Just a back up concerning Karl W.B. Schwarz…



Description: He is the President and CEO of I-nets Security Systems, a DESIGNER OF INTELLIGENCE and UAV systems

Title: Karl Schwarz, chief executive of COMMAXXESS


to the Christians in America, it is published below anyway.
Schwarz’s quote: "Before becoming an Ecumenical Christian, I started off in life as a Lutheran".
Karl W.B. Schwarz is Ecumenical Christian:


From: "Karl W B Schwarz" < kwbschwarz@chello.hu> Add to Address Book
To: "’Marie Buchanan’" < marielovesashley@yahoo.ca>
CC: "’Jud Witham’" < jurisnot2@yahoo.com>

Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 10:19:14 -0400

You need to read why I fired that person who wrote that. Slander is slander.


I have no interest in your soap opera.

Jud, you send me any more of her trash take me off yours too.



From: Marie Buchanan [mailto: marielovesashley@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2007 10:38 AM
To: Jud Witham; Freedom_of_Information@yahoogroups.com; touchof destiny
Cc: kwbschwarz@comcast.net; Our groups;

To ALL Concerned:

I’ll tell you what happened and since my husband is dead, I have nothing left to lose.

The Immigration border agent Mona Scott is the one who most likely lied
to the Canadian Officials about my husband because she did a stupid
mistake so instead of admitting her stupid mistake, she preferred to
destroy my husband’s reputation. The reason why I know that is because
of what Karl Schwarz heard, what Mrs. Leblanc at the Immigration office
at Hull told me and also what Joseph Soares from the Ministry of
Transport, Infrastructures and Communities (he was the political
advisor of the Minister) told me on March 2006 concerning what he heard
about my husband. I don’t think Karl Schwarz, Joseph Soares and Mrs.
Leblanc lied to me. Mona Scott is the only one who had a "advantage" to
lie concerning my husband because she was supposed to let Ashley pass
according to the Amended Immigration Law, Paragraph 36 (2) (B) because
5 years were elapsed since the last DWI and the last DWI of my husband
was almost 10 years ago.

Dear Jud, I am not surprised
at all. Ashley and I were treated like terrorists on Nov. 3rd, 2004 and
we did not see each other when HE NEEDED ME THE MOST BECAUSE HE WAS
VERY SICK. We did not see each other for 19 months so all we had left
to live with each other was exactly 5 1/2 months.

we were at the Prescott Port of Entry, they put my husband in a tiny
jail for a good 4 hours removing all his pills like he would be a kid.
It was told to me it was the "procedure". Ya right. After, Mona Scott
entered about 7:15 a.m. and even before going to her office so even
before opening my husband’s file she told me: "Ashley won’t enter
Canada today" and she added in French: "This is not a good new, doesn’t
it"? in a condescending way. Ashley understood from his cell she was
racist towards a French Canadian.

Jud: thank you for
having the guts to tell the truth. I am fighting until I’ll get my
husband’s reputation restablished because I have his original file from
North Carolina and there was nothing special in there and I could show
that to the Minister of Immigration Canada.

By the way,
since Karl W.B. Schwarz believed what he heard about my husband, I have
all the liberty to believe what I heard about him online as well.

In His Service,


Jud Witham < jurisnot2@yahoo.com> wrote:

To ALL Comcerned:

My Family and I owned a 30 acre property in BC Canada yet were treated
like TERRORISTS at the BC Border Station by Canadian Border Security.
My wife, children and I were THREATENED to withdraw applications for
CITIZENSHIP were NEVER APPLIED FOR and were NOT allowed to go to our
VACATION PROPERTY. BS Border Security has REFUSED to provide us with
even an ANSWER regarding WHAT they reviewed or what they were TOLD
regarding us. CAN you help ???

Judson Witham

Please more fully explain THE WAY "Deemed Undesirable" comes about ! How to CANADIAN OFFICIALS make such a DETERMINATION ?

Judson Witham

Marie Buchanan < marielovesashley@yahoo.ca> wrote:

Karl sent me two emails on December 5th, 2005 and this is the relevant one to the topic – sorry.

Thank you for your comprehension. ..I tried to correct the mistake a.s.a.p….

============ ========= =======

Dear Karl W. B. Schwarz:

I am not emailing you to ask for help and I am not bothering you for
long (I am not bothering God but I am bothering you) so I am keeping
this email very simple. All I want is to set the records straight with

1) My heart of Gold, my godly and intelligent
husband (member of the Prestigious Who’s Who) Ashley McDonald Buchanan,
with whom you spoke with on the phone at the beginning of our forced
partition at the borders died December 5th, 2006; in fact, he died
exactly one year after the email you sent to me below.

2) I saw the original criminal file of my husband because he had
nothing to hide from me. When I was in Canada, I did not ask a copy of
it even if the Officials (and you) told me Ashley was "deemed
undesirable" because I known I could trust him, I known Ashley McDonald
Buchanan. He shown me where his criminal file was in case that would
interest me but I did not care to go there while he was alive because I
had no doubts in my mind. I decided to take a little peak two months
after his death and more in details April 1st. There is nothing inside
it to flag a red flag and please remember as a starting point Karl that
Ashley left North Carolina State to be in New York State so that should
indicate you something.

Somebody lied to the Officials
you spoke with as well as the ones who spoke to me. That is somebody
who "needed" to lie and I think I know who is responsible – at least I
know exactly where I would start an investigation if I would be a
Canadian Official. I CAN NOT ACCEPT THAT.

With the
records I have with me, I could challenge the Minister of Immigration
himself and that would be a child’s game if of course he would believe
the U.S. Officials of North Carolina and their U.S. Official papers and
if I would have a worthy witness with me – maybe a good camera crew –
(not from Canada because except me, nobody cared about the rights and
reputation of Reverend Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D.as a U.S. Citizen
from Nov. 3rd, 2004 to his death) at this interview but I do not have
68 U.S. millions invested in Canada for getting his attention. No, I
won’t send a copy of the certified copies of the originals with no
careful attention simply because when Ashley submitted it in Canada, it
automatically entered in a "distortion machine process" (I am not
asking for your indirect help here, I am just exposing the fact that I
am not the Queen of England nor the Prime Minister of Canada but I am
precious in God’s sight and Ashley is definitively worth my
determination inside my current situation and that is why I am setting
the record straight with you, Mr. Karl W. B. Schwarz by sending you
this email. That’s all.

I hold nothing against you
because God allowed me to understand exactly what happened but I am
extremely angry towards the ones who messed our lives all right for
nothing and I trust God to give them natural consequences like to lose
their job because they are not worth of this position since these were
on their little stupid power trip.

Bottom line is: I
want you to know that Ashley was a very good person with a little
criminal file. I was most definitively right to have admiration for him
even if Satan was really against us and I am most definitively right to
continue my fight for what happened to him.

I am most definitively heart broken.

Standing for the Truth and the Justice by Jesus, my Lord and Savior

Marie Buchanan

Published at:

My posts at APFN

Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:23


…The shit is definitively hitting the fan…

Sat Oct 31, 2009 14:56


Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:56


Support H.R.6034 to end the widow penalty
Sat Mar 28, 2009 17:50

For Ash’s birthday 08
Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:12

Re: Memorandum on Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada’s West Coast (part 2)


Witness states that there is a direct link between criminal and pedophile
networks involving aboriginal politicians in both Musqueam and Cowichan
nations because of traditional kinship ties across Georgia Straight. Witness
claims that Joe BECKER, Delbert GUERIN and Andrew CHARLES are linked to
Cowichan chiefs who are heavily involved in the drug trade, illegal fishing
and pedophile rings operating out of Nanaimo
, centred around the HARRIS family of the Chemainus First Nation.

In December of 2005, the witness compiled these allegations into a letter to
Amnesty International, and sent with this letter forensic samples of the
alleged human remains unearthed by Witness #3 at the Musqueam burial site
visited by the PICTONs. This letter and package were returned to the witness
unopened. Both witness and Witness #3 live in daily fear for their lives.

