
member nor is Ruth a member of Without Walls International Church in Tampa. I used
to do their backflow tests and watched them grow locally. The Pastor has your
e-mail and will no doubt communicate with you at some point or a member of the
affiliate group North of you in Silver Springs [I believe that was correct] may
contact you via Internet since you have no phone line. Once Pastor White has
given the information out to his associate perhaps the associate will contact
direct to you and even come down to visit. You and Pastor White know nothing
basically about Ralph or Ruth and the information passed to local Sheriff’s
when Polk County Deputy was shot….I dreamed where the shooter was and called
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s office telling his staff EXACTLY where the
shooter was hiding within 100 yards of the actual point where the deputy was
killed. Recommended F.L.I.R. Helicopter verification and the very next day the
shooter was captured but some 50 rounds had to be fired because the shooter was
armed and started shooting back. When Jessica Lunsford was taken from her home
by Couey I had a dream, called the Sheriff and told them I dreamed she was
buried near or in a septic tank not far from her home. She was found
underground near the stairs in a Mobile Home which has a septic tank. I dreamed
in 1971 that Candidate George Wallace was going to be shot, recommended use of
Smith & Wesson Barrier TM Cloth made into vests for men and women quickly
to protect everyone and especially the U.S. Secret Service detail….Also gave
the idea to the chief of security for Glen Turner from Dare to Be Great. USSS
Chief Woodham took the information and four months or so later Wallace was
indeed shot. On 10/14/08 I dreamed again of another Candidate being shot
running for President by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, that bullet proof
vest request got me my first USSS Tampa Office Visit at my partner’s residence.
Service during that visit and that lasted for two weeks until we told the USSS
that our information came in a dream and no one could stop the information from
being passed on by any means without a COURT ORDER ! Not long ago THREE USSS
Agents came again and we gave them a TOP SECRET way to find any Gold, Silver,
Guns, Weapons, even buried stacks of $100 bills which was taught to one
U.S.S.S. Agent Alexander on the first visit about the bullet proof vest
incident. I gave these agents THREE MORE SETS of specific material used to find
items. I didn’t dream the method to find unlimited supplies of Gold or Silver,
Stacks of $100 Bills Marie. I asked questions from 1959 until even today which
led to a wonderful discovery which could clear any land of buried mines,
unexploded munitions and also find every vein of gold or silver all over the
Planet. Such information is necessary and needed, especially today. We have
assisted in solving an outbreak of Salmonella Poisoning to potable water for
the City of Alamosa Colorado plus even sent in messages concerning a young girl
who died on the way home with school friends and the fine work the deputies did
finding her body in Georgia at a landfill. 1080 came to mind and still sticks
out as does my information that the girl was accidentally killed and dumped in
a dumpster after being chased perhaps by people or a canine and hitting her head
dying with the body thrown in a dumpster. Time will reveal what really happened
to Summer Thompson. You reviewed ONE line perhaps of what Without Walls
believes involving: "We believe:

  • In the verbal inspiration of
    the Bible;
  • In one God eternally existing
    in three persons; namely, the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost;
  • That Jesus Christ is the only
    begotten Son of the Father, conceived of the Holy Ghost and born of the
    Virgin Mary; that Jesus was crucified, buried and raised from the dead;
    that He ascended to heaven and is today at the right hand of the Father as
    the Intercessor;
  • That all have sinned and come
    short of the glory of God and that repentance is commanded of God for all
    and necessary for the forgiveness of sins;
  • That justification, regeneration
    and the new birth are wrought by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ;
  • In sanctification subsequent
    to the new birth, through faith in the blood of Christ, through the Word,
    and by the Holy Ghost;
  • In holiness to be God’s
    standard of living for His people;
  • In the baptism with the Holy
    Ghost subsequent to a clean heart;
  • In speaking with
    other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and that this is the initial
    evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost;
  • In water baptism by immersion
    and that all who repent should be baptized in the name of the Father, and
    of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost;
  • In divine healing is provided
    for all in the atonement;
  • In the Lord’s Supper and
    washing of the saints’ feet;
  • In the pre-millennial second
    coming of Jesus: first, to resurrect the righteous dead and to catch away
    the living saints to Him in the air; second, to reign on the earth a
    thousand years;
  • In the bodily resurrection:
    eternal life for the righteous and eternal punishment for the wicked.

