My late husband’s thoughts on that matter.

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— On Thu, 2/9/06, Ashley wrote:

From: Ashley
Subject: Re: ACPN & Truthministries
To: "DeBPrpht" <>
Date: Thursday, February 9, 2006, 1:44 AM

Hi, Well
Canada and the US aren’t as chummy as they once were (Bush is planning
to build a wall between us). It seems that as long as you’re only
visiting to spend money and have no relatives there (either side) then
everything is fine. I have spent entire summers in Canada camping,
fishing, etc. and Marie has been to the US more than once as a visitor
too. Now that we are married Canada won’t let me in without going
through the immigration process and the US won’t let Marie in without
an immigrant Visa. We were married in North Carolina and had no idea
that marriage these days put you in the same class
as potential
terrorist. Seems if you’re just sleeping/living together or a gay
couple,then there’s no problem, but classic families are all but
illegal. I know the end is very close when gay couples and fornicators
are preferred over a minister and his wife of the opposite sex.



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