Re: From Chile! Eric Phelps on Alex Jones and the Jesuits

Thanks to Brother Eric for forwarding me his precious email.


is what William Cooper had to say about Alex Jones….like it or
not…does not change what he said about him….I know people who asked
help to Alex Jones and they suspected that he was there only to promote
himself….not to help his fellow…he has a big mouth…but that does
not mean that his actions are that big…to pretend to be a Patriot is
one thing, to BE one is another thing! In fact, I know very few real
Patriots….until the proof of the contrary….


*Note* William Cooper was EL-iminated by the Order in 2001 he was gunned down by g…

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Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 12:59 PM
Subject: Re: From Chile!
Dear Brother Felipe,
So good to hear from you again.
I shall reply below.
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2008 10:45 PM
Subject: From Chile!
Bro. Eric,
is the translation of the letter from Felipe Martinez of Chile. He sent
some documents as attachments that I was unable to download. I’m
forwarding them to you to see if you can download them. Their
explanation is included toward the end of the letter.
He is quite a well-spoken man.
Bro. Carl

Dear Bro. Eric,

to let you know, I’ve been sharing your information with my internet
brethren, including the article about Bormann, and they in turn have
been passing it along to their contacts.

God will provide all the means necessary to make public all these truths to the greatest amount of people possible.

Amen brother.

Without abusing your time, I wish to challenge you with some other questions, since this subject matter is so broad.

dear brother, it’s amazing that we can know the truth, that the Jesuits
are those who are in control and move the pieces, using for their own
agenda the secret societies, governments, and intelligence agencies,
along with the New Age Movement philosophies.


to my research, there are relatively few people who are on to this. And
I must say that I admire Alex Jones for his boldness and ability to
expose the truth. But in reality I’m not sure if he knows about the
“secrecy” of the Jesuits.

Jones is a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor who knows full well who rules the
world. He is one of my biggest opponents. Jones is connected to the
Order via his many appearances on Fox News and other Jesuit-controlled
media outlets. He staged an event in Texas while George W. Bush was the
governor. After shouting at Bush about the CFR and the Federal Reserve
Bank, he was ushed out without any charges being filed against him and
without recieving a beating from the police. That event was staged to
make the observers trust Jones, to the end that he would blame the
"globalists" yet never the papacy. Jones is a gatekeeper for Rome,
though he is right on all of his lower-level facts concerning 911,
Waco, Oklahoma City bombing, the first WTC attack in 1993, etc. Jones
knows he is protected and this confidence gives him a false boldness,
as in the case of his "exposing" Bohemian Grove which was established
by Jesuits via the Order’s University of San Francisco in 1872. His
phoney confrontation with CFR member David Gergen about Bohemian Grove
was another side show.

I have the book
by Edmond Paris on “The Secret History of the Jesuits”, and have read
on the Internet from many authors that are exposing this reality. But
on the other hand, there is so much to be said, but many remain silent.

It amazes me to know how close we are to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

His coming is imminent, any day now. All the players are being arranged
for his visible Second Coming to the earth when every eye shall see
him: then we will be with Him on our white horses watching as the sword
of his mouth cuts down all the armies that will come against Jerusalem.

my inquiry is about the Chilean Sebastian Pinera. As I mentioned in my
last letter, he is almost certain to be the next president of Chile for
the year 2010. Pinera is of the right, the "National Renovation" party
(RN), allied under the "Alliance" Pact with another Chilean political
party: the "Independent Democratic Union, (UDI)", which is controlled
absolutely and openly by the Opus Dei, and which I later discovered
were those who backed Pinochet.

means one thing: Chile will be fascist, the Order’s favorite form of
government. Jesuit-perfected "Communism" is merely a prelude to and
justification for the ultimate establishment of Jesuit fascism. Such
was the case in Germany in the 1920s and here in the US in the 1980s.
The US had been under Jesuit Communism since FDR beginning in 1933 with
the Communist New Deal (called "the Jew Deal" by American fascists). By
the time of the presidency of Knight of Malta/Jesuit-controlled Ronald
Reagan, the fascist "New Right" was set firmly in motion to the end
that an absolute fascist military dictator would suspend the
Constitution and declare martial law. The end game is fascism;
communism is used to move the middle class into that fascism. The same
holds true for Rome’s "Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem"—Israel.
Israel was started by Polish Jewish Communists including Ben-Gurion,
Meir, etc. Today, Israel is fascist as per the writings of
investigative journalist and author Barry Chamish. The same holds true
for "the Russian Confederation." From 1917 is was under the secret rule
of the Jesuits in Moscow. Communism was made to look "Jewish" with the
likes of Lenin, Trotsky and Lazar Kaganovitch—Stalin’s front Jew and
only Jewish survivior of Stalin’s later purge of all Jews involved in
the Revolution. Today, after the hellish KGB Inquisition to which the
Russian people were subjected, Russia is now fascist under the Knights
of Malta ruling Putin.

I understand that Sebastian Pinera studied in the US at the University of Harvard and was an exceptional student.

