I was born for Ashley, to make his life brighter and lighter

I was reading through Ashley’s emails to me again and there is a
specific quote that reallybrought tears to my eyes. Ash’s quote on
10/06/04 10:59 A.M.: "The day you were born the Angel wept with joy
knowing of the love you would one day bring to my lonely life".

if it was only to pass 5 1/2 months of life with Ashley and even if
Ashley and I knew each other only for few years, this life was not
lived in vain because I made a difference in somebody really decent and
worthy of my attention. When I met Ash, he had 300 $ in his pockets and
was under his father’s roof in North Carolinaso when they separated us
at the borders, Ashley became homeless but I would not leave this man
on the street one night. I had to argue with the border guards who just
separated us at the Ogdensburg POE to give him money so he would sleep
in a hotel/motel and then while he was waiting for his VA pension to
come, I was sending him money and even when he began to get his pension
of 881 per month back at that time in March 2005, I was splitting with
him my unemployment earnings because I did not want him to be on the
noodles for the last 15 days. Ashley was worth my everything, I even
did not go to the dentist to have my root canal treatment finished and
my teeth cracked and I lost it.

Ashley ends with those words
his letter to me: "You are absolutely irreplaceable". He is most
definitively irreplaceable either, I am reading his letters to me three
years after his death.


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