The Bush Administration Vs. Immigrant Widows – My Worthy Comments


on December 2nd: According to the Congressman’s caseworker, I would not
be thrown outside US. I have experience since my husband died
(particularly this experience of being almost thrown in Canada once day
before Ash’s burial on December 11th, 2006) and I would be a total fool
to erase that from my memory.

time, I have reasons to believe that I got a worthy witness by the ID
of recticuli and I am not sure that he is happy about the fact they are
playing with me. I have an appointment on the day my dear Ash died.
Here is what the Congressman’s letter states: "the I-751 receipt automatically extends the conditional residence for employment and travel purposes. It extends it for one year from the date of expiration of the conditional residency card" and
"if the time comes close and your I-751 petition is still pending, you
can go to your local USCIS office with your expired conditional
residency card, I-751 filing receipt and a valid passport and the local office will stamp your passport for up to one more year at a time for extension of your conditional residency".

have this I-751 receipt my supposedly permanent (conditional) resident
card expired on June 16th, 2008 so that means that I am supposed to be
able to work in the US (and drive my car) until June 16th, 2009. Well,
the agent I already met did not respect that rule because he ended my
work permit on Jan. 27th, 2009 when I met him on August 11th, 2008 with

let’s see what will happen if they will respect their own rules this
time but I do know they don’t, based on my experience with them since
Nov. 3rd, 2004 because I extensively proved without a shadow of a doubt
in a secret location on the internet that they don’t even care for
their own rules.

means that I am postponing to be around my husband’s grave to go to
Immigration, to fix this problem they created and of course there would
be folks to "jump" on me saying how bad I am to not be around my
husband’s grave on December 5th, 2008 like there would be folks to
"jump" on me saying how mean I am that I could not afford to pay my
late husband’s stone simply because the POPULACE did not tell me that
Ash could be buried with honors at no cost at the Arlington Cemetery
and of course, this damned pastor Colin Lucid did not tell me that, and
the guy at the American Legion should have known this an should have
told me.

So Immigration won’t help me out, as usual and that means that I am planning to go to the Congressman’s office and I will simply show this article below: " The Bush Administration Vs. Immigrant Widows" and tell her that I know they want to kick me out the Country and that I will NOT accept it. I
am so very sick of this life. Where are the US Patriots/real
Christians? Apathy kills but that’s ok, I’ll become more independent
that I already am. That’s fine.

Here is the proof that DHS ARE WIMPS:

"to deport several hundred widows-and a few widowers-foreigners who had been married to American citizens when the Americans died.
Immigration claims basically that a widow is not a wife"

In other words, they are attacking the "weak".
They are so very low evil people that they are attacking the folks
less testosterone and muscles, I guess it is because they don’t have any kind of testosterone in they bodies left.

Where are the US Patriots?
They are so very few….


US husband who was at least 5 times the Citizen compared to them. He
served in the US Navy, was born at Fort Dix, a US Army base and they



I found the Immigration laws.

must say that today I am K.O. because of what I discovered yesterday
but I knew that something was deadly wrong since Nov. 3rd, 2004 but now
I can prove it all over the Internet because these are cases outside my
experience and yours.

you please tell me which one says that the widow can stay in the US
i.e. they can not deport them – well, according to what you saw at the
Immigration Office, the last time you went there.

know my story and I truly feel my heart will finally blow up and

I need some kind of strong
help here but if it is God’s will for me to die to postpone the
National ID card and the Mark of the Beast – because I will resist to
my deportation and as you know them, they will be pissed off alright,
then they will most likely exterminate me according to what happened
with the Katrina disaster – well, FEMA executed 5000 folks according to
Cindy MacKinney. Please don’t think I am confusing DHS (Immigration is
under) with FEMA but I do know this is the same spirit behind – the Gestapo Spirit.

Anyway, I am so weary of this life under the National ID card but I won’t give up the fight before the war will be over!

