Folks, I am actually building a playlist of Abusive Border Patrol http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=721F511198AF3D60 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To: sanderson1611 @ youtube
Saturday September 5th, 2009
Dear Mr. Sanderson,

have 5 years of experience with Border Patrol, beginning in Nov. 3rd,
2004. I am more than sick of seeking for help so I wrote a book

here is what happened to me today and I am a permanent resident of US
(the "green card" is good for 10 years) and will become Naturalized in
2 years and I am a saint by the Grace of God and Educated Lady from

Here is why I almost was arrested: Abusive Border Patrol Guards.
What happened?
DMV NY told me I was fine with my car inspection
from the state of PA because expiring on March 2010.
Well, the Tribal Police almost arrested me for that under the Border Patrol who obviously were supervising them.
Welcome to the Police State.

even if DMV NY changed my car registration and drivers license because
I was according to the rules of the NYS laws, the Tribal Police under
Border Patrol supervision decided otherwise and almost arrested me
because of my "blue sticker" (car inspection from the state of PA).
That’s right.

I thank the God of the Bible I was not thrown in
jail because nobody cares about me (God does) and I would be better
dead if this would happen to me because of the "blue sticker". You have
the testimony from the grave of Reverend Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D.
written in poems about Border Patrol trip and US Immigrationpowertrip
under DHS:

Try this link:
If not working, then here’s the direct link:
to say that I will get the "right" sticker next Monday (well, next
Tuesday because it’s labor day next Monday) for the few days I will
remain in the NYS – to be on the safe side. Lastly, I will not tempt
God and decided to not stay in the NYS any longuer. At least, not
inside those "damned" 100 miles from the border because as you know
yourself, they can do whatever they feel like doing, like stumping on a
human face while the face is on broken glass…

Well, I won’t wait for them to arrest me for my blue eyes – it might not be the "right" color.

to say they "blew up" my Sabbath Day alright and I am not a SDA, I am
applying what the bible says about everything and I am not trying to
tell you what to do on that score – it’s between you and God. I am
posting this letter to you everywhere I can. Because God does care.

Thank you in advance for your attention Mr. Sanderson and maybe your consideration.

In Christ,


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