The judgment of God is falling upon us because we do not apply the
bible concerning the sodomites, the adulterers, the fornicators and the
baby killers (through aborption) Since we do not do that, then we are
about to be destroyed. UN troops will take over America and send most
of us to the camps. If we do not do anything about it, it’s over. We are
about to be destroyed and the only way to get around this is through a
National Repentance. Sounds hopeless to me. Hope I am wrong. God bless
America if it is not too late already. I pray for America and I am
interceding for us. I am not perfect but with His help, I do please the
Lord and we need to get on our knees and be commited to this mission to
pray, knowing that He hears our prayers IF and only IF we do please
Him. Otherwise, it does not go beyond the ceiling and we should expect
the worse. The Muslims know better than us simply because they at least
know that homosexuality is wrong so may the God of the Bible bless the
Muslims. We are a joke, a farce, a shameto the world.

Scott Ledbetter Texas is falling for the Sodomites agenda. No place is safe anymore in the US. t is time to get out now while we still can.

Houston makes its choice; Parker makes history | Chronicle | – Houston Chronicle Annise Danette Parker was elected mayor of Houston on
Saturday, winning her seventh consecutive city election and becoming
both the first contender in a generation to defeat the hand-picked
candidate of Houston’s business establishment and the first openly gay
person to lead a major U.S. city.


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