God Bless America? Give me a break!


Picture of Native Americans

Question: Are they your ancestors?

If they are not your ancestors, then that means that your ancestors are most
likely from Europe and that you are a child or
a grandchild of an Immigrant…


I believe that do not have 10 other years to
live, therefore I will at least tell my mind whether you like it or not, I am
saying the truth.

When a US born Citizen complaints about the
border guards
then we are head over heel for him.

When an American having a French accent who
is a great lady by the Grace of God (a legal Immigrant, widow and fatherless
because my parents allowed those pedophiles to abuse me) does complain for
mistreatment of border guards since the end of 2004, then we simply do not



She first made the “horrible sin” to marry an
American after 9/11 (before 9/11, it was fine to marry an American but not
after 9/11)

and she also
did the “horrible sin” to believe that God can bless America yet. Well my sin of
ignorance is over.

Anyway, I
hate to deal with border agents as they destroyed my life and the life of my
late husband. I decided to remove my link to my online book but if you do care,
shot me an email and I’ll send it to you.

Ok I am not
BORN US Citizen (God says in his word that I am US Citizen since we became one
flesh and the old US Immigration laws were based on that) so no sense of me complaining
since nobody cares and this is based on the three (3) 1/2 years I am in the US
so I learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut until I’ll die of a heart failure
because it’s where I am headed but that’s alright, after all, they did not even
offer a dialysis to my late husband even if I asked the Congressman John M.
McHugh to call the hospital officials on Dec. 2nd, 2006, this rat worshiper of
Nimesh Desai did offer war medicine to a Honorably Discharged Vietnam Veteran
and the US gov’t thank him by parting us like cattle at the borders in
November, 2004 when we were husband and wife even if I have a masters degree,
good work experience and no criminal records. But that’s alright, I am “just”
born French even if I am FAR BETTER THAN THOSE SO CALLED US PATRIOTS who are
getting money from the internet like this Eric Jon Phelps while I do not
receive a dime for my hard work.

Here is where
I am pushed (at the feet of the wall) after my 3 ½ years of experience in the US : do NOT
call yourself a brother or a sister in Christ because you are not UNTIL THE
PROOF OF THE CONTRARY. I will only believe you when I will have CONCRETE PROOFS
OF IT, if of course, I will not die of a heart failure before and this is what
will most likely happen but at least, I am telling you the truth and I will
fight to stay alive until my last breath, whether you like it or now.

If you do
HATE MY FRENCH ACCENT, you have a serious problem between your two ears simply because
you are a child, a grandchild or a great-grandchild of an IMMIGRANT yourself, MORON .

God Bless America ? Give
me a break!

only words I am believing are God’s word. You need to prove to me you are what
you proclaim to be but I also know that the first ones who are “willing to
help” are sharks wanting to take advantage of your situation and destroy you, I
learned my lesson. So at least have the decency to honor my ways to remain
alive if you do not help me out – in other words, if I am camping in order to
stay alive and continue my ministry, that’s not your business to tell me that’s
not okay.



love me as a sister in Christ but he is dead since Nov. 5 th , 2001
and I did not meet a William Cooper yet among the ones who are calling
themselves Christians. I admire William
that I heard since 2000 because of what he did for the Country – he even lay
down his life, following the example of my Master Jesus did for our very souls
and yes, I am aware that Jesus Christ did not try to defend himself as William
did so do not give me s*** about that.

are judged already. Should I pray for America ? I do not know and I am unsure because that probably would make
me puke and I better stop here because folks would get a wrong impression about
me so better to be safe than sorry those ‘wonderful’ days as we call good evil and evil good as it is written:

Isaiah 5:20(King James Version)

20 Woe unto
them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light,
and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


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