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From what I was able to gather, (please read below)Timmy is the one who discovered the plot.



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RED ALERT: False Flag
Attack at Olympics?


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by ArthurTopham

Jan 15 2010
10:25 PM

Congratulations to Jonathon Narvey for
having the balls to finally post a short but poignant and groundbreaking piece
on the issue of Zionism and the Mossad, Israel ‘s Intelligence agency.

I say groundbreaking for good reason
because this is likely one of the first attempts on the part of the
Zionist-controlled media here in Canada to attempt to directly rebut via a
twisted form of false irony and slanderous epithet one of the few existing
blogsites here in Canada that still has the balls to publish information that
the vast majority of Canadians are painfully ignorant of due to their own brainwashing
by the very medium they attempt to legitimize and support in the majority of
comments posted here thus far.

Those who have researched the workings of
the Mossad and who have understood their now famous motto: "By Way of
Deception Thou Shalt Do War" are already well aware of how the Zionist
Jews and their dupes use every means available to them to present any
information or truth in a deceptive manner in order to create confusion in the
minds of those who are too ignorant to realize they’re being lied to. In this
fashion they assist Israel
in its long range plans to control the world’s means of communication as well
as its financial system and its corporate structures so that they can continue
on in fulfilling their maniacal Mossad agenda of endless war, death and

The current behaviour of our supposed
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Zionist henchman Jason Kenney
are excellent examples of the type of subterfuge we’re witnessing when we allow
foreign Zionist Lobby groups like B’nai Brith Canada and the Jewish Defense
League and the Canadian Jewish Congress to set our foreign policies and involve
our nation in illegal wars such as what we’re witnessing in Afghanistan.

I must say that I welcome this form of
debate over that of B’nai Brith Canada who, along with the Canadian Human
Rights Commission and the CHR Tribunal, I have been battling with now for over
two years after BBC laid a sec. 13 complaint against my person and my website
RadicalPress.com for allegedly publishing articles that "contrive to
promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as
citizens of Israel."

Thanks to the Hadjis decision last Sept.
2, 2009 these commie/bolshevist/Zionist tactics used by B’nai Brith to stifle
the alternative press are now considered in violation of our Charter of Rights
and Freedoms and although the CHRC is fervently attempting to appeal that
decision and overturn it, for the moment they are not accepting any new sec. 13
"hate crimes" complaints. Stuck therefore with no Big Brother
legislation to use against websites such as Ziofascism and RadicalPress.com
they’ve now opted for what should have been their approach from the beginning:
being man enough and honourable enough to debate the issues head on in an open
and public forum.

Of course we still haven’t reached
anything like a level playing field in this regard but Narvey’s nascent yet
albeit feeble attempt to discredit the publisher of Ziofascism is a good start.
It indicates that the NP blackout over the past two years on my own human
rights case with B’nai Brith Canada
may finally be coming to an end.

Readers interested in this case should go
to the following url for all the sordid details: www.radicalpress.com

Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/fullcomment/archive/2010/01/15/jonathon-narvey-zionist-plot-on-vancouver-foiled.aspx#ixzz0e2FWElFv

Jonathon Narvey: Zionist plot on Vancouver ,
foiled. Posted: January 15, 2010, 1:15 PM by NP Editor Full
, Jonathon



My Zionist brothers and sisters,
this is your Mossad station chief in Vancouver .
I ask for your forgiveness for breaching our security protocols through this
public broadcast. It was necessary to reach you all before the operation came
into full effect.

Operation Glowing Hearts is aborted.

Our plot has
been found out
. While it is clear that these plucky freedom fighters have not
yet stumbled on the details of our plan, it will only be a matter of time
before they discover the nuclear weapons we stowed underneath the Olympic Oval
and GM place. Your new orders are to immediately retrieve all radioactive
materials and evacuate Canadian soil.

