From: Eric Phelps

Subject: Re: Concerning the Issue and Declaration of White Supremacy
To: ""
Cc: "greg szymanski" <>,
"Tom Friess" <>
Received: Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 8:17 AM

Brother Nicklas,

this. The fact of White Caucasian Racial Supremacy for both Good and Evil
is historically indisputable. Further, being White is more than mere skin
color. There are a host of other racial identifiers. To claim the
only difference between the races is mere skin color is the mantra of the
socialist-communist egalitarians now dominating academia and thus everything it
reaches via its brainwashed graduates.

Further, it
is impossible to understand the present world system for the last five hundred
years without accepting the historical fact that racially White Caucasian
Gentiles have dominated history for both good and evil.

I will
never abandon these historical facts. I will always remain a defender of
the historical truth of White Caucausian Supremacy for both Good and Evil.

there is an active quest by the Jesuit Order to destroy every White/Caucasian
Western nation born out of the Reformation. Just look at South Africa
today! We must ask the question "Why." And as you know
the answer is found in the quest to destroy the Lord’s Grand and Glorious
Protestant Reformation. And the nations he used to bring that about were
all White Caucausian. The warfare between the forces of Biblical
Reformation Jesuit Counter Reformation all all led by White Caucausians aided
by subordinate racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites.

We shall
meet at 12:05 EST.

Lord Bless,


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To: Eric Phelps

Cc: Tom ; greg

Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 4:58 PM

Subject: Re: Concerning the Issue and
Declaration of White Supremacy


Assert as you will your own private and several historical
definitions of the term White Supremacy, most people are much more logical as
am I. White Supremacy will and should be understood at face value: White
referring to the color of the skin, coupled with Supremacy, will always mean "Supremacy
by virtue of the color of the skin" first by default to the exclusion of
any other definition. Logic prevails.
If you understand how White Supremacy smothers everything else you do then it
appears to me that it is your cause above all others. I simply cannot
come to any other conclusion. If you can see how our enemy uses it to
discredit the gospel message and our war against him yet continue to fly that
banner it seems to become intentional.

1. Do you actually believe that the proclamation of White
Supremacy is good for the Gospel?

2. Do you actually believe that more people will
consider our Anti-Vatican warnings if we wave a White Supremacy banner in their
face first?

Well iron sharpens iron and my hope is that the the gospel
and the battle against our common enemy will be Supreme to the exclusion of The
White Cause. We will have our round table tomorrow and I hope you will
hear our counsel. But know this, that none of us will take up the banner
of White Supremacy or any other issue that is detrimental to the Gospel and the
good fight against our common foe – the Vatican . It is for these very
reasons that we seek to separate ourselves from it.

Until tomorrow morning at 9:05 PT


From: Eric Phelps

Cc: Tom Friess ; greg szymanski

Sent: Tue, November 17, 2009 12:39:17 PM
Subject: Re: Concerning the Issue and Declaration of White Supremacy

Brother Nicklas,

understand your ultimatum. I also understand the financial realities you
must deal with especially concerning the firebrand topic of "White
Supremacy" even though I have gone to great historical lengths to
re-assert its 19th and early 20th century definition reflected in Ridpath’s World History (1898, Vol. 2 of
17) and The Library of Natural History
(1906, Vols. 5-6 of 6). Understood, the phrase "White
Supremacy" carries two major connotations unique to 20th century,
Jesuit-Nazism: first, a hatred for the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic race—the
physical descendants of Jacob; and secondly, a hatred and/or disdain for all
Blacks reflected in Jesuit-authored Mein
—remembering of course the Society ran the African Slave
Trade viaEngland, France and Spain from the mid-Sixteenth Century.
As you know I havecontinually denounced these hatefully-racist dogmas,
while simultaneously defending the ability of Whites to build superior
cultures, pagan or Bible-believing, over the other races; the language arts,
musicalinstruments, weapons development, recorded historiesand
structural engineering of the ancient White civilizations of Egypt,Greece
and Rome illustrate the point. I have dealt with the topic Biblically as
well as attempting to be objectively accurate in historical
recitation—"with malice toward none."

