I just told a friend….
That is striking me like a thunderstorm….
In fact, I can not express in words HOW UNREAL MY LIFE feels to me…
Nobody can understand how unreal my life feels like, except God Himself…
Feels like I am living a nightmare….but a real nightmare…
Feels I am only allowing to observe my life, not to live it…
Today was my marriage with Ashley. Oct. 29th, 2004….
US Immigration robbed us 19 precious months on 24 1/2…
I immigrated June 16th, 2006…
Ash died Dec. 5th, 2006…
Think about it if you can….

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Dear John Coleman


published my story in details on the internet, but you need to know
where they are, because I did not make it obvious since most Americans,
most Christians and most US Patriots don’t care, and this is as true as
your phrase above. They don’t EVEN have the decency to EVEN consider
the end of life of their godly fellow, was a living hell due to the
fact that Ashley could be with the apple of his eyes for 24 months
instead of just 5 1/2 months, (so 19 months trashed by US Immigration
just for the "hell of it") and as soon as I immigrated on June 16th,
2006, we had a deadly fight with the VA hospitals. (just 2 weeks after
the other fight began)

here is my last letter to Congressman McHugh about my situation if you
want to read it and if you don’t, I am used to that attitude. I will
blog this to my 25 links, because I know I was on my way to have a
heart failure 5 times between August 1st to August 11th, 2008, because
I had to deal directly with these "wonderful people" from under
Homeland Security.

For Ash and America. But at least you are warned concerning what Homeland Security is really about.

Thank you.

p.s. I am not expecting any help based on four (4) years experience.
However, I have place this information on my blogs, so that all might
learn from my tragedy, which by the way, is just one of the many abuses
committed by Homeland Security. If you care to research, all you need
is to key in: "Immigration abuses".


October 17th, 2008

Dear Congressman John M. McHugh

First thank you for your fast reply.

I must say that it took them at least 16 months (from June 16th,
2006 to Oct. 2007) to send me my temporary (permanent) resident card
and I needed this temporary (permanent) resident card to do my change
of status so they are the ones who drug their feet all right and they
are dragging their feet since this Immigration ordeal which began on
November 3rd, 2004 and that is literally killing me because
my heath is jeopardized by all the stress I went through with
Immigration (they gave us a “wonderful” honeymoon gift by separating us
like cattle at the Ogdensburg Port of Entry, when in fact I was already
in the US with no date return limit) then Ashley’s death, then nobody
to tell me that Ashley could be buried in the Arlington Cemetery with
due honors since he was an Honorably Discharged Veteran (shame on
American Legion for that because they did less than bare minimum for me
and on the Pastor Colin Lucid who should have more lucidity to let me
know such a thing) and then this Immigration business after Ash’s death
that is dragging on as well.

Any person who is having
common sense can understand that it cannot do otherwise than affect my
health with all this mess and I would not be surprised to die about the
same age than Ashley i.e. 49 if I’d die to a young age. I am 42 and I
feel to be 1000 years old since Nov. 3rd, 2004, the date
that US Immigration desecrated our marriage. This life is making me
sick and I won’t go back to Quebec because my Very Dear Late Husband is
buried in the US even if that would shorten it. Because of this
“wonderful” US Immigration experience, I could only work and drive my
car for only 7 months of 24 months and once I got my temporary
(permanent) resident card (oxymoron), I could not work because of
exhaustion so that means that not only I could not afford to buy a
monument because I paid for the burial expenses because nobody cared to
let me know that Rev. Ashley McDonald Buchanan, Doctor in Divinity,
Permanent teacher and Honorably Discharged Veteran could be buried for
free with due honors in the Arlington Cemetery so I could invest the
little money I had for a monument instead and to make my experience
worse, what I put on Ashley’s grave was stolen so everything seems to
be under control alright. I am dying slowly but surely of exhaustion. I
do understand fully well from my experience since 4 years why my dear
Americans don’t want a “wonderful” national ID card and I don’t blame

letter is giving me the written proof that my stay in the US is
extended for one year from the date of expiration of the conditional
residency card i.e. until June 16th, 2009 which is at the
corner, so I need to take care of my “wonderful” Immigration issues
again and this seems to be a never ending story but I do thank you Mr.
McHugh for this fact that I have a written proof now because I never
received the receipt of the I- 751 (all I got is the proof that my
fingerprinting was done on May 3rd, 2008 and also I got the stamp of Homeland Security and the working permit stamp on August 11th,
2008 and I do remember this specific date because I was sick from the
day I took the appointment to the date I had it and they might lie to
you once again to cover their “butt” telling you that I am the one who
lost it like they accused me of the loss of my visa packet when in fact
they are the incompetents and the best proof I have is the fact they
used my zip code as my mailing address to send me this temporary
(permanent) resident card (which add to the waiting time that I could
apply for my change of status) and I have the proof of this on a email
that nobody in this world can challenge.

McHugh, I need help because I am a US Citizen according to the most
authoritative book of the Universe, the Word of the Living God as well
as the Immigration laws before this 9/11 false flag operation who were
considering me as a US Citizen. You have no idea Mr. McHugh how good it
would be for me to have my situation straighten out once and for all in
the US and more precisely with US Immigration. Of course, I am the one
paying for the fact they are dragging their feet as usual because they
told you that they are processing these petitions received on October
21, 2007 and they received mine when of course, I couldn’t send them my
change of status because I had to wait for my temporary (permanent)
resident card to come after at least 16 months of waiting period
because of them dragging their feet.

thank you for your efforts in my “wonderful” ordeal with US Immigration
Mr. McHugh and I do know legal, good Immigrants (they are decent people
like me) who are having a “good time” (my dry sense of humor developed
by dealing) with US Immigration also.
With Kind Regards,


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