Dear Aaron and all,

Your quote: "It is against our rights to have enforced vaccinations,
but I am aware that might not stop some people who are hungry for
guaranteed profits".

It is also against the US Constitution, but I am also aware of the same problem.

Which means Canadians and Americans are in the same boat.

I am actually publishing an open letter to the US Military to try to
do my contribution along with the wonderful letter Deborah Gail Reid

those forced vaccines because they will use the military to do so and
the do not give a "shit" about Military either and it is what I am
trying to make them understand because the only ones who will get
imunity are the high ranked military.

Here are excerpts:

Many Internet people fear that the military will be used against
citizens in regards to possibly forcing on them Swine flu vaccines,
RFID tags, and
internment in concentration camps. That would amount to war and crimes against the citizens.

I have read that one of the direct effects of that vaccine is that it causes the lungs to fill up
with fluid. The person died just hours after taking the recent version of the Swine flu vaccine.

Why be in a military that functions as an enemy to your fellow
citizens, including your family, and yourself? It would be a smart idea
to get out of such
a military. You will find other ways to have your survival needs.

It will be helpful to forward this open letter very much with hopes
that it will reach all of the military soldiers and their families.


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