My Testimony to a Pagan Worshipper (Satan Worshipper)


Dear Jamie,

There are so many
things you seem to ignore and it is not meant toinsult you I am
telling you this (even if you might interpret it that way, I am telling
you the truth)but to let you know that you seem to talk from ignorance
because you did not write a letter, just a line so I need to go with
what you provided me.
So…since you sent me this email, I will ask you those simple questions:
1) Which Jesus are you
talking about? (the bible says there are many Jesus those very last
days – no point of me giving you the verse since according to your
words, you do not believe the bible);
2) Which bible are
you talking about? There are many versions on the "market"…and there
are versions that are corrupted but it seems to even mention that to
you is pointless because according to your line, you do not seem to
even care.

I do a distinction
between religion and relation with the Jesus of the Bible and what I
mean by a relation is not an empty but a meaningful word like most of
those evangelicals who do not even begin to apply this basic verse:
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom".

Nevertheless, I agree
with you that religion is meant to control people, starting by the
Roman Catholic Institution if we want to remain on talking about the
"Christian" (so-called Christians) religions.

I have an internet
ministry based on the bible and my devotion to Jesus Christ and that is
the reason why I am sharing this communication with other people
because you are not the only one out there throwing "Jesus" and the
"bible" in the trash bin so better address this issue once for all
because to simplify about Jesus and the bible is not helping you at
all, in fact it is leading you in a place you do not want to go but
again, you do not believe the bible so even if I would tell you, you
would most likely falsely accuse me of being hateful instead of being
rational/reasonable about this and begin to think about the Creator who
created you in the first place.

Those who are
following the real Jesus and applying his word by His help are not
nutcases – to the contrary, they will end up at the right place but you
seem tothink that we are living and dying like animals do and you do
seem to forget that the difference between animals and us is that we
have a soul and they don’t because they do not have a conscience and we
do, well if we do not sear it because some do sear it alright.

Hopefully, this email will help you to sit and ponderJamiebut if not, then it might help somebody else.

Serving the truth (Jn. 14:6)

— On Mon, 1/25/10, Jamie Moorehead wrote:

From: Jamie Moorehead
Subject: Re:
Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 11:35 AM

I don’t believe in jesus christ or the bible. I believe that it was create to control people like you and me.


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