The Joke of the day.

Obama’s fan.

About Obama:

That is difficult for me to conceive that this Andy was able to see that Bush needs to be impeached while he promotes Obama….what other explanation for that than he was paid to promote him?!?!?

That is so very funny………

I know a US Patriot who would have a quality progressive talk radio

if you want to know the truth concerning your rights, please contact:
but not this Andy Johnson!

Since Andy does not promote the truth about Obama, he has to be full of himself!

"Down (remove to) Business Andy Johnson!"Yeah, I am passing this on alright!
And hey! if you have a chance, please support the Silver Nugget at:
God Less America (Andy Johnson)
God Bless America (The Liberty Nugget)
Take your pick America! Choice is entirely yours!

(he does not pretend to be perfect but he is a good American i.e. he
wants to postpone the National ID Card and the MicroChip like me)
would not hurt him a bit and you would do something good for America to
support a real quality source of informations even if he is not paid by

Yes, this gentleman I am
promoting above is like a family member to me. I can not hide that (and
why would I?) and he is not paying me for that and he does not even
know that I am doing this for him right now!

In the Service
of the Truth and I am not ashamed of Him (Jn. 14:6) and if you are not
happy with that, simply unsubscribe me because I am so very busy on the
Internet anyway so you would save me precious time to delete my
membership if you are not comfortable with that!

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UCC 1-103, 1-105, 1-207.

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— On Fri, 11/21/08, Andy Johnson <> wrote:

From: Andy Johnson <>
Subject: North Florida now has quality progressive talk radio on 3 stations
To: "Andy Johnson" <>
Received: Friday, November 21, 2008, 12:59 PM

FM 105.7 WHJX
FM 105.5 WSJF
FM 92.5 WFJO
Please set three buttons on your radio.
We will not always simulcast the exact same stuff
on all three stations, so you need THREE buttons.
You can pick and choose.
Also…we need THREE buttons…because…
depending on where you are in North Florida,
one station might give you better reception
than the other two stations.
FM 105.7 normally tends to be better than the
other two stations in Jacksonville and directly
west of Jacksonville…and in Lake City, Macclenny,
Baldwin, Live Oak, Gainesville, Orange Park,
Middleburg, for most radios.
FM 92.5 normally tends to be better than the
other two stations for folks in North Duval and
in Nassau and in Waycross or Brunswick.
FM 105.5 normally is the best choice in areas
south of Jacksonville, in St. Augustine, Palm
Coast, Green Cove Springs, Daytona, etc.
Pass it on.
Andy Johnson

"Down to Business Andy Johnson!"
Florida’s best, most efficacious, most prescient talk show!
"Never neutral. But always fair." 3-6 p.m., weekdays.
Off-air: 904-568-0769 On-air: 904-694-1057
FM 105.7, WHJX, Jacksonville, & FM 92.5, WFJO, Folkston,
and FM 105.5 WSJF, St. Augustine.
24 hours daily of quality progressive useful entertaining
talk radio. Mostly a simulcast. CBS News & CBS news features.
We feature Thom Hartmann and Ed Schultz!


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