It is incredible to believe that this
Sherlock Holmes-type character who runs the Ziofascism blog was able to put
together all of the clues. After all, this operation was premised on the idea
that it could not possibly be blamed on us; who would suspect the only nation
that had ever had its Olympic
athletes massacred by terrorists
to be behind the latest Olympic terror

This one has somehow been able to deduce
that Jews were behind not only the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, but behind all of the
acts of terror committed from the beginning of time. Surely he will soon
stumble upon our simple 10-step guide book for how Jews can convince Jew-hating
fundamentalists and fanatics to martyr themselves for the deeper Zionist cause.

We can only hope that this man does not
somehow manage to find the documentary evidence that we were indeed behind all
of the wars of the past six centuries. He certainly seems to be on the right

The Jewish nation thanks you for your
efforts. We will regroup and continue the fight to ensure permanent Jewish
control over the nations of the world and a sustainable supply of gentile blood
for our Passover matzoh. Shalom.

National Post

Vancouver blogger Jonathon Narvey writes
about current affairs, politics, media trends and life on Canada’s West Coast

Source: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/fullcomment/archive/2010/01/15/jonathon-narvey-zionist-plot-on-vancouver-foiled.aspx#ixzz0e2FuArfi

says: Friday,
January 15, 2010 at 10:12 PM

Well it looks like the false flag attack
is really off the books now! Thanks Zionists, for doing your part exposing this
even if you use ridicule to do so.


If there was an attack planned, it is
definately foiled now!

Meanwhile Hawkeyi is running around
wearing his legal wig, saying we need a legal investigation… so how’s that
going for ya? Getting very far with that?




Mossad Attack on Vancouver may be Imminent

Ominous precursors
also in effect prior to 9/11 and 7/7 attacks

To whom this may concern, Dec. 31, 2009

This memorandum is to warn Canadian
authorities, the media, and heads of state that Vancouver may be a target for terrorism
during the 2010 Olympic games.

It has recently been discovered that a
security company, with ties to terrorism, is operating in Montreal ,
on the city’s Metro subway, at Calgary
International Airport ,
and at Vancouver ’s YVR International
Airport .

The company in question, VERINT Systems Inc.
(Comverse), is an Israeli-owned firm that is believed to be a front for Israel ’s spy agency, the Mossad, which conducts
false flag terrorism, often framing Israel ’s political enemies.

VERINT is notorious for placing
‘back-doors’ in it’s software, which phones home to Israel and shares
information with U.S. based companies also tied with intelligence.
Israeli-owned companies Amdocs and NICE Systems also appear to have the same
wiretapping access as VERINT.

VERINT and other Mossad fronts are a
direct threat to Canadian security and should be investigated immediately.
It is VERINT’s illegal activities, and more importantly, its ties with the 7/7 London bombings and the
9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre that make them an immediate threat to
Canadian security.

If this wiretapping is going on at the Vancouver International Airport ,
this company should be removed, shut down, and prosecuted under Canadian law.
Furthermore, Canada should
ivestigate all Israel-owned companies operating in Canada .

If VERINT, which handled security in the
London Underground system, was behind the 7/7 bombings, there is a high chance
that they may target the Vancouver Skytrain system or perhaps YVR. (VERINT also
handled security at U.S.
airports on 9/11 – looks like they did their job!)

Why would Israel
stage false-flag terrorism in Canada
even though Canada supports Israel ?

Canadian Jew and former Mossad agent
Victor Ostrovsky has written extensively about the Mossad’s covert operations
around the world, including how Mossad creates and controls terrorist groups,
even Islamic extremist groups like Hamas.

“Supporting the radical elements of Muslim
fundamentalism sat well with the Mossad’s general plan for the region. An Arab
world run by fundamentalists would not be a party to any negotiations with the
West, thus leaving Israel
again as the only democratic, rational country in the region. And if the Mossad
could arrange for the Hamas (Palestinian fundamentalists) to take over the
Palestinian streets from the PLO, then the picture would be complete.” (Victor
Ostrovsky – The Other Side of Deception – pg. 197)

False flag operations are covert
operations which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the
operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The
name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is,
flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. False flag operations are
not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in
peace-time; for example, during Italy ’s
strategy of tension.

