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Welcome to the Church Without Walls, The Truth Ministries International !

Vision of this ministry is based on intensive bible studies since many
years and on intensive research of what is really going on in America
and Canada. I am preceding you in the lost of your rights, my dear
Americans. I already have the equivalent of a National ID card you are
about to get if you won’t fight against it. I am actually working on it
for you (not for me because I already have it) and by doing so, I am
working to postpone the Mark of the Beast. (MOB)

Department of Homeland INSecurity is about to impose me the chip and I
do know that I rather die than to get it. I am truly not scared of the
controversy IF it is the truth. Jesus the truth (Jn. 14:6) is setting
me free according to this verse: "And ye shall know the truth, and the
truth shall make you free". (Jn. 8:32) The persecution of Christians
ALREADY began and they were not rapture to avoid the persecution. We
might not be rapture before the mark of the beast will be mandatory
either. (I do believe in the rapture of the Church) The Lord is saying
to His friends in Luke 12: 4-5 this: “And I say unto you my friends, Be
not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that
they can do. But I wil forewarn you whom ye shall fear: fear Him which
after He hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you,
fear Him”.
More about me here
our establishment on the World Wide Web in February 2005 by my late
husband, Reverend Ashley McDonald Buchanan, D.D. who was an exception
of the way a lot of pastors are these days, it has been the intentions
to not only preach all the Counsel of God (Acts 20:27) but also to
provide our membership and interested persons with commentary and
analysis of selected World News Topics in the Light of Bible Prophecy
according to 1 Cor. 14:3.

We are most definitively living the
very last days. In other words, the hour is late. We, Americans and
Canadians, are about to literally join the sufferings of the persecuted
Church around the world and this is mainly because instead of being
wise as serpents like our God asked us to be and be involved in the
society about the justice and the truth like we should, we literally
spent countless hours doing worldly stupid things that has absolutely
no signification whatsoever nor related to our service of our Lord and
Master (are we living to serve ourselves or living to serve God like
God intended when He created us?) that are mostly related to
entertainment (because we let our society to influence us with this
totally insignificant entertainment industry in the sight of the Living
God instead of us influencing our society) and we systematically became
foolish virgins (Matthew 25: 1-13) and lukewarm and because of that
spiritual condition, we are really about to have no rights left in this
New World Order.

Its purpose is to help readers discern the
"Signs of The Times" and increase their awareness and understanding of
Bible Prophecy because if we need to fear the Lord, it is specifically
at this late hour This is not an option but a command if you want to be
in the presence of God! In other words, if you want to be in the
presence of God for eternity, then be consequent and start right here
and right now because if you don’t “know” God now (the word “know” will
be defined later) then don’t expect Him to know you and that means that
He will tell you to depart from Him and that means you will spend your
eternity in the lake of fire. The fear of the Lord is only and just the
beginning of the wisdom as it is written in Psalms 111: 10 “The fear of
the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they
that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever” A lot of
protestants are doing like a lot of Roman Catholic but instead of going
to a priest, they go to a pastor for direction. God cares far more for
your soul than a human being and He proved it to you by dying for you
so why you would settle for less than God Himself to understand His
Word? That does not mean that I say that you do not need the body of
Christ but the sad truth is that there is plenty of Churches that are
not following the Lord these days. Fear Him who determines the exact
timing that you are no longer here.

The Loving and Living God
allowed me to suffer the consequences of living in this New World Order
to warn you. I see no other reasons for this literal continuous
harassment and emotional torture than to precede you in the coming
persecution and try at my best to influence you to keep fight the good
fight of the faith or to influence you to begin to fear the Lord.

have to say that I have a master degree. I have to say that I am able
to do research – in fact I am a trained researcher. I did not do an
average essay for my master degree but an empirical study of scientific
articles. An empirical study is a critic of the methodology of
scientific articles. I had been formed as a critic. I am a
perfectionist and I am always making sure that each affirmation I do is
based on or God’s word or different sources that are credible and that
are converging towards the same conclusion. I am not standing on
perceptions, interpretations or my own beliefs, contrary to a couple of
pastors I know based on my 20 years experience. And I am not ashamed to
declare to you ALL THE COUNSEL OF GOD. (Acts 20:27)

God bless America and Canada by a Reform of this "Church-ianity" to
become the Church that the Lord Jesus intended and God bless our
persecuted brethren around the world who are preceding us in this New
Word Order/Government persecution. If anyone does not love the Lord let
him/her be anathema ! Maranatha! 1 Cor 16:22 (Maranatha means "our Lord
will come)


How You Can Help

you have been visiting and enjoying our web site, and appreciate the
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so don’t expect a reply from me if you are a man besides a polite one
to refer you to a man. We appreciate all Your Help and


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