Re: LiveForGodsKingdom sent you a video: “IMPORTANT!!! People are taking the Mark of the Beast !!!”

Dear Bradford,

I already did my research and homework and I am forwarding it to all the "Christian" groups I am a member of, including my own groups and blogs because it is one thing to die in a concentration camp, it is another thing to spend eternity in hell.

Nevertheless Bradford, I am waiting your reply of why you are excluding all the books in the New Testament, except Matthiew, John and Revelation saying that they are not the word of God. 

I heard your videos about
that and especially this one:
3 of the New Covenant books are
Gods word.

I am not waiting for a convincing and charismatic speach but real and true proofs that all the other books have to be sent in "hell" because it is a bit too much to swallow since
I was living very well for 20 years with all the 66 books of the bible because the Holy
Spirit of Jesus was helping me to resolve what is called:  "apparent
contradictions" in the Word of God because they are some and you need His help
to get the big picture and the reason for that is that He is revealing the truth to only his friends, not just people who are browsing the Bible.

I can not afford to rely
only and just on your words because that is the best way to go astray and finish
in hell to follow a man or a woman ~ I know that I can lose my
salvation and it is the last thing I need.

I most definitively command you for being against the mark of the beast. 

In the Service of the Truth, M

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LiveForGodsKingdom sent you a video: "IMPORTANT!!! People are taking the Mark of the Beast !!!"

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LiveForGodsKingdom has shared a video with you on YouTube!

IMPORTANT!!! Please warn everyone about this so that they can make the right choice. The RFID chip is the mark of the beast and people are taking it all around us.
The RFID chip is the Mark of The Beast talked about in Revelation. It is being taken by people all over the world voluntarily and it is condemning their souls to hell for eternity with no hope of salvation. Do your research and warn people about this great deception. Don’t listen to any lies that tell you differently because you will regret it for ever. It is written in Gods word so it is truth.

Rev_13:16; Rev_13:17; Rev_14:9; Rev_14:11; Rev_16:2; Rev_19:20; Rev_20:4;

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