Witness #5:An aboriginal man, age fifty five, who is
traditional hereditary chief of the Chemainus Nation in Oyster
Bay , BC , on Vancouver
Island . Given name is Steven SAMPSON jr., he resides on his
traditional family land near Shell
Beach .. He has lived
all of his life in proximity with the people described in his statement, and
as a traditional chief and a former activist in the American Indian Movement
and the Red Power Movement, he has direct and personal knowledge of the facts
alleged herein. Statement made during the period 3-19 June, 2005, in Shell Beach .

Witness claims that the present leadership of the Chemainus First Nation is
deeply involved in illegal activity, and are responsible for murders on the
local reserves. This leadership revolves around George HARRIS and George, Ed
and Peter SEYMOUR, whom witness claim operate the local drug and child
trafficking and child porn networks in conjunction with Nanaimo criminal Willie CURRIE. CURRIE
operates a local equivalent of the PICTON “Pig Farmâ€Â
 in a house on Jingle Pot Road in Nanaimo , where he has raped and murdered
numerous young girls, including Lisa Marie DEYONG in 2004.

Witness states that George HARRIS is closely connected to the GUERIN-SPARROW
clique in Musqueam, and engages in illegal fishing and drug importation
practices with them across Georgia Straight. The parents of HARRIS, Irene and
Lawrence HARRIS, were Catholic church-sponsored “watchmenâ€Â
 who transported
dren into the Kuper Island
Residential School
during the 1940’s and ‘50’s, and who were descended from
collaborating puppet “chiefsâ€Â
 set up by Catholic missionaries in the 19thcentury.

Witness claims that the HARRIS clique have tried to force him and his family
off their land for years, through physical intimidation, murder, poisoning
their water, and attempting to kill off the SAMPSON blood line through
involuntary sterilizations inflicted on both of the witness’ sons,
Troy and Steve, at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC.

Witness #6:Aboriginal woman in her mid-fifties, given name
is Bernice WILLIAMS (native name SKUNDAAL), of Haida and Nuu-Chah-Nulth
ancestry. Member of the Downtown Eastside Womens’ Centre in Vancouver,
and an activist since the 1970’s with native and womens’ groups
across B.C. Statement made on April 3 and April 28, 2006, in Vancouver , B.C.

Witness claims that a senior Vancouver
police officer named Dave DICKSON is responsible for the rape and murder of
numerous aboriginal women in the downtown eastside. DICKSON holds a senior
position of responsibility in the Missing Womens’ Task Force and is
very prominent in the downtown eastside of Vancouver , serving on community liaison

Witness claims that she has been attacked on several occasions by policemen
and women associated with DICKSON because of her investigation into the
missing women. In February, 2006, witness was attacked without warning by
five policemen in an alley of the two hundred block east Hastings , was
struck in the head, pepper-sprayed and handcuffed, and was being forced into
a police van for a “midnight rideâ€Â
, during which she expected to be
Witness screamed for help
and a local resident saw the attack, and raised a furor, at which point the
police let the witness go. A similar attack and near-murder was inflicted on
witness’ co-worker, Carol MARTIN.

Witness confirms the statements of Witness #1, Annie PARKER, concerning the
identity of Bruce MICHAELSON and other police connected to the disappearance,
torture, rape and murder of women in Vancouver .

Witness claims that the disappearance of Vancouver aboriginal women as part of the
aforementioned “Hooker Gameâ€Â
 is directly connected to the murder of women in northern B.C. along the
so-called “Highway of Tearsâ€Â
, and is being actively covered-up by government, judges and police in B.C.

5. Witness
claims that she and her associates at the Downtown Eastside Womens’
Centre (DEWC) face continual harassment by the police and by former DEWC
senior staff, some of whom actively resisted their efforts to expose the
murderers of aboriginal women in Vancouver
. Witness claims that these staff and others are aware of the identity of
these murderers and are working with city police and others to conceal their

6. Witness claims that the disappearance of women in the downtown eastside is
related to the drug trade which is heavily controlled by the Vancouver police, the RCMP, and their
underworld associates. Drugs are imported from overseas, especially from
Asia, in magnetic containers attached to the outer hulls of deep-sea vessels
moored at Ballentyne Pier on Vancouver ‘s
waterfront. The unloaded drugs are supervised by police and loaded into
ambulances driven by Vancouver

7. Witness also claims that many of the disappeared women were Indian
residential school survivors, and were killed because of their knowledge of
the involvement of church and government officials in the deaths of children
in the residential schools… Witness mentions at least one murdered woman,
Ms. Obotsway, who was threatening to "tell all" about such murders
just before she disappeared in the summer of 1998, after she attended a
session of the UN affiliated Tribunal into residential schools organized by

Witness #7:Aboriginal
woman, now deceased, age seventy three at time of her demise. Given name was
Harriett NAHANEE, native name Tsebeoilt, of the Squamish native band in North Vancouver .
Witness died in Vancouver prison in February 2007 after being arrested soon
after mounting a legal challenge against the government-funded Squamish band
council for their alleged illegality in selling off land without permission
for 2010 Olympic "Sea to Sky" highway. Interviews were conducted
over a four year period during 1995-6, and then again 2001-2003.

1. Witness claimed that she witnessed the murder of a fellow student while
incarcerated at the United Church residential school in Port Alberni , BC ,
December 24, 1946. Victim’s name was Maisie Shaw, age 14, murdered by
Principal Alfred Caldwell. (Vancouver Sun, December 18, 1995) Witness
claimed that many children at the Alberni school were used in pedophile rings
involving senior church and police officials, and that this ring continues to
the present day and in Vancouver, is based out of the elite Vancouver Club at
915 West Hastings.

2. Witness claimed to have witnessed the transportation of two children from
her home Squamish Indian reserve to the backdoor of the Vancouver Club on an
evening in February, 1999. A white stretch limosine picked up two local
native children, ages eight and nine years old, wearing heavy makeup, and was
followed by NAHANEE and aboriginal reporter Noel LITTLE to the rear of the
Vancouver Club.. Witness departed, but the site was monitored by LITTLE until
approx. 3 am, when both children appeared form the back door carport entrance
of the Club. They appeared hurt and disoriented. LITTLE attempted to speak to
and interview the children. He was quickly grabbed from behind by unkown
assailants, knocked unconscious, and his tape recorder was stolen. The
children vanished and were never seen again.

3. Witness claimed that several Squamish band council chiefs and staff
members are actively involved in providing children from their reserve to the
Vancouver Club pedophile ring, and receive judicial protection from Supreme
Court judges ESSON and MACEACHERN. Witness claimed that native lawyer Renate
AUGER had the Vancouver Club infiltrated in the fall of 1993, and obtained
photographs of ESSON engaged sexually with a young boy under ten years old.
AUGER was subsequently disbarred and her life was threatened, she fled the
province and the photos disappeared.

4. Witness claimed that in the fall of 1998, after speaking at the U.N.
Tribunal into residential schools, she was approached by a man named James
CRAVEN and offered money if she would publicly denounce her ally, Kevin
ANNETT, and join a government-sponsored "black ops" smear campaign
against ANNETT. CRAVEN told witness that he had received FBI training in
surveillance and had worked with undercover groups monitoring the Vancouver
Club. CRAVEN confirmed to witness the pedophile activity at the Club and
spoke of his knowledge of the involvement of United Church
lawyer and national church official Jon JESSIMAN in the Club pedophile ring.
(JESSIMAN led the campaign to expel and defrock Kevin ANNETT from the United
Church after ANNETT uncovered the link between the Alberni residential school
sex ring and the Vancouver Club, while a minister in Port Alberni.CRAVEN
continues to incite people against ANNETT with classic smear tactics and


I, Jeremiah Jourdain, of
360 Columbia Street
in Vancouver ,
B.C., do solemnly declare and swear that these statements and the facts
alleged herein were shared with me by each of the persons named as witnesses
in this memorandum, and were recorded by meon video cameraon the
dates given.


Jeremiah Jourdain

March 1, 2009

Vancouver, B.C.


(signed in the
original and on deposit with a lawyer outside Canada and with International
Human Rights monitoring groups)

these criminals MUST be exposed, stopped & brought to justice! It is
EVERYONE’S responsibility to expose this kind of EVIL! Oursociety, &
indeed, our very survival depends upon it.

Do you
want that black mark on your Soul?

hard on these questions people – you who would turn a blind eye, so as to not
"rock the boat"

As always,
the choice is yours.

