Bullet Proof NRA is in bed with Washington, D.C….
NRA backs anti-gun group on Capitol Hill
NRA…the business of
freedom? I already said below I knew NRA is "in bed" with Washington
D.C. How much more do we need to see the truth?
Just another dream seller ~ nothing more ~ ask Obama, he masters this art of deception, manipulation and lies.
So why in the world USCCA is "inbed" with NRA?
That does not make any sense to me….

It’s like joining an organisation under the
Pope of Rome…all the roads lead to Rome…no matter where you are
looking at…yes Washington, D.C. is connected to the Pope…of course!

NRA is a 501 (c) organization, which means it is not independent from Washington D.C.,
which is not exactly the best thing…why USconcealed carry
association joined the NRA? It’s like joining a church organization
under 501 (c)…
Why do we have to be "in bed" with Washington D.C.?
Too good to be true. Again.

From: ** Tim @ USCCA
Subject: "From ‘Victim’ to Taking your life BACK…"
To: "Marie"
Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 11:33 AM

"From ‘Victim’ to Taking your life BACK…"

October 28, 2009

Hello, Marie.

It can be done.

you have ever been victimized, you understand the feeling of
vulnerability and helplessness that takes over your life afterwards.

It is a truly
awful feeling. For many people, it is too much- it wrecks them. They
spend the rest of their life in a constant state of mope. They become
engulfed in self pity and fear. Some never leave their home or
apartment ever again…

As horrible and powerful as these feelings can be, they can always be overcome. You just have to be incredibly strong, because I can assure you, taking your life back will be one of
the biggest battles of your life.

But- it can be done.

The first step is believing that. You must KNOW deep down that you WILL defeat fear.

The second step is making the decision that you will NEVER allow
yourself to be put into a position- ever again- that will make you feel such a degree of helplessness and vulnerability.

Because you are here, I’m going to assume that you’re already at step two. You have decided to become armed.

You have decided to take back your life- Good job.

By now you know that simply dropping a gun into your pocket does very little to remove your fear. This is because picking up a weapon doesn’t prepare you- and the whole idea of eliminating your fear requires that you become prepared-

Prepared to use force if necessary to ensure that you are never again exposed to such fear and vulnerability.

See, your ultimate goal , is to convince your subconscious that you are prepared.

It is easy to convince your conscious that you are prepared… But that is not where FEAR comes

FEAR comes from your subconscious.

The kicker is that in order to convince your subconscious that you are prepared, you have to actually BE prepared.

This is where the USCCA and I come in.

"The Ultimate Resource For the Armed Citizen".

I want to make it my job to help you convince your subconscious that you are prepared.

easiest way to do this, is to make you prepared! I want to prepare you
for anything and everything- whether the threat facing you is a
growling dog, an armed mugger, or even darkness itself.

You are already here, reading my email- so I already know that you want to become prepared against these things.

already know that you are the kind of person who goes out and gets
information- and then uses it. That is why I know you are a perfect
match for the USCCA.

We are more than just a club. We are a
tight knit community. We’re host to hundreds upon hundreds of articles,
stories, and profiles all meant to help you become prepared for
you may encounter.

Our writers come from all walks of life- some are expert trainers, and some are people just like you and I.

Friend, here is your next step: A membership to the United States Concealed Carry Association.

since day one (almost five years ago), I have been so confident that a
membership to the USCCA is all someone needs to become completely
prepared, that I have made and stood by this guarantee:

If, at
ANY point during your membership (anywhere from the first day to the
last day) you can honestly tell me that your membership hasn’t helped
you or been worth your money, I will give you back every cent that you paid me.

It’s that simple. Some people tell me that I’m crazy to offer
a guarantee like that. You know what I say? "I’m not crazy- I believe in the USCCA."

Well, I say that and
point out the fact that in almost five years, barely a hand full of
people have ever taken me up on this offer. That’s right- out of over
30,000 people who have joined the USCCA, 99.96% of them thought it was
well worth their money.

Friend, let me just say this one last thing:

Give a membership to the USCCA a shot. All you have to lose is a few minutes of your time. All you have to gain… is your entire life back in your hands– right where it belongs.

=> Start your membership right now.

An ACTUAL email from a member:


have helped so much over the last few years. I have been a victim and
now I can take back my life. Dealing with the emotional feeling of
living helpless is over. I have decided to educate myself and
personally protect myself and my family.

I took on this responsibility two years ago I have read your magazine
and trained w/ others. Your articles and the web site has given back my

Thank You..

Keep up the good work.

Tim Schmidt
USCCA – Owner / Founder

PS- Whose hands do you want your life in?

I know my answer- My Own!!

Join tens of thousands of people who feel the same way, and start your membership to the USCCA today.

See what you get from a USCCA Membership


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