Personally you must contact and communicate with those
ministries and IF you decide to forego visiting them or becoming a part of the
organization for any reason….that is between you and them. As a young
military man and local police
officer City
and County I learned a good ANSWER to the questions of black children who would
trust a white officer when asking "Is GOD Black or White Officer" I
always would recommend they look back in their Bible, seek a Pastor and ask him
one simple question: "Pastor ! Am I made in the Image of GOD OR JESUS
?". You already know what the children said the next time I visited them
on a walking beat on Main Street
or any other area of this City. A good answer was: Question: "What
does it mean that man is made in the image of God?"

Answer:On the last day of
creation, God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). Thus, He finished His work with
a “personal touch.” God formed man from the dust and gave him life by sharing
His own breath (Genesis 2:7).
Accordingly, man is unique among all God’s creations, having both a material
body and an immaterial soul/spirit.

Having the “image” or “likeness” of God means, in the simplest terms, that we
were made to resemble God. Adam did not resemble God in the sense of God’s
having flesh and blood. Scripture says that “God is spirit” (John 4:24) and therefore exists without a
body. However, Adam’s body did mirror the life of God insofar as it was created
in perfect health and was not subject to death.

The image of God refers to the immaterial part of man. It sets man apart from
the animal world, fits him for the dominion God intended him to have over the
earth (Genesis 1:28), and
enables him to commune with his Maker. It is a likeness mentally, morally, and

Mentally, man was created as a rational, volitional agent. In other words, man
can reason and man can choose. This is a reflection of God’s intellect and
freedom. Anytime someone invents a machine, writes a book, paints a landscape,
enjoys a symphony, calculates a sum, or names a pet, he or she is proclaiming
the fact that we are made in God’s image.

Morally, man was created in righteousness and perfect innocence, a reflection
of God’s holiness. God saw all He had made (mankind included) and called it
“very good” (Genesis 1:31). Our
conscience or “moral compass” is a vestige of that original state. Whenever
someone writes a law, recoils from evil, praises good behavior, or feels
guilty, he is confirming the fact that we are made in God’s own image.

Socially, man was created for fellowship. This reflects God’s triune nature and
His love. In Eden ,
man’s primary relationship was with God (Genesis 3:8implies fellowship with God), and
God made the first woman because “it is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Every time someone marries,
makes a friend, hugs a child, or attends church, he is demonstrating the fact
that we are made in the likeness of God.

Part of being made in God’s image is that Adam had the capacity to make free
choices. Although he was given a righteous nature, Adam made an evil choice to
rebel against his Creator. In so doing, Adam marred the image of God within
himself, and he passed that damaged likeness on to all his descendants (Romans 5:12). Today, we still bear the image
of God (James 3:9), but we also bear the scars of sin.
Mentally, morally, socially, and physically, we show the effects of sin.

The good news is that when God redeems an individual, He begins to restore the
original image of God, creating a “new self, created to be like God in true
righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:24). That redemption is only
available by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior from the
sin that separates us from God (Ephesians 2:8-9). Through Christ, we are made
new creations in the likeness of God (2 Corinthians 5:17).
In closing let me advise you to obtain some additional minutes on your
cellular phone and check your mail because naturally these ministers are
extremely busy and will have to be able to obtain and address to visit or a
number to call to visit/have you visit them at either facility. I once new a
man who spoke in a strange language but oddly someone else in a group really
understood each word. What I would look for rather than viewing someone in a
trance is to find someone who understood what was being said. I doubt you would
really believe GOD IS WITH ME BECAUSE I DO NOT SPEAK IN TONGUES ! Have a great
New Year as Ruth and I will continue to work toward saving those who have
faucet Aerators, Shower Heads and bad tap water in old lines. We drink only
distilled water at all times plus use a potent item known as 35% Food Grade
Hydrogen Peroxide internally through www.1minutecure.com plus we warn everyone we know to
decontaminate clothing and surfaces with a 3 % solution made up and sprayed
with distilled water at 11 ounces and 35 % food grade hydrogen peroxide at 1
ounce MIXED then sprayed. Perhaps that information plus teaching how to find
gold, silver, munitions or anything underground or underwater is a GIFT to me
with conditions to spread the word. I too have someone leaving a light on for
me Marie ! Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. A Decorated American Veteran 4532 W.
Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276 Tampa, Florida 33609-2042 USA Phone: 813-286-2333 123109
@ 2:12 PM Eastern


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