I need to figure out how we can expatriate from US Citizenship and re-patriate as Americans
to get rid of all those unlawful laws because those unlawful laws are
not for Americans. Do you know something about it Bruce? I have heard
a serie of videos about that from Jordan Maxwell
(by the way, he admits
that Manly P. Hall is his mentor – and this is bad,bad news) but
Victor Barjorbadian wants to sell his book and I can not afford
anythingif I want to take care of mygoals but
once I discover the truth about something, I spread it for free myself
so why would I pay for something I spread for free?…. I have a
dear Olde Bro who is an American in his inner being but unfortunately,
he is subject to this United States Corporation if hewould not fill
the appropriate papers to get rid of this NWO gov’t and of course, he
is no fool so he wants to do what needs to be done to this effect and
as soon as I can get my Naturalization because I am a lawful
Immigrantunder this United States Corporation and more precisely,
under this "wonderful" department of Homeland Security but I already am
an Americanaccording to God’s word and according to the laws of the
land before this false flag operation – well, that’s the way America
was built so I want to get rid of the corporation myself. I know I have
skills to find this information I just read something on this page, Chapter 10 – Tax Protester Arguments about repatriation and I’m trying to research it…
correct procedure is to expatriate from U.S. citizen status and
repatriate as your true American Citizen status. Details in the last

but you already might
have a start for me and if you don’t then I might be helping you by
this starting point and to tell you the truth, I speak to you like a
friend so that’s mainly why I am sharing with you this and you probably
know more than me about this specific topic because I think you are
born here. I am a widow of a wonderful American:
You don’t have to do
the research for me Bruce, (the research of the truth is my passion) I
am just checking if you have something I could"munch on" and go from
there. I find it sad nobody
cares to hear my testimony against this NWO because it’s not just about
myself, it’s about all Americans and even Canadians as well as Natives
and Quebecois. I have deep convictions and I am very passionate about
the truth and I know what the plans are for my dear Americans because I
am preceding you in this "tribulation" since 5 years now. I guess it’s
part of the sufferings I must endure to be by myself on my
boat. Well, not exactly by myself but I am still human, thank God I
did not become a monster by now by goingthrough "hell" myself…. I might transform this as a blog post but I will remove your email address…

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