Now go
ahead and make the RIGHT choice – the obvious choice.
–Luke 3:16

Re: Memorandum on Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada’s West Coast


Dear James,

First, thank you very much
for those pertinent and important information. I am glad to know you.

Please excuse the fact
that I will be short and sweet because I can not do otherwise right now since
this is not my computer
. (my computer is messed up again after
recording from youtube videos against this
Antichrist,"Maitreya". Nevertheless, I certainly want to
forward your very important comments to my groups, as well as Tim White who can
also really appreciate what you are saying and BTW, I am glad to know Tim White
as well. I really do like you both because of what you did/are doing.

In His Service,

— On Mon, 12/21/09, Jade Iconoclast

From: Jade Iconoclast
Subject: Re: Memorandum on Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction,
Torture, Exploitation and Murder of Women and Children on Canada’s West Coast
To: "Marie " < >
Date: Monday, December 21, 2009, 12:59 AM

I’m not surprised at the masonic involvement with
these stories, and
feel sorry at seeing such whistleblowing to the public that gets no
results, as with my serious long story.

A freemason told me that they get job preference by putting Lodge
info on applications (Hobbies & Interests section)… especially gov
jobs with high salaries and the best medical possible. Masons infiltrate
all levels of gov with purpose, and their purpose lately is a policy of
ruining the USA
every way as per the Novus Ordo Secular plot.

Ex ONI officer William Cooper exposed masonic control of
DIA/CIA/NSA/ONI, among other things, & gov shot him dead in a NSA staged

I know the P2 Lodge is a cult of murderers, from
refusing an
initiation murder ritual offered by a mafia lawyer with national
security clearance & masonic affiliations. When I refused, NSA arranged
for the lawyer to get diplomatic immunity from prosecution via arranged
marriage of the lesbian lawyer to Saudi prince Raoul.

And when I refused, NSA murdering framer terrorism commenced on
which caused me to request refugee status in Canada in 1993 (refused).
One cover up I witnessed involved a PD chief run child
ring that victimized my then 10 year old daughter, 2000 miles away. I
sent a private investigator undercover to bust it, and a raid netted a
mutual blackmail photo collection incriminating the chief, 2 officers, 2
city council members and others.

But NSA intervened, citing the national security
immunity of the
chief, and ALL went free of charge.
Unelected PD chiefs are NSA deputies, chosen from an NSA list of
candidates, authorized to cover up for any kind of crime in the name of
national security or diplomatic immunity, and kill or frame or
neutralize witnesses.

The lawyer had told me that NSA would rig my lawsuit to win if
join P2, and my problems with NSA & the mafia over the Green River cover
up would be over, and I have fortune and fame.

That proved to me that corruption is masonic and organized via
the law NSA. Yes, I believe those stories of murderous corruption in
involving gov officials and prominent people. It’s true in the
also. Down with masonic infiltration of all levels of gov!

Amendment 10 negates unconstitutional fed powers, like the 1947
National Security Act, UNpatriot Acts, international "agreements",
federal police agencies like DHS/FBI/BATF/DEA. Federal referendums =
power to the people, once elections are unrigged.
Rev 19:11/19, Isaiah 24:21-22, Matt.13:49-50, Psalm 110:1-6 KJV (109
other versions), Ephesians 6:12, 2 Kings 10:19-30 KJV (4 Kings oher
versions)… then consider the VIPs doing Baalist rituals at Bohemian


Dear Tim,

Thank you so much to bring
those informations to me. Those informations are also published here:
because I don’t want you tohave the APFN
because they could not publish it entirely.

Now I know that RCMP is as
corrupted as the NSA, FBI and CIA but I was kinda lead to believe this in the
first place because of my dealings with a cold Canadian government who created
my problem in the first place with Immigration Canada, along with the Department
of Homeland Security.

If I had more than a 1GB
computer, this would go worldwide but I might anyway. Here is the media list I
would/might use – I thought my friend (you) might want to use it:
(that’s my way to thank you)

In the meantime, I thought
to bring to your attention this link I found:

Will follow very soon the stupid comments of a Canadian government worshipper.
I personally decided to ignore her and I
righfully decided to block and remove her from my mailing list because she is
too ignorant on what is really going on in Canada so she is not worth my time,
not even one second of it. Knowledge is power..

From: Tim White

Reporter Deborah Horne" , "ProducerKIRO 710
Radio_Libby Denkman" , "KIRO 710 Radio_Dori
Monson’s Producer ‘Phil’" , "KIRO 710
Radio_Dave Ross" , "KIRO 710 Radio_Dave
Ross" , "KOMO-TV Keith Eldridge"
, "KOMO TV-4 Bryan Johnson"
, "KOMO-TV Dan Lewis" ,
BC" , ben@ mountain-wave.ca, "Dan
CassidyAssignment Editor" , "Billy
Cox" , "-1A- David
Deschesne" , dhawkins@
dcexaminer.com, editor@ dissidentvoice.org, editor@ insider-magazine…com,
editor@ mercedsun-star.com, editor@ rockcreekfreepress.com, "Arthur
Topham" , "Kevin D Bent President
and Publisher" , "Peter Boyles"
, "Valerie Casselton Executive
Editor" , "Lenny Charles"
, "Richard Fletcher Executive Editor"
, "Patricia GrahamEditor-in-Chief
Vancouver Sun" ,"Georgia
Straight"info@ straight.com, jesper@ washingtontimes.com, judi@
canadafreepress.com, "Kirk LaPointeManaging Editor"
"The Toronto Star" , "The Toronto

—– Original Message —–



March 12, 2009 10:52 PM

on Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and
Murder of Women and Children on Canada ‘s
West Coast

From the Files of the
Community Task Force on the Disappeared – Downtown Eastside of Vancouver

Memorandum on
Eyewitness Evidence of the Organized Abduction, Torture, Exploitation and
Murder of Women and Children on Canada ‘s West Coast


An organized system of abduction, exploitation, torture and murder of large
numbers of women and children appears to exist on Canada ’s west
coast, and is operated and protected in part by sectors of the RCMP, the
Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the judiciary, and members of the British
Columbia government and federal government of Canada , including the Canadian

2. This system is highly funded and
linked to criminal organizations including the Hell’s Angels, the Hong
Kong Triad, and unnamed individual “free lanceâ€Â
 mobsters from Vancouver and
the USA
. It is funded in part by a massive drug trade, with which it is intimately

3. This system is decades-old and has
been supplied for many years with women and children from aboriginal reserves
and residential schools, with the paid collusion of lawyers, clergy and
officials of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, along
with state-funded aboriginal leaders and officials of the Department of
Indian Affairs.

4. This system is international in
scope, Vancouver being one spoke in a wheel of pedophilia, sex slavery, human
organ black markets, “snuffâ€Â
 films and violent child pornography that has outlets throughout the Pacific Rim world,
particularly in China and Thailand.

5. This system relies upon a network
of complicity extending to the highest levels of power in Canada and other nations,
involving coroners, judges, doctors, clergy, politicians and social workers,
as well as the media. It also relies upon a network of “body dumping groundsâ€Â
 and mass graves,
located in remote rural areas or on

aboriginal reserves and both church and Crown land, where human remains are
regularly disposed of by RCMP officers.

This system is kept in place because of a practice and philosophy of
tolerance and protection by the established police, judicial, military,
church and governmental institutions in Canada and elsewhere. The crimes
committed by individual officers of the police, churches, court and
government against women and children caught in this system are known and
tolerated by these institutions.

Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitness #1:Caucasian woman, age forty nine, domiciled in Vancouver at 2618 West 8thAvenue
, ph: 778-386-7024.Given
name of witness is Annie PARKER, who claims to have personal knowledge of the
allegations made herein. Statement video-recorded on 16 February 2006, in Vancouver .

The witness states that during the spring of 2000, she was severely assaulted
by an officer of the RCMP, Bruce MICHAELSON, in her Vancouver home after requesting RCMP
assistance to deal with harassment from her ex-husband. MICHAELSON tortured
the witness and compelled her to join what she terms “the hooker
where she learned the
facts alleged

The alleged “hooker gameâ€Â
 is a protected system run by Vancouver police and RCMP officers in which
prostitutes are arrested, drugged, raped and sometimes filmed as part of
violent pornographic and “snuffâ€Â
 movies, in which they are tortured
and killed on
film. The women killed
in this manner are then disposed of at special body dumping sites monitored
by the police.