Take care,


and if the US Patriots don’t care about the fact that they are
attacking the widows, then I am giving up on them as well simply
because their bodies have no testosterone left either.


Well I am tired to wait on the system to be approved to post my comments so here is exactly what I will post , words for words.
I understand why I BARELY received my Congressman’s help since Ashley’s
death. The name of the Congressman is John M. McHugh, supposedly
serving the 23rd district of New York State.

Over my dead body. Hear my words because they are the truth.

They messed with my US husband who was at least 5 times the Citizen
compared to them. He served in the US Navy, was born at Fort Dix, a US
Army base and they made the END OF HIS LIFE A LIVING HELL,


(he had 24 1/2 months of life left) and I will wait for them, God knows
exactly where I will resist to their face and my non-existent to rare
friends know – far to be enough friends to make a difference because I
am fighting the DHS monster. I will resist and for the people who know me and know what happened to me,
they know that I am at a cross road in my life. I will resist for you
my dear Americans and if my death would postpone the National ID Card
(which I have) and the Mark of the Beast FOR YOU then my death would
not be in vain.

I am waiting for you, "lovely creatures" and
this time, I will win because I am not afraid of anything anymore since
my husband is dead. Game is over and if you think that I am afraid of
you, you better think again because the worse you can do to me is to
kill my body (maybe by “tazing” me) and then, your power trip is over –
there is nothing else you can do with my soul and I am joining my dear
husband who is waiting to welcome me in Heaven. You don’t want to mess with His children, (the apple of his eyes) because He is coming back as a CONQUEROR, not as a propitiation victim for your sins, SINNERS so you
better repent but I do know that DHS is like the Gestapo in Germany so
I do know that I can not expect anything good from your corrupted
system. We, Americans need to get rid of DHS/ICE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?????

DHS is a very big mistake by itself and this was created before this false flag operation called 9/11. Dear Americans, you are NEXT!!!!!!!! Fight this National ID card!!!!!!!

How_To_Face_This_New_World_Order · Take Action No National ID card

I knew my time on earth is most likely about to be over…based on the
support I received since Ash’s death, which is more than rare. I
commend my Soul to God. God knows if my time is over or not. It’s up to


The Bush Administration Vs. Immigrant Widows

tough economic times, when Americans are struggling, it makes even less
sense than normal to cater to illegal immigrants who take jobs from
American workers, drive down wages, and soak up government services via
the children whom they have on American soil.

That being said, the way the Bush Administration has handled immigrant widows has been blockheaded,

A foreigner who marries a U.S. citizen is entitled to become a U.S. resident. But as correspondent Bob Simon reports,
immigration wants to deport several hundred widows-and a few
widowers-foreigners who had been married to American citizens when the
Americans died.

Immigration claims basically that a widow is not a wife,
and that if the widow did not complete the process to become a U.S.
resident while her husband was alive, she cannot remain in the country.

…Raquel, like all the other widows 60 Minutes met, had entered the U.S. legally. Still, immigration has been rejecting requests for permanent residence if the American spouse died before they had their immigration interview to prove their marriage was based on love.

the government can take months-sometimes more than a year-to schedule
that interview. Raquel’s mother-in-law, Linda, says Raquel shouldn’t be
penalized because the bureaucracy didn’t move fast enough.

were doing things legally. They filed the right papers. They filed them
in a timely manner. Things were not processed in a timely manner. And
they’re and then my son died. This was not something that you can
foresee," Linda says.

One of the things that’s often lost in the
whole debate about illegal immigration is that our legal immigration
system is hopelessly broken. It takes years worth of paperwork and
thousands of dollars for someone to become an American citizen and
oftentimes, even when they try to do the right thing, the system
hammers them into the ground.

practice, what that means is that if you’re willing to cross the Rio
Grande at 2 AM, steal somebody’s social security number, and set up
shop in a sanctuary city, you don’t have to worry about getting
deported, — but if you come into the country legally, marry an
American citizen and your husband dies,
you’re in danger of being sent away.

