The Bush Administration Vs. Immigrant Widows – My Worthy Comments – Updated Version – part 2


My quotes from the previous post:

have this I-751 receipt my supposedly permanent (conditional) resident
card expired on June 16th, 2008 so that means that I am supposed to be
able to work in the US (and drive my car) until June 16th, 2009. Well,
the agent I already met did not respect that rule because he ended my
work permit on Jan. 27th, 2009 when I met him on August 11th, 2008 with

So let’s see
what will happen if they will respect their own rules this time but I
do know they don’t, based on my experience with them since Nov. 3rd,

So Immigration won’t help me out, as usual and that means that I am planning to go to the Congressman’s office


managed to get some kind of temporary extension and for being honest, I
don’t exactly know why except that it sounds like my determination of
having the laws applied to me, coupled with they might have a note
somewhere in their computer system that Congressman J. M. M. is
involved someway and somehow might have helped or maybe the combination
of both. Because the officer J. A. kept saying that "I was not
understanding" in a authoritative manner (like he would be superior to
me) and to the contrary, I was understanding too very well what was
going on.

I think that the fact they are under fire right now might explain what happened. He might have seen that I would not be the type of person to let him do whatever he wanted to do with me.

What happened is what I thought it would. Like I expected, he told me that he could not extent my work permit more than Jan. 27th, 2009 because of my passport terminating on Jan. 27th, 2009. Well, I argued that my passport was still valid. They play that game. They
are making you wait forever to get something done and when you are
about to get there, they are telling you that you are disqualified. I
also argued that Congressman J.M.M. told me that my work permit was
extended for another year from the expiration of my permanent
(temporary) resident card because I filed this change of status. (What is this? It
is that you need to prove that your marriage was not a marriage of
convenience but I do know that it is just a matter of time, they are
planning to trash me anyway. Break – Trash is their sick game. It’s like the US Army. Break – Trash. Yes, it is the British laws applied to me – you are guilty until the proof of the contrary instead of: the US laws i.e. you are innocent until the proof of the contrary)

Officer J.A. kept telling me in a authoritative manner that “I was not understanding”. Then, he decided to say that if I would have a passport picture, he could make for me a temporary resident card on the spot. Well, after reflection I thought it is because he did not want to appear so bad. So my friend recticuli asked me: “you did not bring those pictures with you”? I replied that "no, I unfortunately did not". Officer
J.A. seemed delighted by that fact. Then I jumped on the gun as asked
Officer J.A.: “if I would get a passport picture, would you go ahead?” He said, “yes, if you would leave me your I-551 and your passport, I would do it”. I
must add that he told about the passport picture "fix" in the front of
my worthy witness recticuli so he could not recant. I said: “ok”. Then we turned the corner and get this "thing" done. Once
back to the building, the agents working in the hobby told me to hurry
if I want to get my temporary resident card so I literally ran to his
office again and got my prize! Isn’t that "wonderful"? What kind of life is that?

Dear Americans, fight this National ID card and this Micro-Chip (Mark
of the Beast) with all your strength because if you think you know what
slavery is, think again!!



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