About Weebly:

Create a free websitewith Weebly
Now please read very carefully – do not just browse

course, as any other free things on the Internet, you will have
advertisements on your website…that’s the price to pay, as you
know…but it is more than nothing at all, the way I see it…)

(Of course, if you want to have it for free, you need to have weebly in your website address: for instance: http://the-truth/

If you do not want their advertisements on your website, then you need to pay. In that case, it is not free.

No, I do not work for Once you join for free, you have help to build your website:
and you can even send them a help request:
am just trying to help my fellow by helping myself first by joining
free affiliate programs that I already am doing business with one way
or the other and if you want to try those affiliate programs or to
write what is on your mind on the Internet, you need a website.

If you have doubts concerning this email, simply send an email to: Freedoms_Darkness_3-owner@yahoogroups.comin
the c.c. to ask if it is true or not. He will tell you because he
created one for free and you do not need to be a computer geek to build

Ok, the Freedoms Darkness groups owner was asking me
questions about the free affiliate programs/weebly free website so I
decided to work on it (instead of going on my proofreading) so here it


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