Disinformation agent operates by spreading 95% of truth, 5%
of lies

NWO Agents of Disinformation 95% Truth, 5% Lies


The case of Alex Jones
reported here:


Jewish Republicans try to read Palin tea leaves

Based on anecdotal evidence in a community I’ve covered for years, Sarah
Palin’s nomination has generated a bit of backlash among Jewish voters. Where
John McCain was making inroads for his place in the secular, hawkish wing of
the GOP, and where there were doubts about Obama, there’s now concern and viral
e-mails about Palin.

Some, on little evidence, paint her as a Buchanan acolyte; others accurately
point out that she, unlike McCain, hails from the evangelical Christian wing of
her party, which would like to see more overt displays of Christianity in the
public square. (There’s a minority of observant Jews who would also prefer
this, but this — and vehement anti-abortion stance — lose you a lot more Jewish
votes than it wins.)

In any case, at the heart of this — as of so much about her — is the almost
complete absence of evidence of her views on this issue. Aside from signing an
boilerplate Israel-Alaska friendship resolution, Palin doesn’t have a paper
trail on Middle East politics, and she hasn’t been to Israel . Her Alaska Jewish allies I
spoke to had no recollection of discussing the issue with her in detail.
Meanwhile, two Jewish Obama fundraisers have told me since the Palin pick that
they’ve seen Jewish donors moving to Obama.

More evidence that this is a problem: The Republican Jewish Coalition today
blasted out the best evidence it had that Palin is a friend of Israel . That
would be the small Israeli flag jutting out from behind her drapes in the
screen grab above from a video
on another topic.

"I think it speaks volumes that she keeps an Israeli flag on the wall
of her office," the group’s executive director, Matt Brooks, explained in
an e-mail to Politico. "It clearly shows what’s in her heart. For those
who had questions about her views or whether these issues were on her ‘radar
screen’ they will be very comforted by this fact."

Brooks has a point, surely; a Palestinian flag would have told a different

But tiny Israeli flags are hardly unusual in the offices of American
politicians, including those (known as Democrats) that the RJC regularly

And the fact that this tiny image is the best the official voice of
Republican Jewry has to defend Palin is a mark that McCain may have just helped
solve Obama’s Jewish problem.


Posted By: Milton Franks-Lhermann | September 02,
2008 at 06:50 AM

This woman is a radical that wants Alaska to secede from the United States

Country first – Alaska

"I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her
damned institutions." Co-Founder of AIP

Dear Milton Franks-Lhermann,

First, thank you for your email.

With all due respect,

I already was very discouraged by politics
because of my experience.

I gave a last chance (I guess to be fooled
again) to

a copy is sent to Patriot Steven because he
is the one who started this project

and he twisted everything I said with his twisted but I should say his sick
mind in order to attack my online ministry. Needless to tell you that I kept
everything that was said between "twisted mind" and me because I do
not throw words in the air just to throw them.

Therefore, I am not interested to be involved
in any way with politics because my hopes in this world are gone in the wind
and I do not need to replace those false hopes with other lies, strategies and
manipulations. My eyes, my emotions and my life are burned with politics so I
really don’t care for politics. Yes, I do not need my emotions and words to be
twisted furthermore. Satan appears as an angel of light and throw in the mix:
"God" and so forth. Jesus did refuse to become a king and refused all
the Kingdoms of this worLd and so am I.
The farther I went was to promote
everywhere as a last attempt
while promoting the secession of the states in the meantime
in case America would not
totally secede from Washington
, D.C.

So no matter how good you will express yourself to convince me otherwise, you
will not get me back in the boat. Your quote: "Yahoo groups asked me for a subsCription request and then
youanswered with an OK".
Well, you did not introduce
yourself as a politician in my groups because I would refuse so you did not get
my ok, no matter how you twist this. I know also Karl W.B. Schwarz enough (I
did a research about him) and he did contribute to show me the truth about
politics, along with this David Bruce Westcott.

I know politics and the Jesuits are your masters because they are mastering
politics alright.



— On Tue, 1/12/10, midenise wrote:

From: midenise
Subject: Re: We are letting the country slip through our fingers.
To: "Marie" <>
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 5:22 AM

 Dear Ms. Buchanan, I
appreciate that you take time out to drop me a note.
taken on the project of badmouthing Barry and associates.
I’m devoted
and diligent and giving it 5-6 hours a day.God willing, I will make a dent in
the 2010 elections. I rather doubt that I will, though, since I have only a few
movers&shakersin my address book.I suggest that you will try to find as
many as possible for your address book on the likelihood that they are the key
to success.
I don’t remember how I found you. Possibly
you were a CC ona message from some forum and with that moniker of yours I
couldn’t resist trolling you into my address book. I included you in my next
mailing and yahoogroups said that you were receiving from members only. I
applied for membership and yougave anOK.
Possibly you saw one
of my messages to a forum and added me to your addressees. I got anemail from
you and responded. Yahoogroups asked me for a subsription request and then
youanswered with an OK.
I don’t have a blog or website.
I’ve been living in Israel
for forty years. If you have a question about zionism, kaballa, kosher food,
whatever, maybe I can answer. But don’t be too surprised if I don’t because my
inbox gets another hundred letters per day and I don’t get to them all. If your
subject says something like " MILTON
! Are you awake?" I’m morelikely see it.
Onward, Milton


Dear Milton Franks-Lhermann, I am
receiving your emails since a while but we never corresponded.
The group owner of IMPEACH_SENATOR_OBAMA@yahoogroups.com How did you find me and how did you find my groups?
Do you have a blog or website where I can see
what you are believing/promoting please?
I mean, I am very careful about
what is posted in my groups. For instance, you have those people who are hating
the Jewswithout any discrimination- they do not seem or they do not want to
make the difference between a Zionist practicing the Kaballah and a good Jew
and they are not welcome to post, no matter how their 95% of truth is good
because they are spreading 5% of lies yet – BTW, that is how a disinformation
agent operates. For example, I would not welcome Alex Jones, no matter how
popular he is.

Looking forward to hear from you before I will take any decision, Frank. Your
messages are pending at this time. I do not make a dime from what I am doing
online so I surely am not here to please people but to spread the truth, no
matter how harsh the truth is.


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