Ashley entered 3 years ago at this MMH on Nov. 28th 06 (page 1)

Before RR will delete the pages I createdto his memory…
06/19/57 – 12/05/06
By Marie Buchanan Copyright 2007

pleasing God by the power of his Spirit, there is a bridge between my
world and Ashley’s world- You are the Bridge. I wish to thank you
Father, in Jesus’ name that not only Ashley is saved but in your
Kindness, I know You are talking to him for me when I need it. I know I
cannot communicate directly with Ash nor he can communicate directly
with me because there is a HUGE IMPENETRABLE WALL separating our two

know fully well that Ashley prayed for my protection. I understand the
way Ashley is taking care of me is the fact that even if he perfectly
knows that You are taking good care of me and even if Jesus is the only
intercessor between You and menfar from me to take my Charming Prince
as an intercessor. In fact, Ashley caressed my hair in a particular way
twice (like You Jesus would caress my hair) before going to sleep and I
am sure since he was a man of prayer, he prayed for me before leaving
this world.

Charming Prince will soon become King (he refused the worldly kingdom
offered to him if he would bow down to Satan which he did not want like
You refused the worldly kingdom Satan offered You in a bigger scale)
because he will Reign with You during the coming Millennium. I am
Ashley’s French Princess and I will reign with him because You saved my
soul from hell. I know we won’t act as wife and husband because I am
sure Ashley will have a glorified body and the ones having a glorified
body will not procreate but I do know we will have a Privileged
Relationship because he was the first love of my life and I was the
first love of his life.

am TERRIBLY suffering from this physical separation from Ashley but I
know he is thinking about me in a continuous basis and your Holy Spirit
is the bridge between our two worlds. I know Ashley did not abandon
meit is only that he is not physically with me anymore for a while only
for a while. I also know that the distance has no importance since
Ashley is thinking about me on a continuous basis (like he was doing on
earth) but there is a HUGE IMPENETRABLE WALL separating us because I am
still in this flesh I am not perfect and Ashley became perfect by
entering in Your Presence so there is no direct communication possible
but You, My Dear Lord, is the Bridge between me and him because YOU ARE
GOOD. (this huge impenetrable wall called death is because the sin
entered in this world) You are the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jn.
14:6) and You are my Life.

you My Father for taking good care of My Sweetheart. Ash is not
suffering anymore in his body and he is not crying anymore because of
the separation we had for 19 months because of the Immigration process.
I am happy for Ashley because he is not suffering anymore even if that
means terrible sufferings for me. I am asking you to please help me in
Jesus’ name to find the way you want me to denounce what happened to
him because in my situation You know perfectly well, this is not the
most obvious. Please give me the strength and the wisdom I need to
Glorify You in my life. I need you more than the air I am breathing. I
need you more than the food I am eating. I count on You and I know you
are not about to abandon me even if the worse case scenario would
happen. (Rev. 20:4)


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