Here are my comments:

fought like insane to not have this punk as President because he is a
murderer i.e. promotes the killing of innocent babies. His cousin is
also a dictator in Kenya and another cousin dictator by the name of
Dick Cheney. If my Dear Americans won’t get this punk impeached
a.s.a.p. they will be in the same boat than I actually am under DHS.
(tyranny gestapo type) He is also a Muslim and he is not a US Citizen
according to the rules written in the US Constitution (he was
registered in the school as an Indonesian Citizen) so he was not
supposed to become US President. Now we are spreading the word to nail
the serpent in the head and hopefully, WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN THIS
TIME. Thank you to had this bright idea to do a petition to impeach
this specimen.


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