The witness claims that there are two levels of the “hooker gameâ€Â
: the simplest
level involves the arrest, drugging and

raping of prostitutes, then releasing them. The witness estimates that at
least one-quarter of all Vancouver policemen take part in this level of the
“hooker gameâ€Â
, and that the rest of the
police force as well as the Mayor and Chief of Police are aware of it. The
higher level of the game involves the use of prostitutes in snuff and
pornographic films, and in torturing and murdering them. While unaware of the
details of the more extreme level of the game, most police know of its
existence but do not betray it or its practitioners for fear that their
involvement in the lower level of the game will be exposed.

The witness claims that the drug most commonly used on victims of the “hooker
is SCOPALAMINE, a hypnotic barbituate often
termed a “rape drug”, in which the victim is “zombified”, obeying any
command, and then is unable to

remember the events for some time. However, memory can return, and the fear
of this occurring has prompted MICHAELSON and other participants in the more
extreme game to murder the victims and dispose of their bodies. MICHAELSON is
the key actor in this body disposal system, according to the witness.

Soon after the assault of the witness by MICHAELSON in the spring of 2000,
she was taken by MICHAELSON to one of the locations of the “hooker
a “clubhouse” for policemen in
either the penthouse of the Century Plaza Hotel or in the basement
of the Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver . Witness claims that this
clubhouse hosts a“pornographic
film studio where woman are raped and tortured on filmâ€Â
. MICHAELSON is described by the witness as“a pimp and drug dealer for
all the Vancouver
cops and their friends … a lot of the dealing goes on at the

Witness states that MICHAELSON works out of a North Vancouver RCMP detachment
and is on the city drug squad, having access to large volumes of illicit
drugs that he sells to policemen and others.

At one of the clubhouses described in Point No… 5, the witness was
introduced by MICHAELSON to Willy PICTON and Steven PICTON, who ran and
continue to run a pornography and snuff film business from Port Coquitlam
(alias “Piggy’s Palaceâ€Â
). The witness was subsequently taken by Steven PICTON to the Port Coquitlam site
(alias “Piggy’s Palaceâ€Â
) on several occasions to engage in sex and drugs. At this site, she witnessed young
girls being drugged and raped, including on film, after being brought to the
site by RCMP officers. Witness describes seeing three RCMP officers,
including MICHAELSON, at Piggy’s Palace, engaged in drugs and in
raping women. Witness states that“ten
of the twelve recently murdered women were last seen in the company of RCMP guys..â€Â

At Piggy’s Palace the witness also met Jean-Guy BOUDRAIS or BEAUDRAIS,
whom witness claims is the serial killer responsible for the murder of many
of the women in the downtown eastside of Vancouver over the past ten years.
Witness states that BOUDRAIS is a close associate of MICHAELSON, obtains
women and drugs from him, and relies on MICHAELSON to dispose of his victims
after he has raped, tortured and killed them. Witness says that BOUDRAIS
works for a computer programming company tied to the Canadian military or the
federal government, and gives seminars in Ontario
and Montreal
, where he is domiciled. Witness claims that BOUDRAIS, like MICHAELSON, is a

Witness claims that Steven PICTON is the ringleader of the snuff film
operation that formerly operated out of Piggy’s Palace, and which has
now moved to an undisclosed location in Coquitlam. One of PICTON’s
associates operates a front for snuff films out of a company named
“Goodbye Girlsâ€Â
 at 999 West Broadway in Vancouver . Witness
claims that snuff film victims’ bodies are weighted with cement blocks
and dumped in Beaver Lake in Stanley
Park ..

10. Witness claims that
a snuff film network in Vancouver
involves MICHAELSON, a CBC cameraman named Gerry DUNNE associated with Pogo
Productions, a film maker named Dave COLLINS who owns Lions Gate Studios, an
underworld enforcer named LARRY, a porn film star named Tom TASSE, and the
PICTON brothers. TASSE worked in a snuff film studio in the basement of a North Vancouver home a
few blocks from MICHAELSON’s RCMP office. Snuff films sell for up to
$250,000 and have eager buyers in Asian countries and the USA .

11. Witness was told by
MICHAELSON that he acts as the main supplier of women and drugs for this
snuff film network and for the “hooker gameâ€Â
 with the
assistance of three “dirty copsÃ
¢â‚¬Â: a local policeman named Bob KRISKO, and two RCMP
officers named DAVE and STEVEN. Both of the latter cops are associated with
the Missing Women’s Task Force and use this position to prey on and
rape/murder street women in Vancouver

12. Witness claims
that both DAVE and STEVEN are also associated with BOUDRAIS and have raped
and murdered women with him, including Brianne VOTH, age 19, who was
abducted, raped and drowned in 2004 in Coquitlam by BOUDRAIS and STEVEN, in
association with a prostitute named Stella MALLOWAY.

13. Witness was told by
MICHAELSON that either DAVE or STEVEN own a cabin that serves as a body
dumping site for women killed by them, BOUDRAIS and others. The cabin is
located ten minutes’ drive west of Horseshoe Bay
on the Sea to Sky Highway
, in a hunting camp off a dirt road. Bodies are dumped in a metal cistern at
this site.

14. Witness states that
MICHAELSON introduced her to BOUDRAIS in 2002 and BOUDRAIS abducted her and
drove her to this body dumping site. When witness began screaming and claimed
that others knew she was with him, BOUDRAIS returned her to Vancouver after raping her. While
threatening witness not to talk, BOUDRAIS told her that he and DAVE and
STEVEN murder on average four to six women every year.

15. After this attack by
BOUDRAIS, witness began to seek outside help, including by contacting the FBI
(see Point No.16 below), and as a consequence was nearly killed by
MICHAELSON in retaliation. On January 9 of either 2003 or 2004, MICHAELSON
broke into the Kitsilano apartment of the witness and broke her ribs, jaw and
arm with a baseball bat. MICHAELSON then tied her up, put her in trunk of his
car and drove her to the policemen’s “clubhouseâ€Â
 in the Hotel Georgia basement. MICHAELSON then said to
the witness,“Now
I’ll show you what we do to hookersâ€Â
, and proceeded to torture her with dental
instruments, including on her genitalia, branding her cult-style with an
insignia. MICHAELSON then told the witness“We
own you nowâ€Â
,and put her to work as a prostitute and lure to attract other women
into the game.

16. The witness went to Vancouver General Hospital
for treatment after her torture, and was treated at the Oak street clinic by a Dr. Jean
McLENNAN or McLAREN. A report of her injuries was filed by this doctor with
the Vancouver Police Deaprtment that same week.

17. The
“hooker gameâ€Â
 receives judicial protection from at least one judge, a justice GROBBERMAN, who prior to being a judge
served in the provincial Attorney-General’s office under the very man,
Ernie QUANTZ, who organized a judicial cover-up on behalf of several
prominent pedophiles during the 1980’s. The witness claims seeing
other judges and Prime Minister Paul MARTIN at the policemen’s
clubhouse in downtown Vancouver during the same evening that MICHAELSON and
the PICTON brothers were present, and while drugs and prostitutes were being
used. Also in attendance that evening were members of the Canadian Security
Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Canadian military officers.

18. After she was
attacked by BOUDRAIS, the witness phoned the FBI and asked for an
investigation of BOUDRAIS, which occurred in 2005. The FBI investigators were
misdirected by MICHAELSON to a false witness who shared the same first name
as the witness, and as a result the FBI claimed that there was no evidence
against BOUDRAIS. VPD detective Rabinovitch who assisted the FBI also claimed
that BOUDRAIS could not be found even though he was circulating openly in Vancouver at the same
time. One of the FBI investigators told the witness, however, that
BOUDRAIS’s description matched those of the Green River Killer, a
serial rapist and murderer in the USA who is still at large.

