Please support my friend, Pamela….
That is the best I can do for her…

I went through the "grinder" of the NWO in Nov. 2004 and I’m in the "grinder" yet…
I don’t know what I’ll do next round i.e. in about a month concerning
the Swine Flu Mandatory Vaccines because I am not a Naturalized Citizen yet…
so the US Constitution does not protect me….yet….

You can send all emergency support to:
Pamela Schuffert,
C/O PO Box 488,
NC, 28757

More informations forwarded. Thank You Pamela for your hard work!
From: Pamela Schuffert
Subject: A Dangerous Crisis
Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009, 8:24 AM

(The following was just posted on my blogspot, )

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Thursday, August 13, 2009-

As you read throughout my numerous articles from each month, you will notice one thing missing that most websites like mine have abundantly: repeat requests for financial support.

Throughout 13 years of investigative journalism on behalf of the American people, I have labored hard to
lay down my life to perform this work at my own expense, and make my
important reporting FREE OF CHARGE to the American people and my fellow
Christians. The reason is because NO ONE should be deprived of badly
needed information, for lack of financial inability to buy a book, a
DVD, etc., that so many others offer for a price.

Although my reporting has put my life at risk many times, has
been very difficult and a contiual struggle to survive throughout the
years to continue to perform this vitally needed hands-on investigative
reporting, I have made my reporting free of charge on the internet and
the radio. And when I DID publish my books, they were made available at only MY cost of publishing and mailing.

The kind of information I have investigated and reported on
throughout the years belongs to EVERY AMERICAN whether they can afford
it financially or NOT. It is life-saving information. Many have safely
relocated outside America for safety from the coming AMERICAN
HOLOCAUST, based on reading my reporting, praying and feeling it was
TIME to leave this country and take their children with them to safety.

Others have read my reporting
regarding Christian persecution to come and are preparing spiritually
so they can STAND VICTORIOUS in the coming times of testing.

Still others are no forming underground churches,
as they told me, and preparing in practical ways with food supplies and
other things they know WILL BE NECESSARY for survival in the times to

Everywhere I go across America, so many people I encounter even casually tell me that they have READ MY REPORTS ON THE INTERNET.

The support of my readers throughout the years and presently is now badly needed.
My vehicle is ready to die: it’s transmission is burned out now. I
recently helped some wonderful friends move, (posted in previous
reports)and hauled both furniture and trash up high local mountains and
down again, hastening the demise of my transmission. I do not regret
helping them: it was a wonderful experience! I would do it again
instantly. Christians need to stand together in crisis. It was no one’s
fault, simply a part of life experiences.

IF my needs were not critical at this point, I
would never mention them on this blog. But here is my situation: the
vehicle is about to go completely. I have no other vehicle. My SUV is
my home on the road and my critically needed transportation for this
work to continue. I have no financial support at this time from
readers. I have one day’s food supply left. And that is where I am at
at this critical point, without any exaggeration.

Because of these circumstances, I am compelled at this point to ask my readers
who have profited from my quality reporting free of charge, to consider
sending critically needed support at this time. This is my full-time
work on the behalf of millions of my fellow Christians and Americans.
And if people reading my reporting will not support this financially,
not only is it greatly hindered,but also puts my life in direct
jeopardy at this time.

You can send all emergency support to: Pamela Schuffert, C/O PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757

God bless you!



All TRUTH goes through 3 stages:

FIRST – it is ridiculed …

SECOND- it is violently opposed

THIRD- it is finally accepted as SELF EVIDENT.

Jesus Christ declared,

"You shall KNOW THE TRUTH,

and the TRUTH shall make you FREE."

~Pamela Schuffert~


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