Dear Congressman John M. McHugh,

I did my own homework concerning this mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination
(H1N1) and I do know they are able to force us because they forced me
to take them before I crossed the US borders IF I wanted to see the
face of my husband again. I loved him so much I decided to cheat on my
health after those 19 months 1/2 of forced separation but my husband is
dead now since Nimesh Desai did not even OFFER A DIALYSIS further to
your phone call to the hospital officials on Dec. 2nd, 2006. The
dialysis center was only at two miles from this "crappy" hospital,
which in fact is not an hospital because they let my husband totally
dehydrate by allowing his kidneys to shut down.

Here is one of the links I studied carefully:


Also, a conflict arises with me on those three levels:

A conflict arises because I believe that Man is made at God’s image and
the injection of toxic chemicals and form proteins into the blood
stream is going against God’s will to keep the temple Holy from

A conflict arises because I believe that I shall not mix the blood of
man with the blood of animals. Many vaccines are produced of animal

A conflict arises because I believe that all life is sacred. The
practice of abortion should not be encouraged. Vaccines are derived
from aborted fetal tissues even though I do not have any other
connections with the abortions of the vaccines that are derived.

Therefore, here is the ethical behavior I want to apply: as a Christian
and widow of Reverend Ashley McDonald Buchanan, Doctor in Divinity and
Honorably Discharged Vietnam Veteran, I think the life as a gift of God
and the body a wonderful work of divine creation to be reverenced as
the temple of God and I do not want this Swine Flu Vaccine to be forced
upon me. 1 Cor. 3: 16; 1 Cor: 3: 6: 19; 1 Cor. 3: 17, 2 Cor. 7:1

There are so many things that were forced on me like this forced
separation at the borders on Nov. 3rd, 2004 even if this was not only
against the Constitution because we were a married couple but also was
a desecration of our marriage, which was consecrated by nobody less
than God the Creator Himself.

Even their own Immigration laws state this:

1) It’s written this at: ,

p. 4. : “When a petition is approved for the husband, wife, parent or
unmarried minor child of a United States citizen, these persons are
classified as immediate relatives. They do not have to wait for a visa
number because immediate relatives are not subject to the immigrant
visa limit”.

Which means this border guard and this Immigration border agent at
Ogdensburg Port of Entry intentionally did not even consider their own

2) I had no return date to Canada on my Visa;

3) I even had 90 days to apply for an Immigrant Visa according to the
Immigration laws, which was plenty enough to establish my credibility
without being parted like vulgar cattle at the borders for 19 months ½!
You need to remember that I not only had no criminal records but also a
Masters degree in Psychology from Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada,
including working experiences in various departments of the Canadian

They DESECRATED our marriage when God CONSECRATED us and this, I will
always REMEMBER until my last breath! By the time I was reunited with
my husband, another round was to begin this time with the VA "crappy"
hospital system. Yes, the VA system is a very bad one:

and Ash told me the 8th floor of the Albany VA medical center was under
investigation when he was there from Oct. 19th, 2006 to Nov. 22nd, 2006.

Therefore, I certainly will not take more desecration from the
authorities on powertrip, going as far as almost not allowing me to
bury my own husband on December 11th, 2006. Without talking about our
Christmas gift 2006 from US Immigration, which was to turn me back in
Canada and the reason was this one: "they saw my face on t.v. and we
were married! and therefore, I could not visit him, I had to wait the
end of the Immigration process."

I am not only a Permanent Resident but also am an American according to
God’s word and God’s word supercedes human laws but even as a Permanent
Resident, the law protects me from that type of desecration.

My victimization and desecration is over in Jesus’ name, the Jesus of
the Bible, Mr. McHugh. In fact, I am more than sick of it. The US
Constitution is protecting me as a Permanent Resident and therefore, I
want to have a letter from you to show to the authorities when this
forced vaccination will come to prove them that according to my
Constitutional Rights, I do not want those vaccines and if they are so
good, they just have to take "good care" of themselves with it and
further have Alzheimer down the road because of this "crap" in their

As a Permanent Resident of the United States, I want my health to be
protected against this intrusion and desecration of the temple of the
Holy Spirit, my body.

With Kind Regards,

Marie M. Buchanan

Give me Liberty or Give me Death! ~ Patrick Henry

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time towrite
Congressman John McHugh about your issue. Our office has received your
email and will respond as soon as possible.

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