That’s so self-evidently ridiculous that even the Bush Administration should be able to figure it out.


Comments (11)

Hi all,

The system is beyond broken. I’m AD Air Force and I married a foreign
citizen as well. I had to deal with the paperwork nightmare for 3

Once you marry someone from a foreign country, you
get the classic "green card." Then, there is a 2 year probation period.
If the marriage ends before the 2 year period, including your own
death, she gets shipped back. The only way to appeal this is for the
foreign spouse to claim they were abused in the marriage. Our congress
needs to address this since it’s very common for GI’s to marry while

I’d also like to say that the USCIS (INS) system
is no inefficient they don’t even have a centralized computer system
yet. All correspondence is by snail mail only. On the phone, you’ll get
USCIS representatives who will answer general questions, but not anyone
working directly on to your case.

It’s government at it’s worst.

Posted by anderbot
2008-11-24 11:29:26

wife is now a citizen, but it was a nightmare going through the system.
It took over two years for her to get her green card (we were never on
probation formally because it took that long). She once got a letter
requesting her to come in and get re-fingerprinted because her
fingerprints had expired. Her temporary work permit (good for year)
almost expired twice. After the first time, we submitted the renewal
papers. It’s supposed to take 90 days max. It took around 100 days, but
they backdated the permit so it offically took 93 days. Nobody knew
anything or could help. And we got off cheap. A coworker sent in an
application about two months before they raised the fees, but INS took
so long to process the application that they rejected it because the
new, higher fees were in effect and they hadn’t sent in enough money.

Posted by bob_the_great
2008-11-24 12:08:29

This is the face of government bureaucracy. I faced this sort of
insanity in my fight with the IRS. Everytime I called in to discuss a
new aspect of the case, I would get a new IRS agent who had to put me
on hold for an hour and a half so they could "research" it. Then I had
to walk them through it from the beginning so that they understood what
was going on, only to have them tell me that they would have to pass
this on to someone else. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It took me 6
years and tens of thousands of dollars to finally beat the IRS (beating
the IRS meaning I convinced them that their numbers were wrong… you
know, getting them to acknowledge a mistake was made by someone,
somewhere, who would remain nameless, but it was probably me, they
maintain). These are the sort of people that will be running medical
care for the country. These are the sort of people that will determine
who gets what kind of treatment. These are the people who are being
given more and more power over our lives.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Fuck you, leftist scum!

Posted by sabiticus
2008-11-24 12:16:50

I really think that immigration should be a two-prong issue: stopping illegal immigration and making legal immigration better.

They should make statues to the legal immigrants who struggle through
all the hoops. We should honor them every time immigration comes up. In
fact, we should harp on this as much as we do illegal immigration. Tie
the two problems together (because one does encourage the other). Make
Washington solve both.

Posted by Raposa
2008-11-24 12:48:30

That’s so self-evidently ridiculous that even the Bush Administration should be able to figure it out.

I’ve about had it with your abject hatred of President Bush, John. You’ve chugged the KooL Aid a bit too fully.

Posted by Christopher_Taylor
2008-11-24 14:39:15

he’s absolutely right on this issue. The administration should’ve
axe-kicked INS over and over until they got their priorities straight.
Instead, they’ve sat on their hands.

One of my coworkers is
marrying a Taiwanese girl. I’ve had quite the education about the
process from him, and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Meanwhile, there is
no pressure and no drive to actually deport /illegal/ immigrants.

And this is drinking the Kool-Aid?

Posted by Toastrider
2008-11-24 18:19:33

I’ve about had it with your abject hatred of President Bush, John. You’ve chugged the KooL Aid a bit too fully.

I was just about the say the same thing. It’s one thing to say the Bush Administration’s position
is stupid. It’s quite another to just make blanket statements calling
George Bush stupid. I expect that kind of crap from a liberal, I don’t
expect it from a conservative.