19. Witness claims that
MICHAELSON provides security for foreign diplomats in Vancouver and film industry stars,
including Eddie MURPHY, to whom MICHAELSON introduced the witness in 2002.
Witness claims that MURPHY raped and sadistically assaulted her, slicing her
skin with a knife and leaving permanent scars on her shoulder and neck.(see videotaped interview)Witness
states that MURPHY was also responsible for the death of two women during the
years 2002-3 in Vancouver
: a 21 year old Asian porn actress and a prostitute, both of whom were
provided to MURPHY by MICHAELSON, and whose bodies were disposed of by the
latter after MURPHY had tortured and raped them, and then overdosed them on

20. Witness states
that she reported the attack on her by MURPHY to a Detective SCOTT with the
VPD, along with the claim of MURPHY’s murder of the two women, but
when MICHAELSON learned of the complaint he tortured the witness with a
knife, carving her neck and face,(see
videotaped interview)
threatened to kill her if she pressed charges against MURPHY. Witness then
withdrew her complaint. Detective SCOTT subsequently confirmed to the witness
that MURPHY was responsible for the murders but they had not enough evidence
to prosecute him.

21. Witness believes
that MICHAELSON and his associates are“hunting
prostitutes of intelligenceâ€Â
and are engaged“in
a kind of ethnic cleansing … they target Indians and girls as young as
twelve or thirteen.â€Â
She believes there is a connection between MICHAELSON’s
network and the disappearances of aboriginal women along the Highway of Tears
in northern British Columbia .

22. Witness states that
she is kept under constant electronic surveillance by MICHAELSON and his
associates, and that her apartment keys have been copied by them to allow
their regular access. This is“standard
procedure when it comes to women they have hooked into the gameâ€Â
,according to the witness.

23. All of the facts
described herein by the witness were related by her in person to Linda
Malcolm, a police woman with the VPD in January of 2006, as part of the
Missing Women’s Task Force. No action has been forthcoming.

Further background
on Eyewitness #1:

Annie PARKER states that
she was raised in North Bay, Ontario and was used in a child pedophile ring
in that city by her father, LEN PARKER, who was a prominent Freemason and
newspaper editor who was associated with the NORAD military base in the same city.
Annie PARKER says her father raped and tortured her throughout her childhood,
and was involved in “mind control researchâ€Â
 at the
aforementioned NORAD base.
He often
spoke to her about the so-called “Marionette Syndromeâ€Â
, whereby a subject is rendered into a mentally docile
puppet as the result of extreme torture and trauma. He told the witness that
these experiments were being done on children at the NORAD base by American
researchers, and that the local pedophile ring existed to provide test
subjects to these researchers, as well as child prostitutes to judges and

The witness also claims
that, in 1961, when she was four years old, she and an aboriginal girl named
Rosemary, who was six, were abducted and jailed in a farmhouse owned by
Freemasons where they were serially raped. Rosemary had been abducted from
the local Indian reserve. During the rapes, Rosemary tried to help the
witness escape from the barn and was caught and killed, and then her skull
was displayed in the local Freemason Hall. The witness feels forever indebted
to Rosemary for saving her life, and is committed to helping children like

Eyewitness #2:Caucasian woman, mid fifties, normally domiciled
in Powell River, B.C. but presently living in hiding in Alberta. Given name
is Dagmar STEPHENS. As a former nurse, human resources social worker and
child apprehension court worker in the Powell River
and Zeballos area, the witness claims to have personal knowledge of the
allegations made herein. Statement made during the week of 2-7 February,
2006, by telephone.

Witness states that she was recently forced out of the coastal community of Powell River , B.C. and had her life
threatened because of her firsthand knowledge of the role of local RCMP,
church officials and doctors in the murder of local women and children, and
in the importation of illegal drugs and armaments from overseas.

Witness is a former social and court worker who worked in the aboriginal
community and among youth between 1982 and 2004. She was a member of the Powell River United
Church until forced
from its congregation by ministers Dave NEWELL and Cameron REID after she
claimed that local church members were importing drugs and engaging in
pedophilia.(Note: REID was
one of the two church officials who handed Rev. Kevin ANNETT his summary
dismissal notice in 1995 after ANNETT began to uncover church crimes among
native people in Port Alberni)

Witness has firsthand knowledge that Dr. Harvey HENDERSON of the Zeballos
health clinic is deliberately addicting aboriginal people to a lethal drug
named Oxycotin, a synthetic heroin that induces suicidal behavior. He is
doing so at the behest of officials of the state-funded Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal
Council (NTC) in Port Alberni
, BC , in order for the land of
his murdered patients to be bought up cheaply by NTC officers. HENDERSON has himself bought much native land on the
Ahousat reserve on Flores
Island , which he
services as a doctor and where he freely distributes the Oxycotin drug. In
2005, all of the suicides among the Ahousats occurred while HENDERSON was working there. HENDERSON lives in Sayward
, BC , north of Campbell River .

In 2004, witness observed the unloading of drugs and armaments off a black
seaplane in the Okeover Inlet near Powell River, under the oversight of Bob
PAQUIN, former officer in Quebec secret police and convicted pedophile, Tracy
ELKINS, former officer in the South African army, and Colin McCORMACK and
Roland LEWIS, local businessmen and associates of the Mayor, coroner and
RCMP. Witness claims that these men operate local drug importation with RCMP
protection, and deal drugs to local youth and aboriginals. All three are
local Freemasons and members of Catholic Knights of Malta , along with Stu
ALFGARD, local coroner and pedophile.

Witness claims that a similar drug drop off point is at Bliss Landing seaport
and helicopter pad, north of Powell
River , where Americans
regularly fly in drugs.

Witness began to run afoul of this group when, in 1986, her local youth group
resolved to confront drug use in Powell River schools, and found immediate
resistance to their efforts from the school administration, churches, and
social services. Witness then asked parents and local police to support them,
which they did; an undercover squad of police began to monitor the activities
of aforementioned suspects. But within one year, during 1988, all seven of
these undercover policemen died, including head cop Bruce DENNISTON, and
their deaths were all ruled as being caused by cancer by coroner and
pedophile/drug importer ALFGARD.

Witness claims that in 2002, a local Anglican minister named KAREN died
suddenly after speaking out publicly about the role of the local Masonic
Lodge in suspected drug dealing and pedophilia. Her fellow activist in this
exposure, Foursquare Baptist church pastor Gord FRALIC, quickly moved out of
town after KAREN’s death and relocated to Kelowna ..

Witness is presently residing in Alberta in
fear of her life, after being directly threatened and attacked by Tracy
ELKINS, former South African army officer and principal drug dealer in Powell River area. Witness states that ELKINS
assaulted her and drugged her son after witness continued to investigate
local drug importing networks. Witness claims that BC politicians and Powell River residents Gordon WILSON and Judy
TYABJI were made aware of all of these facts and declined to support her or
the anti-drug educational work of her youth group.

Eyewitness #3:Aboriginal man in his mid forties, resident and
maintenance worker employed at the Musqueam Indian Reserve off 51stAvenue
on the west side of Vancouver , adjacent to
the University
of British Columbia .
Given name of witness is Leslie GUERIN; domiciled at 3908 KeKait Place , Vancouver
, cell phone No.: 778-772-5640. Initial statement made on videotape during
the period 9 May – June 6, 2005, with additional statements made
during period of 3 December – 18 January, 2006, in Vancouver ..

Witness is a member of the Musqueam First Nation in Vancouver who has worked as a maintenance
worker and labourer on the Musqueam Reserve since 1990. He is a confidant and
associate of many Musqueam officials and politicians. In this position,
witness claims to have firsthand and personal knowledge of the allegations he
makes herein.

2.Summary of allegations of witness:
The Musqueam Reserve has operated as a mass grave and body dumping site since
at least 1989. It is also a center of illegal drug and armaments importing
through the adjoining Celtic Shipyards, and is connected to native-run
pedophile rings that extend to northern B.C. and southern Alberta . The Musqueam band council
leaders, especially the GUERIN, SPARROW and GRANT-JOHN families, are involved
in these criminal activities in conjunction with officials of the RCMP, the
First Nations Summit and the federal government of Canada . The government provides
political and judicial protection for these crimes since the pedophile and
body disposal activities by the PICTON brothers and others take place at the
behest and in the interest of the government of Canada . The government and
police also side with and protect the SPARROW and GUERIN families in their
efforts to attack and undermine other families at Musqueam in order to seize
their land and other effects, even when these methods result in deaths. One
of these methods of terrorizing other Musqueams utilized by the
SPARROW-GUERIN-JOHN clique is to seize their children and transport them off
the reserve, including into pedophile rings connected with the provincial
government’s Ministry of Children and Families. This clique conducts
criminal activities on the Musqueam reserve, including drug dealing,
strong-arming of dissidents or critics, illegally selling salmon and other
fish as well as cigarettes and alcohol, wrongfully evicting band members from
their homes and disentitling them of their land and DIA payments.

