Talking about YouTube – Lucifer Rising part 3/10 – The Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy


One thought on “Talking about YouTube – Lucifer Rising part 3/10 – The Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy

  1. Ola! The7truth7ministries7,
    Thanks for your thoughts, **Yes, I realize this is a very long question, but I’d be really, really glad if you helped me out a bit!! 😀

    When I first got really into K-Pop, my favorite group was Orange Caramel, I loved how they were so cutesy and whatnot, and they still remain one of my favorite groups to this day. I like After School a lot too, though not as much. I also really like SNSD a lot!! Lately though, I’ve discovered 4MINUTE and am REALLY impressed by them a lot! I seem to like all of their songs (that I’ve heard), they’re so powerful! But I also seem to like almost all of SNSD’s and OC’s songs as well.

    Now for boy bands… This is a little easier but at the same time tougher…. hehe.. I always seem to have a favorite boy band “of the moment” like… I will be obsessed with them for a few months then become obsessed with a different one. Now even though I’ve moved on from “obsessing” over one, I will still like that one a lot, but not as much as whichever new one I like.

    Super Junior was the first K-Pop boy band I ever saw and I liked them, especially their song Bonamana (someone told me to check out No Other, which I thought was good but I thought Bonamana was much better when I randomly checked it out), which became one of my fav songs & still is to this day. But I was definitely not obsessed with them though.
    Then I saw SHINee, who surprisingly, at first, I wasn’t really into… Then after giving them a chance and watching Lucifer a few times, and Ring Ding Dong, and Hello, I was fan-girling over them. LOL I was so into them for quite a few months, but.. I only really seemed to like the songs that I mentioned, I wasn’t big on Replay or Juliette (though I heard the Japanese ver. of this & really like it).
    Then I saw DBSK, who I didn’t give much of a chance until I watched the vid for Keep Your Head Down, after that, I was hooked! I thought they were the sexiest guys ever and loved that song. I started checking out their former songs Mirotic (interestingly though, I clicked on this song before I was into DBSK but didn’t really like it) and Purple Line, and really liked them a lot! I also checked out Oh, Rising Sun, and Wrong Number, and liked those as well.
    Then I started checking out more Super Junior songs, or, well, during my time of obsessing over these other groups I was slowly checking out suju songs, each time liking all the ones I listened to. As time went on, I kept checking out more and more and was very curious about all the members and their personalities, I started watching a bit of Exploration of the Human Body w/ Suju (which I still have to finish the rest of it) and they really started growing on me and I started talking about them a lot on YouTube. I notice I like how there’s so many members to choose from to like and I always seem to like all their songs, this has been a group I’ve pretty much liked since first seeing them, whereas some of the others had to grow on me a bit (SHINee), I can definitely say suju’s my fav group at this time, but I just wonder if that’ll change or not..

    I would like to have one group that I really love and support forever and proudly call myself an ELF or Cassie, or Sone, etc. But I don’t know which one I’d be. There’s still many groups I haven’t checked out as well.

    What I basically want to know, is which group you think I seem to like the best and also how to decide what my fav k-pop group is/how you decided which one your fav was. My friend said it was alright to be big fans of multiple but I’d really like to have an absolute favorite.

    Sorry this was so long, thanks in advance for your help.

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