Posted by mightysamurai
2008-11-24 18:55:02

were some of the loudest complainers when illegal Mexicans were being
hired over them for Katrina rebuilding. So who do they support?

The messiah who says "all are welcome". They have made their bed, now let them sleep in it.

Posted by BobA
2008-11-24 19:57:06

we all know that the immigration system is screwed up and needs fixing,
but amnesty is also not the answer. Just because the sytem is broken is
no excuse to say, "f*** it let’s just forget about it," and throw open
the doors to anyone and everyone.

The problems with the
immigration system aren’t Bush’s fault any more than the deficit and
the failure to fix Fannie and Freddy are. You can lay them at the feet
of Congressional refusal to do anything really appropriate to address
the actual problem. Too many politicians are too concerned with being
elected and re-elected to actually make the hard choices.

And I’m with whoever pointed out that these are the exact same people
who will soon be running your health care. Have fun trying to expedite
anything when you’re trying to convince them that you really do need
that radiation treatment to fight your tumor yesterday rather then 6
months from now.

Posted by aharris
2008-11-24 23:18:35

This is a preview of the future of health care in this country.

Posted by Don_cos
2008-11-25 06:33:24

Boosh could’ve made the immigration system work better,{such as
enforcing the law}, but he stubbornly insisted on amnesty, knowing over
80% of Americans were against it,….he doesn’t give a "rats’ ass" what
the people want,…all he cared for was his globalist agenda and
pleasing his ROBBER BARON friends!
I haven’t forgotten his BS about illegals doing jobs "Americans won’t do"!

And I think he’s a complete asshole for stubbornly refusing to pardon
RAILROADED BP agents, Ramos and Compean,…but meanwhile pardoning drug
dealers and other criminals!

Thanks to Boosh, McScamnesty and their RINO pals, the repub party is DOA.

Posted by tazzmax
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4 thoughts on “The Bush Administration Vs. Immigrant Widows – My Worthy Comments

  1. — On Sat, 11/29/08, Wyn <> wrote:From: Wyn <>Subject: HiTo:Received: Saturday, November 29, 2008, 8:22 PMHi Marie …… are you?.good to hear from you .many thanks for your posts………i read the part about Mc Hugh the congressman.he was a waste of time in my case…….i did contact him to no avail………………i remember when i was in the US i had to pay $30.00 for a flue jab ……..and i had a terrible time when my husband was in hospital i couldnt bet to see him .it was so far away and when i did get to see him he was so ill and they would bring him food and he wouldnt eat it and they would just take it away but the thing was he was on insulin and he coul;d have gone in a coma.i knew about insulin because i had done some nursing and my mother was a diabetic. my husband was a 100% disabled veteran and i should have got full medical too but because i didnt have my visa i couldnt get any medical……..when i came home to England i had high cholestral angina and i was a diabetic.i could have died there because i didnt know what was wrong with me ……..all i knew was i wasnt feeling very well……….however i am ok now i am on heart tablets and tablets for diabetes…… i am glad i managed to get home…well i must go .take care………look after yourself………… in christ……wyn

  2. From: <sweet>Subject: Re: Hell on Earth;To: recticuliDate: Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 11:11 AMYeah, you can post my reply. This has cost us thousands of dollars and tons of headaches. We are just now reaching the citizenship status. We\’ll be married 7 yrs in March. Yes, we got married in Miami, Fl.

  3. On Mon, 12/1/08, Mary <> wrote:From: Mary <>Subject: Hello, Marie….To:Received: Monday, December 1, 2008, 12:38 AMThese words expressed by you came to my attention and here is what I want to ask you? What size is your head so I can size it for a tin-foil hat?Sincerely,Mary!

  4. Re: Come Join My Network at DiggFriday, September 28, 2007 6:43 PMFrom:"Eric Jon Phelps" <>To:Dear Sister Marie,Thanks for the invitation but I cannot join as of now.Keep up the good work in exposing the Jesuits—especially in the DHS.Sincerely in faith,Brother Eric

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