Witness claims that the Musqueam Reserve has functioned as a body-dumping and
mass burial site since at least 1989, when he personally observed Willie
PICTON deposit and bury large garbage bags in a pit directly opposite the
Musqueam First Nation office on the reserve. (See his statement, Exhibit A).Witness
claims that he subsequently disinterred the contents of these bags and found
numerous bones that upon examination proved to be human, including parts of
pelvis, skull and femur. Witness retains samples of these remains in his
possession while other samples, including an adult female humerus, are held
at Simon Fraser University

Corollary evidence of this allegation was provided by the witness in the form
of a letter (Exhibit B) by Musqueam Housing Officer A. Glenn GUERIN
dated 29 October 2004, which states that Dave PICTON, brother of Willie, was
employed by the Musqueam band under contract for three of four months during
1989 or 1990, to provide land fill for a street extension.

Witness states that the activities of Willie and Dave PICTON on the Musqueam
reserve were fully known and approved by all the band councilors at Musqueam,
including Wendy SPARROW, aka Wendy GRANT-JOHN, federal Department of Indian
Affairs official and wife of accused pedophile-drug dealer Chief Ed JOHN, who
is domiciled at the Musqueam reserve and owns adjoining Celtic Shipyards.

Witness reported the activities of the PICTON brothers at Musqueam in 2002 to
the Vancouver
police (VPD), after the “ Piggy Palace â€Â
 story was reported
in lo
cal media. But Ed and Leona
SPARROW stopped the subsequent police investigation of the remains deposited
at Musqueam by the PICTONs after arranging a cover-up with VPD Constable
Scott ROLLINS (Badge #2028) and officer Jodine KELLER. Leona SPARROW was also
seen attending parties at the PICTON’s “Pig Farmâ€Â
 in company of RCMP.

The following media were contacted by the witness and informed of the remains
deposited by the PICTONs at Musqueam, but declined from investigating: Mike
CLARKE, City TV, Kelly RYAN, CBC radio, Gerald BELLETT, Vancouver Sun, and Karen Urguhart, The
Province. Also notified by witness was William MACDONALD, Office of the
Police Complaints Commissioner in Vancouver

8. After more than two
years, on November 3, 2004, witness and fellow Musqueam band member Jim KEW
made a formal complaint to the VPD Complaints Commissioner about the refusal
of police to investigate either the burial site at Musqueam or the apparent
role of the PICTONs in burying the remains. (Exhibit C)No response has been received
from the VPD at any level.

Witness reports seeing Uzi guns and other automatic weapons being unloaded
from containers at Celtic Shipyards, 3150 Celtic Avenue , in the summer of
1988, under the supervision of SPARROW relatives Joe BECKER and Wayne GUERIN.
BECKER spoke to witness at the time and referred to the importing of drugs
through the same shipyard in vessels using false bow fronts. Witness worked
as a security guard at Celtic Shipyards between 1995 and 2001, and observed
similar unloading of guns and drugs during these years.

10. Witness claims that
same Joe BECKER works as an enforcer for Musqueam band officials, including
the GUERIN and SPARROW families, along with Walter Dunstan CAMPBELL, whom
witness says was arrested with the body of a dead woman in his car trunk, but
was quickly released. CAMPBELL
also operates protection system for child porn film operation at Carrall and
Hastings streets, which in 2004-5 operated behind the front of a bank..

11. Witness claims that
other Musqueam officials involved in this child porn film operation include
Robert GUERIN, Andrew CHARLES, Frank and Jason MALLOWAY (see Point No. 12
in Testimony #1, re: Stella MALLOWAY
), a non-native drug dealer named
, and Chief Ed JOHN.
CHARLES, JOHN and CAMPBELL, along with Ed SPARROW, were responsible for the
gang rape and beating of Marlon LOUIE, a band member, during 2003 after LOUIE
had discovered a “hit listâ€Â
 of
the Musqueam “goon squadâ€Â
 headed by Joe BECKER and Walter Dunstan CAMPBELL .

head this enforcement “goon squadâ€Â
 on Musqueam reserve that includes former Canucks hockey player Gino
OJICK, who owns Musqueam Golf Course Café. Witness claims that OJICK
attempted to kill him with poison in 2002 after witness went to the VPD with
allegation about PICTON brothers’ activities at Musqueam.

13. Witness claims that
the main security officer for the Musqueam reserve, ex-Edmonton policeman
David LAVALLEE, is part of this enforcement/goon squad. LAVALLEE left the Edmonton police under a
cloud of suspicion concerning his involvement in the rape and disappearance
of local women and children.

14. Witness claims that
the members of this enforcement/goon squad are responsible for the deaths of
numerous Musqueam band members, often through staging fake car accidents or
executing people with drug overdoses. These deaths occur in order to seize
the homes and land of the murdered persons, and secure the power of the
SPARROW-GUERIN clique. One such murder occurred in 2000 when a young native
woman named GANARJEE was evicted for not being able to pay her property
taxes, which had been wrongfully increased by the GUERIN-SPARROW clique. She
then became homeless on Hastings
street , was addicted to drugs by CAMPBELL , and
then “overdosedâ€Â
 and died. The SPARROW family then received her home and property.

15. Witness claims that
GANARJEE’s property was seized by lawyer Marvin STORROW of Blake,
Cassells and Graydon law firm in Vancouver , who works closely with the
SPARROW clique and their relative Chief Ed JOHN.(Note: STORROW represented JOHN
in a 2002 BC Supreme Court lawsuit that silenced JOHN’s critics and
imposed a gag order on any media reporting of the accusations of criminal
actions by JOHN. )
STORROW has a long history of involvement with the
Musqueam band and the SPARROW family(see
Exhibit D)
and has strong
ties with the federal Liberal party.Leona
SPARROW who is associated with the PICTONs and concealed their activity at
Musqueam(see Point No. 6)
has worked for STORROW’s law firm.

16. Other lawyers and
firms associated with the SPARROW clique and their activities include Lou
HARVEY and Smithe-Radcliffe law firm. HARVEY
is an old associate of STORROW and has helped to steal and illegally transfer
Musqueam land into the control of Squamish politicians working for the
federal government.

17. Witness claims that
the SPARROW clique evade federal laws limiting the commercial sale of
salmon by aboriginal people, and completely monopolize an illegal blackmarket
in fish operating out of the Musqueam reserve… Wendy GRANT-JOHN (a former SPARROW)
operates her own fish store, Longhouse Seafoods in the Dunbar region of Vancouver , which
illegally sells sockeye and other salmon. The enforcement/goon squad silence
band criticism of these acts.

18. Similarly, in a
written statement dated December 26, 2005, the witness claims“For the record, all the
elders whom have died, it’s Wendy’s family (who) lives in each
and every home that comes from another unexpected death … they (the
SPARROW clique) have a group of people monitoring each band member and so
they wait for a window of opportunity to strike. They pick targets in the
community and slowly tear them apart – dilibritly destroy lives.â€Â

19. The witness has
drawn three separate maps of the Musqueam reserve that identify the location
of two major body dumping and burial sites(Exhibit
E, 1-3).

Witness #4:Retired aboriginal man in his late fifties, a
band councilor and member of the Musqueam band and a friend of Witness #3.
Given name is Arthur STOGAN sr, he is a direct descendent of the hereditary
chiefs of the Musqueam people. Resides on the reserve, phone 604-263-6295.His
lifelong residence at Musqueam and involvement as a band councilor gives him
a personal knowledge of the facts he alleges herein. Initial statement made
on videotape during the period 9 May – June 6, 2005, with additional
statements made during period of 3 December – 18 January, 2006, in Vancouver .

