To: dbw@csntm.org

Dear Daniel,

I found your email address here:
because I was lead to read your article:
and here is the opportunity which was in my inbox to go to your article:

— On Sat, 1/9/10, randol fawkes wrote:
Why the KJV is Ideal
incorporated with my comments about the issue:
http://profiles.yahoo.com/blog/Y6XQ6QYZD2FLXP5B2GFKJID4AY?eid=DMBXmAFmkX_lIV0XfSN1.99o7jR4CoCVwTQc2KAPLSF6bdIQfg as as well as other interesting comments written by:
Mr.Lee B. Callender L.R.S.M
Pianist/Piano and Vocal Coach

a c.c. is sent to Randol as well as his mailing list and my own yahoo
groups because the truth is not as simple as folks like to believe it
is. Of course, I will be perceived as an heretic because for not
"kissing" King James’ feet but so be it.

With Regards,

Dear Lee,

thank you for your encouragements. They are music to my spirit. In
fact, they are very rare those very last days. I only poured my heart
and mind.

I am glad you understood that I am not encouraging to the least the
Ecumenical movement but on the other side, the "KJV onlyists" (I know
that is a label and that is why I am putting it between comas) tend to
forget that God did not only blessed the English speaking people of the
world. We need to be balanced, to not go to the extremes and it is what
knowledge allow us to do, i.e. to not go overboard. William Milton
Cooper was a balanced Christian even if I am not agree with everything
he said, he was an example of what is a true Christian in
America, among very few others.




  1. From: horsefethrs Subject: Re: WHY THE KING JAMES BIBLE IS IDEAL To: The-Truth-Ministries-owner@yahoogroups.com Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 7:04 AM It still amazes me that folks believe that a "Bible" arranged by a "King", a man who ruled other men, would be the end all… There were other Bibles before him and were "Edited" by him and his "Advisers", it was the Geneva Bible that was brought to America and upon which this nation was structured. protestants who follow a Bible arranged by a king seem to me to have lost their way… Geneva 1560, translated and written by the People…Not a King, who didn\’t follow the law of God….There was much evidence that he was very corrupt. Of course every man will interpret what he likes or in many cases justifies his behaviour the way he will. king James was no "Saint".

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