I am compelled to address the topic of non-hateful, cultural White Supremacy
from the above perspective in that if I
remain silent in this forum
, then the only other men addressing the
issue will be the Neo-Nazi, Posse Comitatus, KKKers who hate both the Blacks
and the Jews. This trap being set for all
Whites in general
here in the Pope’s "Holy Roman" 14th
Amendment American Empire is necessary if the White Middle Class is to be
driven into Jesuit Socialist-Fascism—as nearly realized in 1934. White
Supremacy is not mycause,
but it, like other topics of world history, needs to be addressed within Biblical
and historically accurate parameters.

In closing
you stated that you were not sure if there is any need for further
discussion. Does that mean our public roundtable is canceled? If
so, then I understand, for I will not avoid or recant the topic of the
table. It is desired that we do have the roundtable and I will appear if
you still seek to provide that open forum with Greg and Tom—for the purpose
of clarification benefiting the listening audiences. Yet, is
clarification necessary after several hundred broadcasts?

reflection, I think it best that I give my last broadcast today. Romanism
will be addressed as per my usual, Tuesday topic, as to its doctrines and
deeds. I will conclude with the statement that you and I have some basic
differences as to the doctrine of "White Supremacy" as I define it on
the program, and that my addressing of the topic has led to a loss of support
for the radio station,which if continued, will cause the demise of
Liberty Radio Live. Therefore, you have given me an ultimatum to
immediately cease discussion of said topic or I will be dismissed from
LRL. And since I do not wish to see the demise of LRL, it is best that I
discontinue broadcasting.

If you
still wish to conduct the roundtable, let me know via a subsequent email and I
will be presenttomorrow by Skype at 12:00 EST.

I want to
thank you for your generous financing of Biblical
Truth in History and Prophecy
for the last two years. Only
you, Brother Nicklas, have been consistently supportive of the broadcast, apart
from which support I would have had no public forum.

May the
Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him according to His Word, The King James AV1611 Reformation English Bible,

Eric Jon Phelps

Original Message —–


To: Eric Phelps

Cc: Tom Friess ; greg szymanski

Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 12:06 AM

Subject: Re: Concerning the Issue and
Declaration of White Supremacy


I have tried not to be vague. I thought the ultimatum
was crystal clear. So I will add more. White Supremacy is not my cause. White Supremacy is
not the cause of Christ. White Supremacy is a hindrance to the gospel and
a hindrance to the war against our common enemy. White Supremacy drives
away more than 90% of the potential audience for all the programming on Liberty
Radio Live.

I cannot
sustain the network just so that you can continue to proclaim something that is
not my cause, is not the cause of these other men here, nor the cause of
Christ. It is difficult enough to get the attention and support for our
common mission without this singular cause of yours destroying our efforts
simply by association. I have already lost our major sponsor and
continually lose the support of individuals siting that singular issue.

If you
really feel that White Supremacy is a cause that you cannot abandon and I allow
you to stay on Liberty Radio Live – soon enough Liberty Radio Live will
die. That’s where its headed. If your intention is to continue in
White Supremacy then you really need to develop your own podcast and post them
on your own website where no one else’s labor will be damaged. I’m
not sure there is any need for further discussion. Either you get it or you
don’t-I have to deal with these realities.

ultimatum still stands. Effective immediately.


From: Eric Phelps

Cc: Tom Friess ; greg szymanski

Sent: Mon, November 16, 2009 4:57:18 PM
Subject: Re: Concerning the Issue and Declaration of White Supremacy

Brother Nicklas,

I had
thought we resolved this matter by virtue of my lengthy disclaimer that I
composed and now read before every broadcast. As you remember, you
requested that I clarify myself as to the issues of White Separation as I
advocate the same principle for the Blacks, Latinos and Asians.

As to the
topic of "White Supremacy," that term is also clarified, which
clarification you appear to call a "mantra," and is part of that
disclaimer and overall defining introduction.

Since I
receive no hate-mail from any Blacks of Latinos in response to my broadcasts, I
presume it is a topic for White men for it is they alone who seem to be
negatively triggered when I used the term properly defined.
ThereforeI would be happy to discuss this topic with you, Tom and
Greg—all of us White men with opposing viewpoints.

You mention
other topics and that I may be prepared, please let me know what they
are.I presume this will be a sort of structured exchange.

As an
aside, I have scheduled a Black man to be on the programtomorrow that you
may find clarifying as to my position. I met himin Waterboro ,
South Carolina on my recent trip to Georgia .
He is a commander in the Civil Air Patrol and is an authority on theBlack
Tuskegee Airman.