Witness affirms all that witness #3 alleges in his statement, adding that he
and his extended family are being targeted by the SPARROW clique for their
opposition to the crimes described. In particular, witness claims that his
grandchildren have been deliberately seized by Ministry of Children and
Family (MCF) officials and sent into foster homes operated by known
pedophiles in order to silence the witness and force him into conformity.(See Exhibit F) (Note: MCF was
run by SPARROW relative and Musqueam enforcer Ed JOHN during 2000-2001 when
he served in the provincial government after being appointed, though
unelected, to the cabinet of Premier Ujjal DOSANJH)..

Witness claims that after the death of his father, Vincent STOGAN, the
hereditary chief of the Musqueam, in 2000, attacks against he and his family
were made by the SPARROW clique on the reserve, especially after the witness
began to speak out against that clique’s corrupt and nepotistic
practices. These attacks culminated in February of 2004, when all fourteen of
the witnesses’ grandchildren were seized by Xyolhemeylh, the Child
Protection Society of the Stoâ€Â
lo First
Nation near Chilliwack
. Witness was denied any visiting rights, even though one of his grand
daughters was placed in the home of a convicted pedophile by Xyolhemeylh
worker Loretta ROSZA, who also falsified reports and made false claims about
the children. ROSZA is associated with Wendy GRANT-JOHN (SPARROW) through the
Sumas First Nation. Both the Chilliwack and Mission detachments of
the RCMP refused to investigate complaints by the witness regarding these
actions.(Exhibit F)

Witness states that another reason for this attack on he and his family is
his discovery of evidence that the present SPARROW clique and their relatives
cooperated with the federal government in destroying traditional records and
histories of the Musqueam and Coast Salish people during the 1970’s,
as part of the effort to ethnically cleanse west coast aboriginal people and
steal their land. A letter from the Department of Indian Affairs dated
September 22, 1972 states that individual records of native people in B.C.
were to be destroyed under the scrutiny of Chief Clarence Joe, a SPARROW
relative.(see Exhibit G)These
records included evidence of original land ownership and genealogy..

Witness states that there is

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Was the Light Over Norway a Failed Missile Test? No, Mission Accomplished.

lines at the Norwegian Space Centre in Oslo lit up earlier this week as
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"But then the Russians confirmed that they had fired a Bulava
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So that settles it, right? I’m not sold on this being a "failed" missile test. Not quite…

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but this launch reportedly went off without a hitch, before
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"There are still unexplained details about the event that are sure
to excite conspiracy theorists. First of all the blue-green light
would suggest the presence of copper(II) chloride in the rocket flame.
However, copper chloride, while commonly used in pyrotechnics, hasn’t traditionally been used in rocket fuel
(though it has been reportedly investigated as a catalyst in propellant
reactions). Also strange is that a similar spiral and explosion
occurred over China last year, according to the Daily Mail. If it was indeed the third stage that caused the scene over Norway, and no previous launch had made it past the first stage, it’s unclear what might have caused the similar scene in China." –Source

I wouldn’t be shocked if what we saw in Norway was caused by a missile, but not a "failed missile test". IF
it was a missile, it did exactly what it was supposed to do. How’s that
for timing and symmetry: the failure of a Russian missile provides a light show
for President Obama’s Nobel Prize receipt and speech that touched on
his prime international agenda–nuclear nonproliferation and
disarmament." – Source

Certainly many more people were paying attention to Obama’s speech
because of the strange circumstances surrounding the event. Obama was
in Norway to accept a Nobel Peace Prize for his his international
agenda of nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament and Russia just
happens to fire off an ICBM that malfunctions, and spirals out of
control creating a welcoming "fireworks" display for the President?

"The U.S. won the Cold War and made many people rejoice. The result: free trade the world over, and greater world unity.""The Cold War ended with jubilant crowds dismantling a wall. Commerce has stitched much of the world together.""I do not bring with me today a definitive solution to the
problems of war. What I do know is that meeting these challenges will
require the same vision, hard work, and persistence of those men and women who acted so boldly decades ago [to form the League of Nations]. And it will require us to think in new ways about the notions of just war and the imperatives of a just peace." –Source

As Obama accepted his award, he wasn’t just talking about doing away
with nuclear weapons, he was talking about global unity and a New World Order.
Meanwhile UFO enthusiasts and luciferians rejoiced as word of the
Norway light spread like wildfire, with Russia denying any link between
its missile test failure and the light. "Maybe space aliens have
infiltrated the Noble Peace Prize committee and are big fans of the
president.Outlandish? Perhaps, but don’t tell that to the Norwegians.
News of Obama winning the award isn’t the only thing on their minds
today. They’re talking about UFOs. Or one giant UFO." –Source You may not agree, but there are millions of people that believe in UFOs and who are awaiting the final revelation from world governments, or full discosure that we have been visited and that our space brothers demand an end to war and the destruction of nuclear weapons. On top of that Share International, a luciferian organization
headed by occult guru Benjamin Creme released the following statement.
"According to Benjamin Creme, chief editor of Share International
magazine, this spectacular design was produced by an extra-terrestrial
craft, in particular by one of the four ‘stars’ heralding an
extraordinary and imminent world event. It is a sign of hope and
wonder that, asMr. Creme implies, is intended to engagethe world’sattention…

"In his interview this morning on WRPI 91.5FM radio, Benjamin Creme
spoke about the blue spiral light show over Norway (produced by one of
the four ‘star’ space craft) and indicated that a "window of
opportunity" is now in place for Maitreya – the World Teacher forall
humanity -to give His first interview on a majortelevision station in
the USA. Maitreya has come to help humanity transition out of an age of
division, warand greed and into a new time where people no longer fear
and worry about the future, where peace is born of economic justice,
freedom, sharing and right relationship.As a teacher and friend, he
comes to awaken humanity to its true potential." –Source

And just as sure as Creme was to come out and claim that the of
avatar or World Teacher for the Age of Aquarious (a composite of
Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and likely candidate for the head of the one
world religion/antichrist) would return soon, heralded by this
"Christmas Miracle Star", so to are misguided Christians oblivious to
what’s going on in the world around them. Personally, I don’t care if
the light over Norway was a missile, a Project Bluebeam Hologram, or a
giant flashlight. The end result is the same. People are looking to the
heavens in search of spiritual answers to day’s problems, and many of
these people, even well intentioned Christians are oblivious how the
occult world and the world of international politics have merged into
one. Welcome to the New World Order.

Perhaps it was a rocket.Nevertheless, theBible speaks of Christ’s
return in the last days being accompanied by signs,"There will be
signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in
anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. Men will
faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the
heavenly bodies will be shaken" (Luke 21)." –Source

Speaking of the Antichrist the Bible tells us the following, "Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come,
except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be
revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth
himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he
as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God." –II Thessalonians 2

We were warned not to be deceived. We were told what will happen
before Christ comes back. The son of perdition will be revealed and
there will be a great falling away of the Church into apostasy. The New
World Order has diluted the Bible, distorting it to their own whim and
agenda. For those that have been programmed to ignore how the Bible
tells us the order in which Tribulation will transpire, in favor of
movie and/or book dramatizations… All I can say is, it’s no wonder
that guys like Creme stand ready to devour you like wolves.

Do I care if the light over Norway was a missile, a UFO, or a hologram? No.

I just believe it did exactly what it was meant to do. The mission wasn’t a failure.

With the press declaring it a minor miracle in favor of Obama’s
globalist agenda, Christians looking at it as a herald of Christ’s
return, and a man like Creme who will present a little of both
perspectives firmly rooted in the mix, I can only say that I believe it
to have been a complete success. This is just another carefully
calculated conspiracy theory to which there is no simple answer. I’d
like to believe that as per the Strategic Offensive Arms Reduction and Limitation Agreement of 1991,
Russia still has to clear their test launches and their coordinates
with the US and other international agencies before carrying out such a
test. If so, then the US, NATO, and the UN would all have known about
this "advent" well in advance, in which case, Obama and the Nobel Peace
Prize pranksters all knew it was coming, yet no one commented on it
until well after the story took on a life of it’s own…

Only after the story of the spiraling light over Norway spun out of
control and into the realm of the supernatural did anyone come out and
try to sell the missile story. If they’re working to sell reality, then
something is very wrong with the way out media works… and the powers
that be are experts in exploiting such weaknesses to their own agenda.
A failed missile launch, I think not.