Jesuits control the University of Harvard as one or two its top
officials are members of Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan’s New York
Council on Foreign Relations. Harvard even has a "Jesuit-House studies"
on campus. Many Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors have been "educated" at
Harvard, including mulatto, Jesuit-advised Barry Davis Obama and white
Irish Roman Catholic Bill O’Reilly of Fox News.

he returned to our country, he introduced the project of the debit
cards, following the same pattern as the commercial credit cards. To
me, this seems a bit suspicious, since we know that this a substantial
step for the future implementation of the 666 chip under the future
Antichrist. Therefore, we suspect that Pinera is a member of the
Illuminati. Or maybe he is just someone who adopted this revolutionary
form of payment, and thereby is being used as a puppet of the Jesuits
in their evil plan. I don’t know if Pinera is a mason or not. By the
way, how can I find out whether or not one is a mason? Is there a
website where this information can be found?

is most definately a Jesuit-ruled Roman Catholic fascist. In addition
to being a billionaire and an insider trader (as are all of the Order’s
billionaires including Donald Trump) Pinera was really recruited at
Catholic University in Santiago, the city being named after "St.
Ignatius" of Loyola—founder of the Jesuits. Being selected at CU he
was then sent to Harvard which is in the Order’s haven of Cambridge,
Mass., in which state is the massive Jesuit Boston College. Pinera’s
brother, Jose, was minister of Labor under Jesuit-fascist Pinochet. The
true nationalism of Allende (dubbed "communism" by the pope’s US media)
was overthrown by a CIA-backed coup installing fascist Pinochet which
included ex-Nazi Paul Schafer who set up the Jesuit Inquisitional
torture chamber called Colonia Dignidad—abetted by the pope’s
Nazi/Knight of Malta CIA. If Castro is a Jesuit-trained 33rd Degree
Freemason, then you can assume that Pinera is also a Freemason due to
his connections. Remember, no one is in a high government office who
has not been initiated into some sort of secret society. If you check
the websites for the Lodges of Chile you man find him on a list.
Generally, the "communists" are openly Freemasons as was the case with
Allende. Generally, the "fascists" are not openly freemasons but are
secret members of covered lodges as was the case with Hitler, Franco
and Mussolini. Pinera’s connection to Opus Dei (a Jesuit Freemasonry
for Roman Catholics) via his brother is enough to call him a member of
a secret society. And only members of secret societies participate in
"insider trading."

Pinera’s ambition and
desire to win the presidency is extraordinarily pronounced in our
country. This makes us suspect that he wants to do more than just
simply govern our nation in a democratic manner.

had already introduced the cards and the new payment process when
President George Bush the father visited our country (I don’t know if
he was president at that time or not), and during his stay, the lights
went out in half the country of Chile. And no one ever knew why. We
know that the elites celebrate their achievements (like the "Great
Blackout" of New York announced to be a Rothschild sign in 1972), like
the introduction of the debit card to our country. And with Pinera’s

sense. President/CIA ex-director George H. W. Bush is another Knight of
Malta like his brother, Prescott Bush, Jr. He entertained SMOM Grand
Master Fra Bertie in the White House in 1991 as I have a picture of
that meeting in my Power Point for sale. If the Bushs and Pinera are
close friends, then Pinera may well be a SMOM and will surely be a
fascist in uniting South America under Jesuit fascism. Remember the
Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is a tool of Knight of Malta and King
of Spain, Juan Carlos. Chavez is in fact a Roman Catholic fasicst in
league with the fascist Russian Confederation whose FSB/SVR is overseen
by the American CIA and the British SIS (once known as MI6).

What really is desired is the restoration of the rightest party’s leadership in Chile.


question. Our country now has a reputation on an international level,
having only 15 million inhabitants and yet we are still in the
developing stages. There are many poor in this country. However, isn’t
Richard Lagos in charge of promoting the UN’s Global Warming agenda to
the national governments?

Richard Lagos, as you know, was our
former president. During his administration millions and millions of
pesos just happen to disappear. This socialist president (whose
campaign slogan was "Grow with Equality", a word often used in
Freemasonry, but neither do we know if he was really a mason) carried
out two projects that resulted in a terrible failure and problems for
the country, the Transantiago and the restoration of the national
railways. Restoring the transnational railways was very, very costly
with the negative results of everything being left in the same
condition as it was before. And they are still injecting funds and
efforts into the development of the Transantiago.

What’s your opinion of Lagos and his work in the Global Warming agenda?

is the president of the Order’s exclusive Club of Madrid overseen by
the Archbishop of Madrid Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela and his
Knight of Malta Juan Carlos. The Pope’s Global Warming agenda is
intended to prevent infrastructure development of poorer nations, a
clever move of the Order. If the governments really wanted to solve the
problem of greenhouse gas emissions (which is a problem) then the
manufacture of electro-magnetic motors would go into high speed as well
as hydrogen separators used to power internal combustian engines
directly from water.

