Dear Wyn, First, thank you for your email. The
only way I could immigrate in UK is if I would sell this book because
as you know, poems are selling more than just a plain book about truth.

I would make money, that’s not impossible. My teeth hurt because I was
sharing my money with my late husband because he was what I am calling
"technically" homeless and I preferred by far Ashley to not eat noodles for 15
days with a 801 $ per month veteran pension than to see a dentist and I did not have insurances yet even if I
was working at the Canadian government

know that is possible to live in the US and have nobody to care for you
because you experimented it yourself. I learned the hard way the only
one who cares about myself among folks living in the US is my own self
and this no matter how loud they are claiming they are Christians and/or
Patriots. There is exceptions to this rule but they are NOT in my
personal life (in fact, I never spoke to them on the phone nor met
them, well with only one exception The Liberty Nuggets and he does not
OWN the trailers but his daughter, which would put me in a
uncomfortable situation because she would be the one doing a "special
price" to me) and they are published here:

and by the way, I am on a widow pension and about to be homeless to top everything else off.

I better promote my book if I want to avoid to be buried with Ash soon
and this can happen, I mean God is allowing people to die under this
New World Order and that does not mean it’s because they are evil and
one of them is my Scottish Prince, Ash who died at the age of 49 so I
might be next but I am trying to avoid it if I can.
almost had a heart failure the same night an abusive Tribal Police
harassed me (I was not even on the Mohawk reservation yet) under Border
Patrol supervision is my understanding because there was a Border
Patrol truck parked and they usually do not stop cars for inspection

What happened?
DMV NY told me I was fine with my car inspection
from the state of PA because expiring on March 2010.

even if DMV NY changed my car registration and drivers license because
I was according to the rules of the NYS laws, the Tribal Police under
Border Patrol supervision decided otherwise and almost arrested me
because of my "blue sticker" (car inspection from the state of PA which
was not expired and would not expire before March 2010). That’s right.

need to understand they DESECRATED our marriage on Nov. 3rd, 2004 and I
did not get any type of justice yet (without mentioning the VA
hospital business who trashed his liver and the Massena Memorial
Hospital who did not even offer a dialysis) and hopefully, I am not the
next victim of the New World DISoRdEr. So Welcome to the Police State


now, I just reviewed my translation because the guy who did a character
assassination on the internet after taking advantage of me because DHS
was playing with me like a cat is playing with a mouse before killing
it so there was another shark ready to make me bleed more by allowing
me to be under his roof in order to take advantage of the situation so
if he ever would go ahead and publish it (which would be his style)
even if according to the law, you need
to hire somebody to claim a Copyright and to take advantage of somebody is not to hire somebody,
only for food and board and I had a meal a day so I lost 35 pounds in few months) he is exposing himself to severe penalties under the Copyright Laws. It’s
already 3:00 p.m. here and I will not be able to go for my car
inspection on time simply because I did not even take the time to make
myself presentable so hopefully, Homeland will not put me in jail in
the meantime for not having the right color of sticker.

before I’ll forget it since the Pope of PA did not pay me but took
advantage I was on the street by offering me 1 meal a day and shelter
in exchange of my translation services, I ended up in a very bad
neighborhood where the cops are visiting regularly (drugs next door and bars all around) because all I could afford
is to pay a 400 bucks/month rent apartment, if I can afford that much
for an apartment according to my budget on the widow pension. Not later than yesterday
September 8th, the only decent neighbor got his truck pock by a bottle
of beer by a jerk who throw his bottle on it. Isn’t that wonderful,
people to mess with me and nobody to care? Isn’t it?

how good my personal life is. The only thing I do is: work and fight.
Work and fight and work and fight. Nobody around to take a break and
enjoy life. What life is that anyway when the New World Order killed my
own husband?