Mission Accomplished.



Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops (EU source) / “Jesse Woodrow Show”

Dear Jesse Woodrow: I am glad to see that this Sir is not of your
opinion at all concerning this article and this is going to 55 yahoo
groups right now. I do not really appreciate people who think they are
"somebody" compared to others based on preconceived ideas in their
favor and are full of themselves. GoodBye. — On Thu, 12/17/09, Bob Taft wrote:

From: Bob Taft
Subject: http://www.eutimes.net/2009/12/prepare-for-rebellion-obama-orders-us-canadian-troops/
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Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 4:37 PM


Best regards,.
Bob Taft
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Upton, Wyoming
(307) 465-2447
"We hang the petty thieves and appoint
the great ones to public office." Aesop

— On Thu, 12/17/09, Marie <> wrote:

From: Marie <>
Subject: Re: Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops (EU source)
To: "jess woodrow"
groups" , the-truth-ministries@yahoogroups.com,
Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 1:47 PM

Dear Jess,

Your email:
"Can you find this exact story on any other site that is a legit news organization? … not a blog???
is what I call to "shot" an email. Not even a polite introduction. Like
to whistle at me like I would be a dog. If you are too busy to email,
simply do not email.

First of, I am not your subservient.
It’s not because I am not doing money with my ministry:
and that I am not selling T-Shirts about myself that makes me your subservient.
If you want to hire me for research purposes, I’ll do whatever research you want.

Now, if I am not
mistaken (and I usually am not) from what I can get on the Internet if
you click on the homepage of this source: http://www.eutimes.net/2009/12/prepare-for-rebellion-obama-orders-us-canadian-troops/

You will get the result that it is a EU online newspaper:

It’s not because it is a EU Newspaper that means it is not a good source.

I must go, I have proofreading to do of an important book that I personally translated from Old French into English.


All Common Law Rights are reserved explicitly without prejudice
UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-308.
site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been
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constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided
for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17
U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without
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included information for research and educational purposes.


Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency (NSA) and
the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may read this email without
warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or
legislative oversight. We in this country have no recourse or protection.
Everything we type may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison,
where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by

— On Thu, 12/17/09, jess woodrow wrote:

From: jess woodrow
Subject: Re: Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops (EU source)
To: "Marie" <>
Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 11:45 AM

***Be aWALKING BILLBOARD& Get your ownJESSE WOODROW SHOW T-Shirtright now @http://www.jessewoodrow.com/jessewoodrow.com/Products.html

They will go quick!

Can you find this exact story on any other site that is a legit news organization? … not a blog???


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On Dec 17, 2009, at 9:08 AM, Marie wrote:

Thanks to Steven Seigerfor forwarding this to me ….

Here is the proof the Canadian Prime Minister is under the President
of the US…no matter if the president is elected according to the US
Constitution or not, does not matter…we are for rough times folks…




You are here: Home // North America, War // Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops

Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops

Posted by Europe on Dec 16, 2009 | 24 Comments

Obama, the Communist

Kremlin position papers presented to Prime Minister Putin today on his upcoming meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen
state that the European-US military alliance has authorized an
‘emergency request’ from President Obama to utilize American and
Canadian NATO troops to put down what is expected to be a “rebellion”
after the expected January, 2010 ‘declaration of bankruptcy’ by the
State of California. According to these reports, Obama’s fears of
rebellion are due to the economic health of California (the United
States largest State) after the 3rd largest US State, New York,
declared a ‘fiscal emergency’ and refused to release to its cities and
towns over $750 Million due them this past week with the Governor of New York, David Paterson, declaring “ I can’t say this enough: The state has run out of money
.” New York’s fiscal crisis, however, pales in comparison to
California’s, where new economic data points to its expected 5-year
budget deficit reaching the staggering amount of over $100 Billion
which Russian economists warn will result in budget cuts so steep as to
create ‘social chaos’ among this States 36 million citizens. Reports
from the United States are, indeed, confirming the mass movement of military supplies and thousands of Canadian Special Forces Troops to California from the Canadian Forces Base of Petawawa to join their American military counterparts, with ‘ secondary ’ reports stating that at least 1,000 tanks are massing their too.
Russian Military Analysts are further warning in this report that Obama has decided to implement the feared RAND Corporation ( one of the most powerful research arms of the US Military-Industrial-Homeland Security Complex ) police state ‘blueprint’ tilted “ Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Creating U.S. Capabilities
” that has been modeled on the Nazi German secret police forces
organization Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) meant to ‘control and
demoralize’ any opposition to the state. Even worse for these American
people is the legalization process currently embedded in their new
health care legislation which will see everyone of them becoming
virtual slaves of their government, and as warned about by the Fox News
Service in their report titled “ Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan
” and which says: “Under the Democrats’ national health care scheme not
only would OPM be charged with overseeing and administering federal
employees health care but they will have the added charge of
administering civilian federal health care as well. What does that
mean? Basically, that Americans will be treated as “civil servants.”
Are you starting to see the danger? The more government seeks to
control our lives the more Orwellian it gets. This “big brother”
mentality that “government knows best” and that it is their mission to
provide cradle to grave “care” of its citizens will doom America as we
know it. Under such a system the individual becomes meaningless and the
state becomes the entity upon which we are all forced to rely.”
Unfortunately, with or without these Americans succumbing to the loss
of their Nation through the establishment of a police state, their fate
appears to have already been sealed as new reports
are showing that by their continued saving they are failing to provide
China with the money needed through the buying of goods to purchase US
bonds to keep them afloat, and which has led to the incredible
circumstance of the United States, through its Federal Reserve and
other financial entities, becoming the largest buyers of their own
debt. Not being seen in all of these dire events by the American people
is that their present collapse as an independent Nation was engineered
by their own President Obama, who working in concert with the previous
President, George Bush, sold them out to Wall Street
by packing his administration with banking insiders have, literally,
pillaged the entire economic future of the United States for the
benefit of their elite classes and, incredibly, supported these once
collapsing banks with over $352 Billion in drug money
. And so grave has it become for ordinary Americans that new reports
are now showing that in what was once the most powerful Nation on
Earth, there now exists an ‘ epidemic ’ of child hunger and one their fastest growing cities is a tent-town of newly homeless named “ Obamaville ” in a stark reminder of the thousands of shanty towns named Hoovervilles
built during the Great Depression. For those American people believing
their propaganda media reports that a recovery is underway they
couldn’t be more mistaken, as newly released data
shows that of the millions of jobs lost these past 2 years almost all
of them are permanent. And, as always, these people are being kept from
knowing the full and brutal truth of their economic collapse with reports
also showing that the latest unemployment figures released by the US
government were faked. But to the greatest fears of these Americans
should be the newly released information showing that US scientists
have perfected, for the first time in history, a new drugless technique
to wipe from these people’s minds their very own memories, and as we
can read:
“In a scientific experiment that brings to mind the memory-erasing
escapade in the 2004 film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,”
scientists have blocked fearful recollections in human participants,
sans drugs. The results challenge the view that our long-term memories
are fixed and resistant to change.”
Russian Military Psychologists
have long warned that the West’s longest term plan to control their
soon to be rebellious populations lie in memory altering techniques
such as are being perfected in the United States and due to be deployed
through their mass media in radio programmes, television, and movie
broadcasts outlets as these Nations past reliance on the drugging of
their citizens through mass fluoridation
is becoming more and more ineffectual. Important to note too is that
the economic collapse of the United States is just one of the
catastrophic dangers they are facing, as this past week the giant plant
genetics company Bayer admitted in a US Federal Court that it has been “
unable to control the spread of its genetically-engineered organisms
despite ‘the best practices’ to stop widespread contamination
” and
which may very well see the destruction of the American’s ability to
feed themselves as these ‘monster plants’ reap their destruction on
Nature. To all of these events, it is not in our knowing if the
American people will awaken from their self induced slumber to arise,
as they have many times throughout their history, to reclaim for
themselves what is now rapidly being stolen from them. But, and if
their present actions are a predictor to what they may do in the
future, one can only fear for them as they are marched in lockstep
towards an abyss they only fail to see because they won’t open their
eyes. VN:F [1.7.8_1020]

please wait…

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