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Description – The Eagle and The Maple Leaf

The government loves you to death …

US Immigration under the
Department of Homeland Security first did not even respect the US
Constitution because we have a Militarized Northern border and they
were not supposed to separate a couple because not only we had our
marriage certificate but our union was already consummated and I did
not have a return date on my Passport. It was not only unconstitutional
but was a desecration of our couple and destruction of our plans and

They went as far as to dare to ask
the proof of his US citizenship when in fact he provided them he was
born on a military base, which makes you automatically a US Citizen and
served the US Navy, which makes you automatically a US Citizen.

Then the VA hospital system, which
is part of the government, messed with his liver. Just 6 days after his
hospital release, he had to enter in the emergency unit because his
kidneys were beginning to shut down.

In only 3 weeks, from Nov. 3rd to
Nov. 22nd, I saw two deaths caused by unspeakable negligence, without
mentioning I regularly saw people endangered by negligence.

Don’t let this become your story …

I hope by reading this story it will give you insights to just some of the pitfalls dealing with the US government.

They continue their depopulation
program by letting the poor die in the hospitals. That is what happened
to Ashley at the last hospital and I unfortunately can not say the
Congressman was not part of the problem, he surely was….but he was my
only “intelligent” recourse to stop this insanity. Nimesh Desai did not
EVEN offer a dialysis further to his call on December 2 nd , 2006.

So this is an illustration of how
the government loves it’s own Military and Honorably Discharged
Veterans to death, but the government had concocted plans for you as
well with those industrial quantities of mass graves, incinerators,
FEMA trains, FEMA camps and crematory coffins. You think after all of this I do not believe those horror stories they are telling us about the Martial Law coming soon? I
would be a fool to not believe the New World Order plans for you and me
and I would be heartless to not share with you my story to warn you.

We actually are
trying to influence the Military, to retire Veterans with Honorable
Discharges, and not add to crimes on US Citizens by participating in
forcing the Swine Flu Vaccinations

Open Letter to Military Soldiers-Forced Swine Flu Vaccine by Deborah Reid

Open Letter to Military Soldiers-Forced Swine Flu Vaccine by Marie Buchanan

and to sign this petition against the Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

and this National ID card

God Bless America.


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