But now
we see his former Minister of the Interior, Jose Miguel Insulza as
Secretary of the OAS. I smell a rat when the president and his former
righthand man have been offered two great and honorable positions on an
international level. Isn’t that suspicious? What did this government do
to please the Illuminati world elites?

do not know specifically, but the maxim of "You know the man by the
company he keeps" is most applicable with Pinera. Remember, the Order
controls both extremes—communism and fascism. Lagos on the
communist/agnostic side of the dialectic, and the late Pinochet/Pinera
on the fascist/"God-inspired" side of the dialect. Fascists always call
the communists "godless" when they are both in fact godless as per the
Word of God (Ephesians 2). And remember, the Illuminati was
Jesuit-controlled from its beginning in 1776, Weishaupt being a Jesuit
Temporal Coadjutor in Munich who founded the Order and patterned it
after the Jesuit Order. Thus as the late William Cooper rightly said,
the Illuminati is another name for the Jesuit Order.

is now presenting himself also as a presidential prospect for 2010.
Farkas now is fading. The public’s opinion of him is generally low, and
the US doesn’t look favorably to him as a member of the leftist party.
Bachelet just recently made a comment in English that the US has never
suffered from a coup (not realizing that the same government is the one
who stages them). Incredibly, our female president despises the US. She
needs to know the information that you have given me, especially since
she has suffered torture under dictatorships and has lived in Germany.

Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s first female president, is an agnostic,
socialist-communist. She lived in East Germany in the 1970s and thus
was under the eye of the Jesuit Order’s East German Secret Police
called the Stasi (SSD). "Miraculously," she escaped the Inquisition of
Pinochet (who killed her father via torture) to stay in communist East
Germany. Thus, Bachelet has been groomed by the Order’s communist side
of its International Intelligence Community to be available to play the
part of the communist side of the dialectic, which role was needed
after Pinochet and other right wing pro-Nazis which the people hated.
When the people become to hate the fascists the Order gives them a
communist—and vice versa. (Americans hate fascist Bush and therefore
were given communist Barry Davis Obama.) This brilliant woman most
assuredly knows who rules her country and for whom she rules—the
Jesuit Order overseeing the papacy. Bachelet is a traitor pretending to
be a contender for the poor, priest-ridden Roman Catholic people. The
Jesuits bait the people to become communists (Liberation Theology) who
are then made visible and killed by the Order’s SMOM-led fascists. In
the case of Nicaragua, the Jesuits ruling Noreiga killed the
SMOM/CIA-backed Contras after they had murdered the poor Roman
Catholics of that country. Nicaragua also had their own Colonia
Dignidad called "El Case de Sinquenta," a horrible torture chamber in
the capital.

We were also impressed
to learn about Albert Hurtado. I always suspected that this man was
somehow involved in wrong doing. Could you please direct me to where I
can get information on this man?

out the Jesuit Albert Hurtado (1901-1952). He was a communist who
baited the Chilian people, many becoming "communists," who were then
killed by Jesuit-fascist, Opus Dei Pinochet.

Next to the last question. Is it true that the New World Order will be established in the year 2012?

2012 is a target date for the Order for several goals. But the NWO
cannot be established by 2012, remembering that the NWO does not
include the US as it exists today. Maybe the North American Union will
be established by that time but I seriously doubt it.

Jones says it in his "End Game. .", plus I have found that in some You
Tube videos they say the same. Everything seems to revolve around that
year, as it coincides with many different events.

is an occult years sacred to the Mayan calendar; 2012 is the predicted
date for the end of the world by certain Bible-teachers like Harold
Camping of Family Radio; 2012 is a target date for the Order in
aligning the Far East nations into one solid block under China. But to
predict a certain event in that year is a guess, even for the high
Jesuits, as God will frustrate their plans in answering the prayers of
His Bible-believing, Blood-washed people in Christ.

I am attaching some documents that speak of the future Jewish
government that is to gradually be established in Chile and also
Argentina. If you haven’t heard about this, the documents serve as
sources. This is tremendous. I have heard from some Chilean
investigators that there have been sold great quantities of land
secretly to Israeli millionaires, of this government, THEE government
with the most Jews in the world. You should already know about this.
I’m sending it in case for some reason you weren’t aware of it, with
the idea of contributing something on my part.

is a great piece of evidence against the Order using their Masonic
Jewish Labor Zionists to give the impression that Jews run Chile. The
same has been done both in the US and in Russia. When the
Bible-rejecting people of any nation see this, they then blame the Jews
of their country for the nation’s internal problems. Then, as night
follows day, comes the Jesuit-led Jewish persecution for which God must
then extend his Curse of Genesis 12:3 to that nation. This is why the
American Jew Bernard Madoff is being blamed for the $50 billion pyramid
scheme that collapsed under the eye of the pope’s Security and Exchange
Commission. Without SEC collusion, this would never have happened.

anything more to say at this point, we’ll close with our blessing, that
this new year will be of great advancement in your ministry and
research, all for the glory of God.

Please remember me in your prayers dear brother Felipe.

A Hug in Christ,

Felipe Martinez

Sincerely in Faith and a Hug in Christ also,

Brother Eric


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