I looked at your e-mail.. how did you manage to attract the attention
of all these elitist clans-people? I am hiding his identity because he
seems to have asked this question in order to understand what was going
on, not to accuse me because you know me by now, I have no problems to
expose a rat all over the Internet.

Marie’s comments: He was referring to the Pope of PA, namely Eric Jon Phelps
Here’s a bit about “Brother Phelps TM”




there is many people out there who know the “Internet Phelps” (like I
knew him) not the real guy and they have admiration for the wrong guy,
he is not what he is projecting to be, of course he is not saying: “I am an Aryan/White Supremacist, I am a bigot, I am a Misogynistic and more importantly, I am a deceiver”. I know there are good people out there they would be willing to give their very lives to this guy and I was one of them. He is not worth even 1 sec. of your attention and not even a dime from you. People of color: Stop to support him! Since he wants to build his White Nation somewhere in America, let him have it without your support! He has no support from the Whites, I mean no financial support!

Me: The same way I attracted DHS…how about that?
Me: Don’t you know the folks willing to “help” are the sharks?
Me: So this d*** Phelps preyed on me because I had nowhere to go thanks to this Department of Homeland Stupidity.
Me: So now, if you could please excuse me Sir, I am trying to put the broken pieces together and sell this book.
See, the last thing I need is to be seen as “inadequate” and that’s the
first thing folks think when I say what happened to me. I know the
devil hates me and even this d*** Phelps told me like this would be a
new that the devil hates me.
Me: I’ll take care of myself because most folks could care less if I’d live or die. Take care.

This is what it is doing to your life to be under DHS

Marie’s comments: I must add that Ash’s family did harm me more. More in the book, you must get it.  I have a few other friends in the US but they aren’t in my personal life, at least not yet.

I will not forward your articles (because I am able to do posts about
those topics even if my posts would be from a different perspective,
the important thing is to warn people, right?) before you will
understand me, which I do not think will be easy since you did not
experiment what I went through and not try to find wrong in somebody
who was the victim from top to the bottom of this society and now would
be the scapegoat? If I would turn to become a prostitute in my mess, I
would have more understanding (men in general love prostitutes) than
the fact I remain chaste, which is odd these days so she surely is some
sort of pervert because she is surely hiding something here. I do hate
this life and I am more than sick of it and that’s why it’s 2:00 a.m.
and I am not finding sleep because I am sick of it.


This Pope of PA shown me his gun already. He
might want to come here and kill me after realizing what I did with his
character assassination and I do not own a gun to this date and hour
and I do hope somebody in my state will be Patriot enough to help me in
this area, if of course, it’s not way too much to ask. I want to become a fine shot a.s.a.p., I know a gun is a must to have on the American Continent.
That’s probably dangerous to think that way, some shark will come to supposedly show me how to shot.

Yes, nobody can brag that he slept with me since I am in America, except to
be a liar and a deceiver because that never happened. He
would have to tell specific details about my body and this is
impossible because nobody saw my body unless MODESTLY dressed and I am
proud to be a Lady.

I just reviewed my translation because the guy who did a character
assassination on the internet after taking advantage of me because DHS
was playing with me like a cat is playing with a mouse before killing
it so there was another shark ready to make me bleed more by allowing
me to be under his roof in order to take advantage of the situation so
if he ever would go ahead and publish it (which would be his style)
even if according to the law, you need to hire somebody to claim a Copyright and to take advantage of somebody is not to hire somebody,
for food and board and I had a meal a day so I lost 35 pounds in few
months) he is exposing himself to severe penalties under the Copyright

before I’ll forget it since the Pope of PA did not pay me but took
advantage of me , I ended up in a very bad neighborhood where the cops
are visiting regularly (drugs next door and bars all around) because
all I could afford is to pay a 400 bucks/month rent apartment,IF I can
afford that much for an apartment according to my budget on the widow
pension. Not later than yesterday September 8th, the only decent
neighbor got his truck pock by a bottle of beer by a jerk who throw his
bottle on it. Isn’t that wonderful, people to mess with me and nobody
to care? Isn’t it?