1) Am I supposed to act like nothing happened after this
forced partition at the US/Canadian borders;

2) plus this VA hospital who
did mess his liver more than it was and;

3) finally this private hospital
who did not even offer a dialysis even if I asked the Congressman
McHugh to call the hospital officials on Dec. 1st, 2006 and that he
called them on Dec. 2nd, 2006 but this doctor did not change his mind?;

4) Am I supposed to act like nothing happened when they did not even tell
me I could bury my late husband for free, not even the Pastor Colin Lucid?;

5) Am I supposed to act like
nothing happened when in fact they almost drop me like a garbage bag in
Canada on Dec. 11th, 2006, which almost prevented me to bury my own

More recently people took advantage of the situation that DHS
was playing with me like Ash’s sister, for instance who deducted from
the ridiculous amouth for the house (which was 5000 and it’s all gone,
I got it more than a year ago so don’t communicate with me thinking I
have something left! – better to be safe than sorry those days…) 500
bucks that her husband gave to me, 500 other bucks she "allegedly" gave
to me and another 323 bucks because she wanted me to reimburse what she
paid when she sent Ash’s books to him when I was stuck in Canada yet oh
and without mentioning the fact what was my own in the garage (and I
cared about Ash’s theological books) was either stolen by Stephen
Buchanan or Anne Green Buchanan – Anne allegedly did a police report
but would not mention that was Stephen in order to "protect" him
because he is well known by the police in NC and; (
details of this is in my book because I am providing official documents
– I don’t care who stole me, the family did – it’s precise enough, they
can dispute the crown of who is the most evil, I don’t care…)

7) Pope of PA did not pay me but took
advantage I was on the street (this is this year) by offering me 1 meal a day and shelter
in exchange of my translation services is
now doing a character assassination of me on
the internet? Am I supposed to be happy and smile? You think somebody
would care if he would come here, bring his gun that he shown me one
day and kill me?;

8) and more recently harassed by the Tribal Police? (last Saturday)

God is good even if Satan is obviously the god of this world. I would
immigrate elsewhere a.s.a.p. if I could because US/Canada is about to
be judged and it will be horrible here and nobody decent (I am talking
about decent friendship here) to care for me in my personal life.

— On Tue, 9/8/09, Wyn Fletcher wrote:

From: Wyn Fletcher
Subject: Hi
To: "Marie M. Buchanan"
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 10:47 AM

Marie.i have just opened this email from you as i have been sick for
nearly a week…… sorry to hear of the stress you have been
experiencing from America which doesnt surprise me……….as you know
my time there was very difficult too………..the Lord will judge this
nation not only the way they treat aliens but because they are invading
other nations without seeking the most high.because God does not like
nations to invade his nations .the Lord said .I am the Lord God of the
nations……..when the King of babylon did the same .the Lord severely
judged that nation………..
i fear for America because they have
turned their back on God and materialism is their God ……….they do
what they like with people………but i believe the Lord see,s
everything .it says his eye runs too and fro through the
earth………i know sorry doesnt mean much ..but it is sad you live
there and have no support…………well take care you are in my
prayers……….Wyn ps you should come to the uk
wyn fletcher Wisdom is borne in the house of mourning

— On Sun, 9/6/09, Marie M. Buchanan wrote:

From: Marie M. Buchanan
Subject: This might be a goodbye email – from Marie Buchanan
Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009, 7:39 PM

Dear Adam Bartlett, Dear Wyn Fletcher, Dear Pamela Shuffert, I
am telling you goodbye in case I will wake up in a better world. I
almost had a heart failure last night. Explanations below. You don’t
have to believe me, that’s the truth that I was about to have 12 heart
failures since Nov. 3rd, 2004. I believe my time is up soon. You can
judge me if you want, I don’t care because I never met you anyway but I
will met the Lord and Ash soon.
you for your nice words and prayers and also your kind help according
to your own circumstances. Also, we did not have to be agree on
everything to have appreciation for each other, well at least I am
appreciating you even if we can not agree 100% on everything. I can not
continue this letter, I’m too much exhausted to even think right. This
letter below is a simple copy and paste from my blog.
know for a fact I am not far to Immigrate in a Country where there is
no border rats to break your plans and life. I am telling you what I
believe but God can change the circumstances and make my life a little
less hard than it actually is on me.So 43 years of intense stress can
not go on forever, this body will eventually shut down, this heart will
eventually give up.
Sincerely in Christ,


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