Lord Bless,


Original Message —–


To: eric j

Cc: Tom FRIESS ; greg anthony szymanski

Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 2:39 PM

Subject: Concerning the Issue and
Declaration of White Supremacy

Eric, this is all self explanatory if you start at the
bottom. I Invite you, Tom and Greg to join me Wednesday morning following
Inquisition Update to discuss this and pehaps some related issues.


Forwarded Message —-
From: Tom FRIESS <>
To: <>
Sent: Sat, November 14, 2009 10:55:33 PM
Subject: Re: EJP

Brother Nicklas,

I can tell that this is an inspired letter. I could not add
to it, nor would I take anything from it. You made the case accurately and with
sound reason and without animosity. You stated the ultimatum, and you gave Eric
a way out. The tenets of this document will be the talking points for my part
of the discussion if it happens.

Please let me know ASAP if and when this discussion is to
take place and I will get prepared for it in the meantime.

Thanks Brother Nicklas. No matter how this turns out, I
think you’ve done us all a favor, including Eric.

Tom Friess

Original Message —–


To: Tom FRIESS ; greg anthony szymanski

Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 7:24 PM

Subject: EJP


would like you two to agree to be signatories to this letter, therefore
submit corrections and additions as well as any omissions you find
necessary and get them back to me. I will submit the final draft
for your approval first.



Concerning the Issue and Declaration of White Supremacy, the
proclamation of which can only produce limited response: In whites;
indifference, repulsion, or pride leading to hateful racism. In the other
races; indifference, repulsion or rage leading to hateful racism.

Most white people will be repulsed, some will go to pride and hateful racism,
and people like them of the other races will go to rage – though most
will never do anything with those feelings but turn the messenger off.
This is not what we desire for the Gospel Message we have to share with
all men. We know that no man can be supreme in anything by
virtue of the color of his skin, this is foolishness. If
anyone has accomplished any good for mankind it is by virtue of the
Almighty God because "all good things come from God"
alone. To proclaim supremacy for a color of people thereby is
to rob God of His Glory. Let us talk about Godly Supremacy,
that such attribute has been primarily exhibited in a certain color of
people if at all proclaimed should be done with all humility and in any
such case I would call upon the words of Paul the Apostle when he said
“not all things are expedient” and for the gospel and the war against our
common enemy this would be one of those things.

"White Supremacy” cannot be defined privately then used
universally. “White” in context only refers to the color of the
skin, therefore the phrase can only refer to “supremacy by virtue of the
color of the skin. If one means something else-then they need
to say something else. Can we do as the Jesuits and voice
something that is universally understood to be defined one way, while we
hold to a private definition? Why would one daily proclaim a
Mantra “White Supremacy” knowing that the universally accepted definition
would even alienate more than 90% of so called White Men and Women?
Why would one discredit their own work by such proclamation daily, and
not only their own work but the work of other good men who share the same
venue? This is what I have been struggling with. Is the
man so blinded with racial pride that he can’t see it or is he doing this
on purpose with an ulterior motive?

Whatever the reason, I cannot allow this damage to continue.
When you were a guest on the programs of others there was so much good
that prompted me to offer you your own slot. And still there is so
much good that it has made this decision difficult to come to, it is my
disgrace that I have allowed it to go on for this long. I
have however not come to it without consultation and agreement of those
most directly affected. We all agree that it is a shame that
so much good can be annulled by such a small point of illogic.

Therefore in obedience to my Lord, The Ultimatum: If you are
to continue on our Networks you must not only cease and desist the
promotion of White Pride or White Supremacy as defined, you must
renounce White Supremacy as defined with the statement that “no man can
be supreme in anything by virtue of the color of his skin” and you will
cease and desist using the term White Supremacy with a private
definition. If it is not “Supremacy by virtue of being White”
then you need to find another term to describe it. If it is
“Supremacy by virtue of being White” and you intend to hold to
that, then you do not belong with us.

Please prayerfully consider these words.



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  2. Thank you for posting these threads of e-mails and thank you to the men who courageously took a stand. Like the bible says in Eccl 10:1, “Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: [so doth] a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom [and] honour.”

    Indeed there is a famine for truth these days. I am so glad that there are pockets and oasis of truth in the [desertized] societal landscape.

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