That’s how good my personal life is. The only thing I do is: work and fight.
Work and fight and work and fight. Nobody around to take a break and
enjoy life. What life is that anyway when the New World Order killed my
own husband?

1) Am I supposed to act like nothing happened after this forced partition at the US/Canadian borders;

2) plus this VA hospital who did mess his liver more than it was and;

3) finally this private hospital who did not even offer a dialysis even if
I asked the Congressman McHugh to call the hospital officials on Dec.
1st, 2006 and that he called them on Dec. 2nd, 2006 but this doctor did
not change his mind?;  Am I supposed to act like nothing happened when they murdered Ashley by not EVEN OFFERING A DIALYSIS?

4)  Am I supposed to act like nothing happened when in fact they almost
drop me like a garbage bag in Canada on Dec. 11th, 2006, which almost
prevented me to bury my own husband?;

5)  More recently people took advantage of the situation that DHS was
playing with me like Ash’s sister, for instance who deducted from the
ridiculous amount for the house (which was 5000 and it’s all gone, I
got it more than a year ago so don’t communicate with me thinking I
have something left! – better to be safe than sorry those days…) 500
bucks that her husband gave to me, 500 other bucks she “allegedly” gave
to me and another 323 bucks because she wanted me to reimburse what she
paid when she sent Ash’s books to him when I was stuck in Canada yet oh
and without mentioning the fact what was my own in the garage (and I
cared about Ash’s theological books) was either stolen by Stephen
Buchanan or Anne Green Buchanan – Anne allegedly did a police report
but would not mention that was Stephen in order to “protect” him
because he is well known by the police in NC and; (the details of this
is in my book because I am providing official documents – I don’t care
who stole me, the family did – it’s precise enough, they can dispute
the crown of who is the most evil, I don’t care…)

6) the Pope of PA is now doing a character assassination of me on the internet? Am I supposed to
be happy and smile? You think somebody would care if he would come
here, bring his gun that he shown me one day and kill me?;

7) and more recently harassed by the Tribal Police? (last Saturday)

But God is good even if Satan is obviously the god of this world and he
really seems to want to take all the opportunities he has to his
disposition to kill me. I would immigrate elsewhere a.s.a.p. if I could
because US/Canada is about to be judged and it will be horrible here
and nobody decent (I am talking about decent friendship here) to care
for me in my personal life.

For more infos, (but not about Phelps) buy the book



  1. he calls me Louise. He knows who I am. My post to him: ok. I thought you would hate me for telling you the truth. I am willing to die for the truth and in fact, I\’m on my way out because it is to be a Patriot to love your husband the way I did because I knew who was Bush back in December 2001 and I though Ash was worth of passing through all this crap but I did not know he would die that quick but if I would know, I would come anyway because to spend one day wiht this man was better than to spend hundred of years with a punk. I lost my family: Mr. Skip in Oct. 2006, Ash in Dec. 06 and Mrs. Dah in Oct. 07 and I probably am next. The next life is far better because I do know God loves me and He proved to me at the Calvary cross. I love Him to death as well because He loved me first. Talk to you later, Sir. Louise:-)

  2. Here\’s a post I did further to your specific question: "I looked at your e-mail.. how did you manage to attract the attention of all these elitist clans-people?" Your identity is hiden because here\’s what I think of you: I am hiding his identity because he seems to have asked this question in order to understand what was going on, not to accuse me because you know me by now, I have no problems to expose a rat all over the Internet. So here\’s the post: Title: LETTER TO MY FELLOW AMERICAN PATRIOT. The address: http://profiles.yahoo.com/blog/Y6XQ6QYZD2FLXP5B2GFKJID4AY?eid=uM9KvPNnzXyptl2kW7QZvtJEMW6K4N5txIaDFIj50wkNHOHR9w Hopes this helps you to understand better and please do not hesitate to ask any questions because I am not in this spot because I\’m a "domestic terrorist" even if I might soon be FALSELY accused of that. Sincerely, Louise:-) We might even post comments below the post. There\’s a place for that. In Christ Jesus\’ service first and foremost and serving America second

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