Another glaring example of Mossad false
flagging: Mossad’s planned an assassination of George Bush using Palestinian
patsies at the Madrid Peace Conference

“There was no doubt that Bush would be out
of his element on October 30 when he arrived in Madrid to open the peace talks… It was clear
from the start that the assassination would be blamed on the
Palestinians-perhaps ending once and for all their irritating resistance and
making them the people most hated by all Americans. Three Palestinian
extremists were taken by a Kidon unit from their hiding place in Beirut and relocated incommunicado in a special detention
location in the Negev desert. The three were
Beijdun Salameh, Mohammed Hussein, and Hussein Shahin.
At the same time, various threats, some real and some not, were made against
the president. The Mossad clique added its share, in order to more precisely
define the threat as if it were coming from a group affiliated with a certain
guarantee of getting attention and keeping it. So if something were to happen,
the media would be quick to react and say, ‘We knew about it, and don’t forget
where you saw it first.’”
Victor Ostrovsky – The Other Side of Deception, page 278-279

Ostrovsky states in his books that the Mossad
continually carry out false flag terrorism. Furthermore, he states that the
Canadian passport is the easiest for Mossad field agents to obtain.
“Passports are manufactured on different types of paper. There is no way the
Canadian government, for example, would sell anyone the paper it uses to make
Canadian passports (still the favorite of the Mossad). But a phony passport
cannot be manufactured with the wrong paper, so the Mossad had a small factory
and chemical laboratory in the basement of the Academy that actually made
various kinds of passport paper.”
– Victor Ostrovsky – By Way Of Deception – pg. 74.

Canadians may not be able to depend on
CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) as the Mossad often feed their
“friendlies” disinformation.

“Operation Trojan was one of the Mossad’s
greatest successes. It brought about the air strike of Libya that
President Reagan had promised-a strike that had three important consequences.
First, it derailed a deal for the release of the American hostages in Lebanon , thus
preserving the Hizballah (party of God) as the number one enemy in the eyes of
the West. Second, it sent a message to the entire Arab world, telling them
exactly where the United
States stood regarding the Arab-Israeli
conflict. Third, it boosted the Mossad’s image of itself, since it was they
who, by ingenious sleight of hand, had prodded the United States to do what was
– Victor Ostrovsky – The Other Side of Deception, page 116.

“By the end of March, the Americans were
already intercepting messages broadcast by the Trojan, which was only activated
during heavy communication traffic hours. Using the Trojan, the Mossad tried to
make it appear that a long series of terrorist orders were being transmitted to
various Libyan embassies around the world (or, as they were called by the
Libyans, Peoples’ Bureaus). As the Mossad had hoped, the transmissions were
deciphered by the Americans and construed as ample proof that the Libyans were
active sponsors of terrorism. What’s more, the Americans pointed out, Mossad
reports confirmed it.”
Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky – The Other Side of Deception, page 115

It has also recently come to light that
VERINT and Israeli intelligence have infiltrated SAS Australian intelligence
and the Sydney
rail transit system.

Fox News reporter Carl Cameron has
reported in-depth on Israeli firms in the U.S. which are involved in
espionage. Amdocs, Cameron states, handles every single phone call, fax, and
text that goes through U.S.
telecommunications system.

It is up to us to protect our great
country. We need MLAs, MPs, the media, and all who care for Canada to stand
up and demand an investigation of VERINT as well as all Israel-based companies
operating within our borders.

Your help in passing this letter on or
organizing an investigation may help avert a terrorist attack in Vancouver or elsewhere.
On the other hand, your ignorance of this letter may help carry out an attack.

I leave you with a quote from former
Italian president Francesco Cossiga:

“The disastrous attack (911) was planned
and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world
to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and to persuade the Western powers
to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan .”

Thank you for your time.





  1. anarchore said: It\’s great to see others \’picking up the torch\’ so to speak, to hopefully discourage any plans that may be underway.

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